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Your Kegel8 12 Week Guide

Issue 2. How to keep your Pelvic Floor Healthy.

Still unsure about what a Kegel8 V for Men can do for you? Watch this video to get the low down on your ‘down low’ in only 40 seconds:

Did you stick with the Kegel8 Challenge?

If you managed to do 10 'squeeze and lift' pelvic floor exercises, 3 times per day; morning, noon and night, WELL DONE! It's not easy to do; your muscles begin to tire and so can your motivation.

Why use a pelvic toner?

If you’ve been doing your kegels manually then you may be wondering whether there’s any need for a Kegel8 – surely you can improve on your own? Well, you can; but it will take much longer! Studies have shown that manual pelvic floor exercises only exercise around 40% of the correct muscles. And that’s an average – many of us think we are doing kegels correctly but are actually tensing other muscles, potentially causing more damage! An electronic pelvic toner from Kegel8 will stimulate 90% of your pelvic floor muscles – that’s why we guarantee results in 12 weeks.

Of course, it’s not just men who benefit from doing regular kegels. Perhaps you know a woman who’s had trouble with pelvic floor symptoms? Get her to take our ‘Which Kegel8 is Right For Me?’ quiz, then take advantage of this week’s exclusive offer. You can get £20 off any Kegel8 unit with the code below. So whether she needs an Ultra 20, Tight & Tone or Ultra Vitality she can join you on your Kegel journey:

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