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Kegel8 Day Toner Pelvic Exerciser

  1. The Kegel8 Day Toner Pelvic Exerciser you wear anytime, anywhere!
  2. It exercises your muscles through natural 'flex' action
  3. The perfect resistance to increase the challenge of your manual exercises
  4. Body-safe silicone
  5. Ideal for use in conjunction with Kegel8 Electronic exercisers for extra daily training

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What is the Kegel8 Day Toner Pelvic Exerciser and how does it work?

The Kegel8 Day Toner Pelvic Exerciser is a discreet device, about the size of a tampon it can be 'worn' inside your vagina to give your daily kegel work-out a boost. It is simple to use, quintessentially feminine and a great support (literally) for your kegel exercise routine. Kegel8 Day Toner Pelvic Exerciser works in two ways. Firstly, reports from women have shown that when it is inserted into your vagina your muscles automatically contract around it, and this 'reflex' action can help towards strengthening your muscles. Secondly, the presence of Kegel8 Day Toner Pelvic Exerciser when inserted acts as a resistance against your manual kegel exercises as whilst you perform your 'lift and squeeze' exercises, you are challenging yourself to retain the toner at the same time.

Why should I use it?

Kegel exercising with the Day Toner is really easy and no one will know! Many of us have hectic lives, demanding families and careers to pursue and sadly quite often, our own needs fall to the back of the list and remembering to do kegel exercises is sometimes well down at the bottom of the list.  With the Day Toner it is easy to remember your kegel-exercises. Simply insert your Day Toner when it suits you - as your lunch break begins, before heading out on the school run, before popping to the shops - just 20 minutes and you've given yourself a kegel work-out to be proud of. You are not restricted to needing to be in privacy to exercise as Kegel8 Day Toner is the toner you wear! It rinses under the tap, and there's a handy satin storage pouch too so you could even keep a spare Day Toner in your handbag.  No matter where or what you are doing just remember to use it, because the secret to a good pelvic floor exercise routine is remembering to do them regularly. You'll also find that the Day Toner is a handy little accessory when you are exercising - running, jumping or playing sport - it will be your new best friend.

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SKU / Product Code 82629
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Kegel8 Day Toner Pelvic Exerciser Reviews

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Dilly must try harder
Review by Dilly46 posted on 16 June 2012
Mm, for me I had a problem keeping this in place - it fell out. I called the help line and they said I should try using it at night. I have used it everynight for 2 months now and this has made a difference and I can now use it in the day. It might be nice to have ones of different sizes(??) I felt bad when it fell out and when I could not keep it in place so my muscle must have been really weak but I do feel better that I seem to be improving. I feel my progress is slow but I am keen to avoid a hysterectomy that both my sisters and my mother had. My Doctor says that most women give up on exercising because of slow results but I am in it for the long term and will do everything I can. I hope in a year I can come back and give it 5 stars.
My Mum uses one and she says it stops her leaking and she doesn't have to wear pads now so that is good.
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Easy to use
Review by Mina J posted on 7 March 2012
I have a Kegel8 Tight & Tone and have used it for about 6 weeks now, I am thrilled at the difference I feel. I do long distance running too and I find that this helps (not sure how) and stops any leaks. Its a great idea, previously I used to use a super tampon, but I was always wary of the TSS. This just gives me extra support and it exercises me too so I feel its a win win situation! I have tried to get into a routine both with my running and my kegel exercising so I pop this in when I walk the kids to school and leave it for a few hours and for running club on Tuesdays. I use my electronic exerciser every other day,

For the first time this week I didn't have to wear the standard black leggings to running club in case of any leaks - that is a real first for me since I have been running again and I am so pleased, because wet patches are just not good for self esteem. I have told a lot of the women there and I am sure you'll get a few more converts! I think it is good for women to be aware of their pelvic floor muscles. (My sister is a physiotherapist and she tells me about the problems of prolapse and things hanging out - I just don't want to go there!

