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Kegel8 Menstrual Cup Starter Pack

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Key Features
  • A fantastic starter pack for women who are new to the menstrual cup or for young women getting their first period who want to start the right way, using environmentally friendly, skin-safe period protection
  • One cup can hold up to 5 times more than a tampon or pad meaning you won’t need to remove and empty it for 12 hours
  • A great pack including 2 menstrual cups, cleaning spray for use on the go and a wash for home use, and carry bag for convenience and hygiene
  • One cup can last years with proper care
  • Made from 100% medical grade silicone; phthalate, PVC and latex free

Menstrual Cup vs Tampons: Why Switch to A Menstrual Cup?

They are better for the planet. Purchasing the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup Starter Pack means you are on your way to cleaning up and helping the planet. Over the combined 20-year lifespan of your Kegel8 Menstrual Cups, you will singlehandedly reduce sanitary waste to landfill by approximately 9000 towels or tampons - whichever you normally use. These take up to 500-800 years to fully decompose. Using a menstrual cup instead stops harmful sanitary products entering our environment; products that will still be decomposing in the year 2518.

A menstrual cup holds more blood than tampons or pads. The average tampon or pad holds between 6 and 9 grams of blood, The Kegel8 Menstrual Cup blows them out of the water, holding five times that amount! If you have a heavy flow and often wake up to find leaks or ruined bed sheets, the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup will be your new best friend as it offers 12 hours of protection, allowing you a full and undisturbed night’s sleep.

A Menstrual Cup Only Wants Your Blood. This makes the cup sound like a blood-thirsty leech, but it’s true! When you insert a tampon, it doesn’t just absorb blood, it removes the naturally occurring lining from the vaginal walls and soaks up healthy discharge that your vagina needs to prevent thrush and other bacterial infections.

One Size Will See You Through Your Whole Period. Did you know that using a tampon with absorbency capacities greater than your flow increases the likelihood of contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome? So, on the first and last day of your period when your flow is lighter, you should be using a different absorbency than during the middle phase of your period. This means having to buy 2 or maybe even 3 different absorbency levels of tampon depending on your flow on any given day; the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup Starter Pack eliminates this issue, you just need one size cup from the start to the end of your period.

Pads Can Be Uncomfortable and Full of Chemicals. Sanitary towels are neither discreet or comfortable and of course the bigger your flow, the bigger your pad. You can’t go swimming wearing a pad and wearing big knickers might not give your outfit the finish you hoped for! Aside from the discomfort and potential aesthetic implications, sanitary pads are treated with odour reducing chemicals that are unnatural and harmful if they reach the bloodstream.

Stay Fresh and Clean All Day. Do you find yourself holding your tampon string out the way when you go for a wee? If you don’t do this the string becomes wet with urine which leaves you feeling damp and a bit smelly! Your menstrual cup has a stem that you can cut to size if required. The stem sits just inside the vagina, away from the stream of urine or faecal matter, this is much more hygienic than that awful string, we’re sure you’d agree. The stem is how you remove your Kegel8 Menstrual Cup for emptying and cleaning, so when cutting, ensure you leave plenty of stem to grab and pull the cup out with.

Using a Menstrual Cup for the Detection of Endometriosis

One of the main symptoms of Endometriosis is very heavy periods. Your doctor may suggest you could have endometriosis, but how do you know whether you have a light, medium or heavy flow? Well, the cups included in your Kegel8 Menstrual Cup Starter Pack have measurement lines, so you can precisely measure and note down how much blood you are losing month by month. Don’t forget that the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup holds 5 times more blood than a tampon or towel, so even women who suffer very heavy periods will be much better protected using a menstrual cup. 

How Do Menstrual Cups Work?

You simply insert the menstrual cup inside your vagina until it feels comfortable. This is normally around the same depth as you would insert a tampon. When the cup is in place it will ‘pop open’, you may need to help it a little, which is easy enough to do! You shouldn’t feel the cup at all, it should sit comfortably and securely inside your vagina catching the blood you lose for up to 12 hours. You may not fill the cup within 12 hours unless you have a medium-heavy flow, but you should still empty it after this time for hygiene reasons. Unlike tampons which can start to drop down after a little while or when you’ve put strain on the pelvic floor either through exercise or going to the loo; the Kegel8 

Menstrual Cup will not drop down and will only come out when you are ready.


What Do You Get in the Pack?

