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Vaginal Weights

Vaginal Weights - What are They?

Vaginal Weights can also be known as weighted vaginal cones. They are small cone-like devices to help with pelvic floor exercises. Clinical studies show that by adding resistance (e.g. weight) to traditional kegel exercises makes the results more beneficial.

Kegel8 Vaginal Cones

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Can Vaginal Weights Exercise The Pelvic Floor?

Yes! And very effectively too. Imagine, in just 10 - 12 minutes a day for 12 weeks you could be well on your way to full bladder control and stronger muscles. Pelvic floor exercise using vaginal weights is sometimes called progressive resistance exercise or progressive resistance training. The user will start with a lighter weighted vaginal cone and gradually progress to heavier cones. As with all kegel or pelvic floor exercise, progress can seem to be slow, and sadly many women give up before they have a chance to reap the rewards of a stronger pelvic floor.

How Long Will It Take With Vaginal Weights?

Pelvic floor exercise or Kegel exercises using vaginal weighted cones has been clinically proven to work the muscles more effectively than simple 'squeeze and lift' exercises, because the cones offer 'resistance' - something the muscles can squeeze against. If you follow a 12 week programme, such as the one outlined with Kegel8 Vaginal Cones, you will be well on your way to enjoying all the benefits and control of a stronger pelvic floor. For more advanced users, there are heavier vaginal barbells available from our friends at StressNoMore.

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