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Novatys Nickel-Free Double Ring Vaginal and Anal Probe

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  1. Medical Grade vaginal probe with two ring electrodes
  2. For vaginal or anal use
  3. Suitable for EMS and biofeedback
  4. Anatomically shaped design

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The Novatys is a fantastic double ringed probe, suitable for use both vaginally or anally. The double ring electrodes allow effective stimulation, and the gold plated design means that this probe is perfect for nickel allergy sufferers. The curved design fits perfectly to the contours of the vagina for optimum connectivity and comfort, while when used anally, the bottom electrode is shaped to conveniently stimulate the sphincter muscle. The body friendly plastic design means that the Novatys is extremely user friendly, lightweight and comfortable to use.

Connecting Lead Wires

For Women:The Novatys probe is a fantastic probe to use vaginally if you suffer from prolapse. The gold-plated electrodes transfer the current even more effectively to your muscles for an ultra-efficient workout. The Novatys probe will make a real difference to your pelvic floor exercises. It's also ideal if you suffer from a nickel allergy as the gold-plated electrodes mean no nickel is in contact with your skin. The probe can also be used anally.

For Men: The Novatys probe gives extremely effective anal sphincter stimulation when used anally, making it perfect for men suffering bowel incontinence and excessive flatulence. The gold-plated electrodes make it perfect for those who suffer nickel allergies.

This probe has two transversal ring electrodes, also making it ideal for use for EMG and biofeedback alongside a physiotherapist.

Because we trust the quality of our probes so much we extend the warranty from the standard 60 uses up to 6 months unlimited usage.

Please be aware if you are nickel intolerant we advise the electrode surface be examined before use to ensure the surface has not been scratched during storage. The probe can safely be used for up to 2 years providing all manufacturers recommendations are followed.

This probe is fitted with 2mm female connectors and is compatible with your Kegel8 device via your leadwire.

*To help extend the life of your probe and the lead wires we advise that when unplugging them you pull from the head of the connector and not from the wire (shown above) as this can damage the inside of the wire. The best way to avoid damaging them is to only remove the wires when you are changing probes as there is no reason to any other time.*

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 82611
Brand Sugar International
Recommended For Vaginal use | Anal use | Pelvic floor wekaness | Bladder weakness | Prolapse | Rectocele (bowel prolapse) | Nickel intolerance
Can be used with The Kegel8 Ultra 20, Kegel8 Ultra Vitality, Kegel8 V For Men, NMES Pelvic Toners which use symmetrical waveform, and for professional clinical use, including Biofeedback.
Included Contents Nickel Free Double Ring Vaginal and Anal Probe
Material Body Safe Plastic with Gold Plated Electrodes
Length 11.7cm (4.6 inches)
Insertable Length 11.7cm (4.6 inches)
Diameter 2.6cm (1 inch)
No. of Electrodes 2
Can Be Used With Biofeedback Yes
Certification CE
Warranty 6 Months
Washing Instructions Clean using Kegel8 Cleaning Spray and pat or air dry. Can be cleaned with warm soapy water (do not sterilise). Chemicals will erode gold plating and invalidate warranty.

Novatys Nickel-Free Double Ring Vaginal and Anal Probe Reviews

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Total : 4 Reviews
Can't believe the difference!
Review by KatyJ posted on 24 May 2013
What a difference this makes to my Kegel8! Feels much stronger than my old probe and i've noticed a differnce already :) thankyou Kegel8! xx
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(11 of 12 people found this review helpful)
Review by Rebecca posted on 18 July 2013
I believe in this product. The Kegel 8 has changed my life. I was having huge troubles with urine leaking and especially if I coughed or sneezed. It has all but remedied the problem. Not to be too graphic here, but this product has also greatly improved my sex life. Thank you!
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(10 of 11 people found this review helpful)
Good for men's pelvic floor therapy
Review by Pat posted on 25 March 2014
This is the 3rd anal probe that I have tried and the best one so far. It is long enough to cause good pelvic floor contractions and the larger diameter; compared to the included slim probe, allow better skin contact. Only two suggestions; I would like to see the base more rounded and curved downward for better comfort. Also, I would like to see the wires emerge from the base at a right angle to the probe, so that they are not stressed or pinched, when using the probe in a sitting position.
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(9 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Novatays probe
Review by AngeYG5 posted on 6 July 2014
I tried this as I became quite sore whenever I used the probe that came with the ultra. I think I may have a nickel allergy as I have had no soreness from this one. This probe is ok but not for me. I don't feel like my muscles have had a work out like I did with the previous probe and it doesn't stay in place. It slips and can be very uncomfortable when you get the pulse and it's in the wrong place. I've not list out as I know nickel free is the way to go, I just need to select a probe that's more suitable for me. I'd like a nickel free like the one it comes with but they do t do it. I'm thinking of trying the one with 3 balls to see if that's better. But any suggestions kegel would be welcomed.

Dear Ange
Thank you for your feedback. If you look at this one http://www.kegel8.co.uk/beacmed-perisphera-h-perineal-probe-10089.html you will see that this gold plated probe actually uses both channels of your Kegel8 Pelvic Toner and it really amplifies the results in two ways. Firstly you can use both channels, so you can select the stimulation to be higher on one side than the other - vital for us who have suffered nerve damage after childbirth and cant get any sensation on one side (Baby's head to blame I'm afraid!), secondly because it is gold plated it conducts the pulses more effectively.
I hope this helps
[email protected]
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Product Questions

If I were to buy this probe to use vaginally how far should I put it in? It seems a lot longer than my current one?
Thanks in advance
Why make this probe so long then if you are only to insert the first two inches.
I suffer from coccydynia and Proctalgia fugax, I have extreme difficulty in passing poo. Could an anal probe help stimulate nerves in that area?

when will the product be back in stock? I would love to order either the
Novatys Nickel-Free Double Ring Vaginal and Anal Probe
or Optima Nickel-Free Triple Electrode Vaginal Probe
however both products are out of stock everywhere I look on line.
i have read that probes should be inserted just two inches into the vagina. does this mean with this probe that the long part (below where the gold bands are) is not inserted, or is actually the whole probe to be inserted into the vagina? i am wondering partly because: if it is the whole probe that needs to be inserted, then it might be ok for using when i am doing things, as opposed to sitting down i.e it won't fall out! at the moment i use a periform probe, but i have been told that this probe is good for a prolapse (WHY, i wonder, is it good for using with a prolapse? - i have just the beginning of a prolapse). partly why i ask the question at the beginning of what i have written, is that i find it very uncomfortable - an unpleasant tingling sensation - if the probe i currently use slips out at all (so i thought if this one is fully inserted, then this would be less likely to happen).