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Kegel8 Mother Nurture Quick Start Guide

Your Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & Labour TENS Machine is a CE approved, Class IIa medical device. It's programmes are clinically proven, and over time, can help you take control and get strong and healthy from the inside out.

We know most people are desperate to see signs of improvement, but please follow this guide carefully. To get the best results it is important that the programme plan is followed.

  1. Getting Started With the Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & Labour TENS Machine
  2. Getting Started With a Probe
  3. Getting Started With Skin Electrode Pads
  4. What Programmes Do You Recommend For...?
  5. We'd Love Your Feedback!

Getting Started With the Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & Labour TENS Machine

    1. Insert the battery into the unit and replace the battery cover. Make sure the protective cap is removed from the battery.
    2. Attach the lead wire: Insert the white end of the lead wire into the Kegel8 Mother Nurture. Insert the two wires of the Kegel8 Probe into the connectors at the other end of the lead wire.
    3. Insert the Kegel8 Probe: Hold the probe at it's base and insert it with the electrodes (gold parts) facing hip-to-hip. The base and wires of the probe stay outside of your body. We recommend using a few drops of the Kegel8 KE GEL Kegel Exercise Lubricant to make your probe easier to insert and to make sure the electrical current transfers to your muscles efficiently.

NOTE: You should not use electrical stimulation whilst you are pregnant. To use the TENS function whilst in labour, see What Programme's Do You Recommend For..?

  1. Press the ON button, then press the PRG button until the screen shows the programme that you wish to use.
  2. Press the + button on the left hand side to start your programme. Keep pressing the + button until you feel the machine giving your muscles a strong pull, but not so that it is uncomfortable. The machine will switch off when the programme is complete.

Getting Started With A Probe

Using a probe for the first time can be daunting, but there's no need to stress. Follow these simple steps to make using a probe as easy as possible:

  • Clean your probe before use with an antibacterial and body-friendly spray.
  • Add a small amount of water-based lubricant to your probe - this will help with insertion and conductivity.
  • Get into a comfortable position - most people find it easier to stand or squat when inserting a probe.
  • Slowly insert the probe and begin the session when you are comfortable.
  • To remove the probe, relax your muscles and gently pull the probe from your body. Make sure that you do not pull on the wires of the probe.
  • Clean, dry, and store your probe away until your next exercise session.

Getting Started With Skin Electrode Pads

If you wish to use the TENS function of your Kegel8 Mother Nurture, you'll need to use the skin electrode pads that come with your Kegel8 device.

To use the Kegel8 Mother Nurture's TENS function, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your skin is free from oils, lotions, moisturisers etc. These can damage the adhesiveness of your pads.
  2. Connect the lead wire to a set of skin electrode pads and ensure all wires are firmly connected.
  3. Connect the Remote Boost Button to the middle port on the top of the Mother Nurture unit.
  4. Peel each skin electrode pad off its protective film and apply to your skin as shown in the diagram below. Your birthing partner will be able to help with this.
    Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electrode Pad Placement
  5. Press the green power button to turn the unit on.
  6. Press the PRG button until you come to the labour TENS programme which will display as LBR. Do NOT use any other programme but this for pain relief during labour. You can lock your Kegel8 on this programme by pressing and holding the SET button for 10 seconds until you hear a beep. You will see a padlock symbol appear on the LCD screen. This avoids the programme being changed in error during labour.
  7. Press both the left and right + buttons to increase the mAs being delivered from both Channel A and Channel B. Continue to press the two + buttons until you reach your desired level of TENS pain management. If you want to reduce the mAs at any point, press the - buttons.
  8. Use the Remote Boost Button as you feel a contraction building to control when stronger pain relief is delivered. Press it once and you will feel the stimulation change from a massaging pulse to a more intense and continuous stimulation. Once your contraction subsides, press the Remote Boost Button again to return back to the massaging pulse.
  9. Power off the unit by pressing the green power button.

Note: You CANNOT use Kegel8 Mother Nurture if you are using a birthing pool for your delivery.

What Programmes Do You Recommend For...?

Preconception Programmes

The Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & Labour TENS Machine has 2 great programmes for preparing your pelvic floor for pregnancy. You can use KE1 and KE2 to strengthen your pelvic floor before pregnancy.

  • KE1 - Pelvic Sensitivity, Strength and Endurance
  • KE2 - Pelvic Sensitivity, Strength and Endurance Workout

Labour Programmes

The Kegel8 Mother Nurture is designed specifically for mums. The TENS labour function allows mothers to have pain relief during childbirth without the need to medicate.

  • LBR - Labour Pain

Postnatal Programmes

Getting your pelvic floor back to pre-baby condition can take a lot of work. That's why the Kegel8 Mother Nurture is here to help you with every step of the journey. With the Mother Nurture, you don't have to be a mum who suffers little leaks after she's had kids!

  • RCV - Continence Recovery
  • OAB - Overactive Bladder
  • STR - Stress Incontinence
  • MIX - Mixed Incontinence
  • TGH - Tightening and Gentle Stress Incontinence

When shouldn't you use the Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & Labour TENS Machine?


  • During pregnancy - Electronic stimulation should NOT be used during pregnancy. You should only use the Mother Nurture's TENS function as pain relief during labour.
  • Immediately after birth - Wait until your postnatal checkup before you begin to use electrical stimulation. Your body has been through a lot and you need to make sure it has enough time to heal.

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Last updated: 16/05/2019

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