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About Kegel8

Kegel8 was born from the desire to offer support and an alternative home solution to pelvic floor weakness for those who want to avoid surgery, recovery affectively from surgery or are simply too embarrassed to even seek medical support.

With a passion for not only their range of medically approved products but for excellent service, support and advice, Kegel8 work hard to be at the heart of pelvic health and teach all they know to those who suffer the effects of weakened pelvic floor muscles.

Their hard work to make an impact and reach out to women and men who suffer was recognised in 2012 when they were awarded a Medilink Healthcare Business Award sponsored by The University of Sheffield Innovation Centre.

Kegel8 believe that knowledge is key and are constantly looking for new ways to spread the Kegel8 word that leaks, loss of control and lack of sensation are not an inevitable part of aging or becoming a mum but can actually happen to anyone – but Kegel8 is a solution.

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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Taylor, Managing Director

Stephanie Taylor, Managing Director

Stephanie is the Founder of Kegel8. She is passionate about natural health and healthy living. In her 20's she worked at British Telecom before 'Busby' was privatised, then she escaped to the Middle East as an air stewardess for Gulf Air. Returning to the UK she decided to start her own business and created Passion8 a mail order company for women and couples.

After the birth of her son Luke, she looked for ways to get 'down there' back into shape, and it was this research that helped her develop the Kegel8 range of pelvic floor exercisers and revealed the hitherto unknown world of 'Pelvic Floor Problems'. Stephanie – ever-the-optimist, likes to call them 'challenges' so for all women and men with Pelvic Floor Challenges we embrace the power of the internet to educate and inform, and campaign to make a difference so that none of us suffer in silence!

Email: [email protected] Tel: 01482 496 932

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