I have two children 8 and 4 and I am 38 years old, hope this helps others!
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Review by caz68 posted on 14 April 2012
Told about this by my Physio. It works. Easy to insert, no irritation I use it when I run and exercise. I think it has also helped me with my posture because to retain it I have had to change the way I sit and walk. Physio very pleased - not half as much as me.
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Review by Sheilagh N posted on 5 April 2012
I run in marathons and although I have a very low BMI and exercise to the max I find that I do suffer when running, more so when I have a period, but then I found that my tampon sort of supported my bladder. So i use this when I run and it really does work. I have told all the women at the running club.
Good service and helpline was informative thank you.
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Review by KissKate posted on 10 August 2012
Originally purchased at the beginning of this year it is perfect for when I am at the gym. I have been diagnosed with a slight prolapse so it seems to support me and stop leaks which is good. Just filled in a questionnaire and was prompted to review because I am about to buy my second one! I tell all my friends. Have also bought a zappy machine too to strengthen and that is brilliant, so pleased.
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Maybe should be bigger
Review by Sara L posted on 30 July 2012
Stylish as pelvic exercisers go. The flat top should be rounded for easier insertion. Removal cord should be longer but I think the cones are better because they are weighted, so your muscles have to work harder to retain them so whilst I use this at the gym, I prefer my cones for daily exercising.
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persevere with this its worth it
Review by dee dee posted on 28 March 2013
I purchssed this as I had a slight prolapse probably due to ligament stretching and hormonal changes during menopause. At first my pelvic floor was so weak that I couldnt keep the tight and tone in, however I persevered and used it at night which was easier. Now 4 months later my pelvic floor is much tighter and I can use it in the day time without any problem. No longer have those urine leaks a great product.
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No luck so far despite daily use in addition to Kegel8 ultra for cystocele and rectocele
Review by Peters posted on 6 May 2013
No luck with day use. It just slides out. I have dutifully used the device lying down to sleep between the Kegel8 Ultra for cystocele and rectocele and so far, I have had no positive result despite daily usage. I have been trying to avoid having an operation but it appears that this is sadly the only option.. However, I shall continue with both sets of devices until I have the operation in July. Have you got any advice for me?

Dear Peters
Depending on the degree of prolapse, it could force the Day Toner out. Please persevere with the Kegel8 ultra pelvic toner exercises this is going to be your biggest ally in getting your pelvic floor strong again. Results can be slow, however if you proceed with the surgery the exercising will help to make the surgery more effective - and it will be essential for you to continue exercising after surgery. You might like to look at other things you can do too - such as
1. Weight - critical for the pelvic floor. Even 1/2 stone over your ideal weight will impact too heavily on your pelvic floor.
2. Posture - BBC - Bum at the back of the chair - sit up, don't slouch. This has a direct affect on your 'core' muscles, and really will make a big difference. Walk tall - check out Tasha Mulligan on You Tube - sound quality not always great, but information priceless.
3. Avoid straining and constipation - the squattypotty is great for aligning your bowels to make pooing easier. An amazing product, you'll certainly need it following surgery so please consider this.
4. Vitamin D3 - please invest in a good quality D3 - (Life Extension D3 with iodine is the one I use, make sure the Vitamin D3 is cholecalciferol) and it has been clinically proven to make pelvic floor exercising more effective, D3 works on bones and muscles and helps the body absorb calcium.

There are possibly other pessaries that could help you - had you thought about asking your specialist? Many women use these and find them very effective - although sizing is crucial. There are styles for all types of prolapse.
I am sorry that the Day Toner has not worked for you, but do please keep up with the Ultra pelvic toner, progress will be slow, but you will improve.
Here to help
[email protected]
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Everyone should own one
Review by cumbrian lass posted on 28 March 2013
Easy to use, very effective, and a great supplement to the Kegel Ulta 'zapper' which I have. Gives me confidence when going out and it is discreet, too. But I would like to know why the Day Toner has to be replaced every six months - other than just being told to replace it that often.

