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Press Releases

4th March 2019
  • The NEW Kegel8 Menstrual Cup that lets you know about your flow
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4th February 2019
  • A new must-have product launched for women…and it could change your life “down there”
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1st October 2018
  • launches the ‘PositivePause’ campaign for World Menopause Day 2018: A New Campaign turning the Negative Impression of Menopause on its Head
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18th June 2018
  • Physiotherapists Say “It’s Time To Get A Grip On The Pelvic Floor!”
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19th August 2014
  • Kegel8's Everything You Need To Know About Kegels
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1st August 2014
31st July 2014
30th July 2014
29th July 2014
  • A Gentlemen's Guide to Kegel8
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28th July 2014
25th June 2014
  • Extreme Sex Practices Put Young Women at Risk
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12th June 2014
  • Straight Up - for her and for him. The relationship between a strong core and posture
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26th February 2014
  • Top concerns of new mums revealed in survey.
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7th October 2013
  • The Latest Gadget for Men That Is Set To Turbo-Boost Sex Lives Everywhere
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18th September 2013
  • The Brand New Secret Set To Boost Men's Health
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15th August 2013
  • Kegel8 Announce New Probe That Will Make Pelvic Exercise Accessible to More Women
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7th August 2013
  • The Latest Pelvic Floor Exercier That Makes Your Kegels A Pleasure
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5th August 2013
  • Free Pelvic Floor Guide Has Weekend of Record Downloads
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22 April 2013
  • Kegel8 Vaginal Cones with New Physiotherapist-Designed Pelvic Floor Exercise Plan
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14 March 2013
  • Savantini Limited Win National Medilink UK Award for Best Start-Up for Pelvic Floor Exercisers
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06 February 2013
  • Be the Perfect Squeeze this Valentine's Day
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08 January 2013
  • Savantini Announce Release of Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Trainer - Exercises and Measures Vaginal Strength
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30 November 2012
  • Savantini Ltd Win Medilink Start-Up Award for Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exercisers
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