2 x Kegel8 Menstrual Cups: Keep one at home and another wherever you think you’ll need it, the car, your partner's house, at work – anywhere you are likely to get your period.

1 x Refillable Menstrual Cup Cleaning Spray: This handy, pocket-sized spray ensures you can keep your menstrual cup clean on the go. Use it in any toilet or public bathroom when you empty your menstrual cup. You just need a couple of spritzes and some toilet paper to wipe the cup down, re-insert the cup and you’re protected for another 12 hours. You can buy a larger bottle of this cleaning spray to refill your small bottle as and when you need it.

1 x Menstrual Cup Wash: This 100ml spray provides a thorough clean of your menstrual cup - simply rinse with warm water, lavish with the cleaning spray and leave to soak for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry before storing. It is an effective but gentle cleaner, developed specifically for menstrual cup use, meaning it won’t irritate or disrupt your vaginas natural PH levels.  

1 x Cotton Carry Bag: The ethically sourced organic cotton carry bag means you can discreetly store your menstrual cup wherever you want to without it being susceptible to dirt, dust or inquisitive hands. 


By purchasing the starter pack rather than each item individually, you save yourself a fabulous £11.97. 

Which Size Menstrual Cup is Right for You?


We offer 2 sizes of menstrual cup:

Size A is recommended for women who have never given birth. Size A is 41mm (4.1cm/1.6inches) in diameter from outer edge to outer edge.

Size B is recommended for women who have given birth, this means any full-term delivery including c-section. Size B is 45mm (4.5cm/1.8inches) in diameter from outer edge to outer edge.

The size of the menstrual cup you need will also depend on your body shape and size, so even if you haven’t given birth, the larger size may be better for you. Similarly, you may have had a c-section but feel nothing has really changed since giving birth, in which case the smaller size may be suitable for you. You may wish to purchase size B if you have never given birth but have a heavy flow.

We recommend you get an idea of the sizes of our menstrual cups using a measuring tape or calculator before purchasing. 

  • Pack A includes 2 size A menstrual cups
  • Pack B includes 2 size B menstrual cups
  • Pack A+B includes one menstrual cup in each size. You may wish to purchase this pack if you are unsure what size you will require. Or, if you are planning on having a baby you can use size A pre-birth and size B post-birth if you feel it necessary

Removing Your Menstrual Cup

The cup has a stem attached to the bottom of it which can be cut with scissors and made shorter if required. To remove the cup, you simply pull down on the stem and it will pop out. Empty the contents into the toilet, spritz your cup with your handy pocket-sized cleaning spray (or, if you’re at home rinse under the tap), then re-insert, simple! The air holes in the top of the cup ensure easy removal. Cheaper or older versions of menstrual cups don’t have air holes which creates a risk that air may get trapped inside the cup and suck it up towards the cervix. It will also lead to you tugging at the cup or bearing down to ease it out which can drag on and weaken the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel8 tirelessly promotes the need for strong pelvic floor muscles so we know how important these small holes in the top of the cup are to your pelvic health. If you, like others have heard stories of this happening and been put off using a cup, don’t fret; the design of the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup eliminates this risk. 

Medically Certified

Unless certified organic, the majority of tampons sold in the UK are produced using harsh chemicals to treat the cotton; of course, it doesn’t end up so beautifully white on its own! Unbelievably, they also contain plastic which is one of the reasons they are so hard to break down for decomposition. Do you really want to insert chemicals such as Rayon, Dioxin, Fragrance, Chlorine, and BPA’s inside you? The skin inside and surrounding the vagina is extremely permeable, these harsh and dangerous chemicals can easily enter your bloodstream over the years. By purchasing the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup Starter Pack you can rest assured knowing you’re managing your periods using nothing but 100% medical grade silicone.  



More Information
IngredientsKegel8 Menstrual Cup Cleaning Solution: Aqua, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Caprylyl Glycol, Lactic Acid, Panthenol, Parfum, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil.
Recommended ForA fantastic starter pack for anyone wanting to start using a menstrual cup. It has everything you need for healthier periods; period!
Included ContentsPlease see the product description for a full list of all included goods.
MaterialCarry Bag: 100% cotton | Menstrual cups: 100% medical grade silicone
LengthMeasured from the tip of the removal stem to top of the cup. Large: 7.6cm (76mm/3inches) Small: 7cm (70mm/2.7inches) Removal stem can be cut shorter as desired.


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