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Vaginal Vault

What is the Vaginal Vault?

The vaginal canal is made into a vaginal vault when the uterus and cervix is surgically removed and the top of the vagina is then closed with sutures, this is performed in some hysterectomy procedures. It has been found that the surgical closing off of the top of the vagina can result in a loss of the vaginal tissue's ability to stretch and elongate.

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Can a Kegel8 Help The Vaginal Vault?

If a hysterectomy is performed, it is essential that the woman follows a course of intensive pelvic floor exercise, this is because clinical evidence shows that following a hysterectomy a woman is more prone to pelvic organ prolapse - the dropping down, or falling out of place of pelvic organs.

It is vital that a woman does all she can to stop the the vaginal vault prolapse and pelvic floor exercises will help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments to help to prevent prolpase.

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