Kegel8 Reply: Hi. So pleased to hear how well the Day Toner works for you - it is a great accompaniment to the electronic exercisers. The advice given to replace every six months is a recommendation for hygiene reasons in line with the products CE certification - I hope this helps.
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Unable to use
Review by Charlie posted on 25 February 2013
Unfortunately having used this on two separate occasions I have found that I tend to get thrush a day afterwards.
This is a real pitty as I found it really easy to use and would have continued if things had been different. But having spent £30 on the device and a further £30 on treatment I feel it is not for me.
Good luck ladies!

From Kegel8: Sorry to hear this Charlie. Just a couple of suggestions in the hope that you can use your Day Toner again... try changing how you clean your Day Toner i.e. if you use soap, try an antibacterial cleaner or just plain warm water instead. If you use a lubricant make sure it is water-based and body-friendly. If you don't use any lubricant, try it. Just a little to prevent dryness. I hope this might help so you can get the best out of your Day Toner Charlie. Best of luck.
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Product Questions

I do not have a prolapse ( I think) but leak when I cough and sneeze. Im 60 yrs old.
which of your poducts will be right for me please?

I spend a fortune on panty liners.

many thanks!

I have a rectocoele which causes me difficulty defaecating. I'm 63, slim, fit and active. I take HRT (and have done for many years) and will continue to do so. I am awaiting surgery. I've been lazy over the years regarding pelvic floor exercising and wonder which of your products would be the most effective both pre- and posr-operatively.
Hi I am 33 weeks pregnant and I am experiencing some leak while sneeze. I am wondering if this product is safe to use in pregnancy?

thanks in advance

Could this be used when horse riding? I have a prolape which I had repared 2 years ago but still have a few leeking issues.

does this pelvic exersiser have to be taking out to go to toilet
I seem to be leaking when i go to the toilet after i have been, when can i do to stop this please help me.
I have a prolapse and wondered if this device the Day Toner would help and could be worn for longer periods
I am a teacher and I am on my feet a lot of the day

Thanks for any help
Can you use this product while pregnant?

I am 28 yr old and don't really have any pelvic problems. however I am considering the fact that getting older will bring loads of health issues. I'm thinking of doing Kegel exercises and I could use some support as I am not sure if they are correct or not. I was thinking of purchasing the day toner. Would this be suitable for me?

All the best,
can it be worn all day safely ?
how many hours can u leave this on ? in a day and can u explain a bit more about the product directions thank u
Am 22 year old, I love good sex , my recent sex partner has a very large dick, which has resulted in expanding my vagina. I want my vagina to go back to its small size and I want it real tight. Which of the kegal machines do you suggest I buy?
Can you use this product when you are pregnant?
Hi, I have been using the Kegel 8 Ultra for about 3 months now for stress incontinence. Progress seems very slow - I think I can see a slight improvement but still have to wear pads every day. I'm wondering if I could add the Day toner to my routine to perhaps help speed progress but I don't want to over do it either of course.

I tend to use my Kegel 8 at night before I go to sleep and wondered whether I could then sleep with the day toner in as I have seen sme ladies suggest from the reviews. I do not think I will be able to use it during the day as at the moment I cannot retain anything standing up and have to exercise always laid down so I strongly suspect I would not be able to retain this to begin with unless lying down.

Please could you advise? I'm so desperate to sort my problem out - most other reviewers seem to talk about seeing results in days and weeks - is it normal to make such slow progess if your stress incontinence is quite bad? I'm wondering whether I should purchase the Trainer too but its so expensive and I'm scared that I wouldn't be able to squeeze it at all.
how does this work?
I am 56 years of age and am experiencing some leakage, sometimes if I have a sudden urge to go for a wee I don't quite make it and leak a lot. I am overweight at the moment but am tackling this issue. My question would be will the Kegel remain inside my body when doing normal household activities as before I started the menopause I had difficulty holding a tampax inside and if I coughed it would pop out a bit and cause a lot of discomfort.