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Urge Suppression Technique

Urge Suppression Technique can be used when you get the urge to urinate. By following these guidelines you will improve bladder control:


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Stop - Stand still and don't move. Sit down if at all possible. Breathe deeply (anxiety only adds to the urgency).

Squeeze - Contract and lift your pelvic floor muscles quickly and strongly 5 –10 times (like a manual kegel exercise) this signals to your bladder to stop the urgency feeling - when you squeeze your pelvic floor, the bladder muscle relaxes. Remember to also relax your abdominal muscles.

Relax - Breathe deeply. Use visualisation techniques such as a dry arid desert. Do not rush to the toilet in the middle of an urge to urinate.

Go - When the urge has gone away walk calmly to the toilet, or if you are bladder retraining wait for the urge to return again.

The ultimate goal is to allow at least two to four hours between urination.

Urge Suppression Technique at Night

Performing the kegel squeezes will help to relax your bladder (your bladder is a muscle remember!) Try to get back to sleep.


Remember that it is normal to get up once during the night to urinate - make this your goal!

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