Reusable Portable Urinal

Reusable Portable Urinal

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  • Spill-proof portable urinal for men, women and children. Women can pee standing up too.
  • Men & women's urinal bottle for when you can't reach a conventional toilet or get caught short
  • Easy to use flexible for any position, standing or sitting.
  • Flexible fill container expands for extra capacity if needed, air-tight sealed lid prevents odours and spills
  • Concertina style for easy storage, a must have product in the car, walking and travelling and camping.

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Easy to use and sanitary, this portable travel urinal for men, women and toddlers is a life-saver. Fully flexible It bends easily in any direction meaning it can be used in any position – standing, lying or sitting – with no spills.  Ergonomically designed for easier female use too it offers the user discreet and dignified toileting this is perfect if you are bed-ridden, stuck in traffic or simply caught unexpectedly. Women can pee using it standing up too.

The hermetically sealed lid minimises odours and spills. What’s more, its accordion-like construction, made from a flexible polypropylene, means it can collapse to the size of an average soft drink can for storage in glove compartments, handbags, rucksacks and more. Then just expand to provide yourself with 750ml of reassurance!

Please empty the contents into a toilet when you find one!

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Review by MenoQueen
Whether you have grandkids travelling with you or any other generation for that matter this is quite invaluable. This certainly came into its own when we were stuck in gridlock traffic on the M25. Its ok for men to have a wee but for us gals its not that easy if there isn't a bush present. This fits to the body shape well reducing any leaks and can be easily emptied and no one would know. Don't leave home without one.

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