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Kegel8 Vaginal Probe and Anal Probe Set For Pelvic Toners

  1. Set of four vaginal probes for vaginal and anal use
  2. Medical Grade pelviline probes with quality TPE plastic
  3. Medical grade stainless steel with less than 8% nickel
  4. Use with your electronic pelvic toner

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Unsure which probe is right for you? Purchase this set to be used with electronic pelvic toners such as Kegel8 and Neurotrac

Pelviline Probe - The Pelviline probe is a fantastic lightweight probe that's easy to insert and keep in place. The Pelviline probe is a solid version of the best-selling Periform+ probe. The solid, filled-in centre makes the probe suitable for prolapse sufferers too. The probe features an adjustable hilt so you can insert the probe as far as you need to make use extra-comfortable.

Connecting Lead Wires

Anulax Probe - Designed primarily for anal stimulation, but also invaluable for women who want a smaller neater probe to use vaginally. It offers fast effective muscle toning and it is specially designed for safe, effective and comfortable use. When used anally we recommend using KE Gel as the anus is not self lubricating and a gel makes it more comfortable and easier to insert.

Kegel8 Comfort Probe - Ideally suited for vaginal and/or anal stimulation the Kegel8 probe plugs directly into your unit. The two metal strips offer an effective surface area to stimulate your pelvic floor muscles directly. Choosing a good quality probe such as the Kegel8 will help you get the best from your exercises ensuring your pelvic exercises are both effective and safe.

Slim Probe - Our slimmest probe ever, perfect for a range of uses. Vaginally if you prefer a slim probe or if you suffer from vaginal atrophy you'll find this a neat and easy shape. Anally, this is perfect for deep muscle stimulation to the pelvic floor and recommended for men looking to improve their erections naturally, especially after prostate surgery. The probe has an adjustable base ring offering a variable length that can be adjusted to suit your level of penetration. Safe and extremely impressive this is a versatile, highly effective probe.

Because we trust the quality of our probes so much we extend the warranty from the standard 60 uses up to 6 months unlimited usage.

Please be aware if you are nickel intolerant we advise the electrode surface be examined before use to ensure the surface has not been scratched during storage. The probe can safely be used for up to 2 years providing all manufacturers recommendations are followed.

This probe is fitted with 2mm female connectors and is compatible with your Kegel8 device via your leadwire.

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SKU / Product Code 81353
Brand Kegel8

Kegel8 Vaginal Probe and Anal Probe Set For Pelvic Toners Reviews

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Good value
Review by Val posted on 11 March 2014
I bought this set, but I would have preferred the wider one to be the solid middle, which is recommended for me because I have a prolapse. Kegel 8 kindly changed this probe for me, but I feel it should still be offered as standard rather than this hollow one.
Good value for money I would recommend this.
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Product Questions

I have been using my kegal8 successfully for about 9 months however lately I keep losing connectivity, and despite following all your tips today no matter what I try I can't get it to work at all. I have ordered a new probe, do you think that could of been the problem?

Many thanks.....
i just purchased the kegel8 ultra. can i use the vaginal probe at the smae time as using the anal probe? Also, how long is shipping normally to the United States. I have incontinence problems and am ready to get started!! Crazy that this is not available in the United States! Thank you.