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Kegel8 Ultra Plus Electronic Pelvic Toner


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As of November 5th 2013, this has been upgraded to the Kegel8 Ultra 20 with 20 clinically proven programmes. Click here to find out more.


Kegel8 Ultra 20

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Excellent Product Review by Ellie
Product Rating
Quick delivery, discrete packaging and all the information you require is supplied to start using the Kegel8 immediately. Only used this product for a week and have found it really good and have experienced some positive sensations. Hopefully in another 10 weeks I will see some real benefit to my problem area. It is great to know that someone understands the problems that women experience and is there when needed.
Thank you. (Posted on 10 November 2013)
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Product Rating
My mother has recently suffered a prolapse and until now I never realised how common a problem this was. Coupled with the fact I have recently had a cold and was fed up of leaking when coughing and sneezing. I am 42 and have had three large babies so my pelvic floor has taken battering. I use the kegal 8 on programme 3 and programme 8 at around 60ma. I have had this machine for two weeks and oh my god i cant believe it but can now cough and sneeze with barely any leakage. I know this is early days and cant wait until i have been using it for the recommended 12 weeks if i have seen such good results in a short apace of time.
I never write reviews but I feel it is important to let other ladies know this machine does work, I put off buying it for a while due to the price and was sceptical, but i eventually thought that i shouldnt have to put up with leaking it was making me miserable.
Plus its not that expensive when you consider it is your personal well being and health you are buying it for. Trust me my mum is facing surgery for her prolapse and i will do everything i can to avoid this. I feel better about myself, and have recommended my sister also buy one as she had the same problems as me. Its a pity the medical profession dont advertise and advise us more on these products as in the long run they would save a fortune in future operations for people.
I cant believe the fast results i would say dont hestitate and buy one you will be glad you did its an amazing machine. (Posted on 16 October 2013)
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It works! Review by YAM
Product Rating
I bought this product for my mother. She has had 6 children - all natural births - and so I wasn't that surprised when she asked me if I knew of anything that might help with her bladder weakness.

The Kegel8 Ultra Plus is easy to hold, and the screen is quite big, so it's easy to read. There aren't a lot of buttons and the instruction booklet provides a diagram describing each feature, so it's fairly straightforward to know what each button does. The purple box they send it in is actually quite pretty, so it's easy to store!

My mother has been using this twice a day for about 3 weeks now, and says that she has already seen an improvement, as she is able to sleep through the night without having to get up to use the bathroom.

The instructions for its use are not the best though. It took a while to figure out that:
1. The two metal plates on the probe should face the east/west position (i.e. point to your hips);
2. You need to get the mAs up to at least 30 to really start seeing results; and
3. You can only increase the mAs once the probe is inserted - you can't set them if the probe is outside your body.

In light of the physical benefits (and the mental benefits of better self-esteem!), I would not hesitate to recommend this product. (Posted on 18 September 2013)
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Don't make the same mistake as I did! Review by Adnil
Product Rating
I bought my kegel 8 in November last year because of stress incontinence and generally things not being as tight as I would have liked.
I am writing this review because I don't want anyone else to make the mistake I made...
I started using the machine on P03 but thought it was odd as I couldn't feel things contracting but thought maybe things were even worse than I thought. After a while I thought I would try a custom programm in order to increase the work out and I have to say that I think things have improved slightly (maybe because any exercise is better than none, or maybe I was subconsciously contracting around the probe anyway - who knows), however...
I today discovered that I can increase the mA level and now realise just how good this machine really can be.
I had been using the machine all this time (intermittently, admittedly, as it wasn't giving me the fantastic results I was hoping for) on 1mA.
I am not usually this dense and the only defence I have is that on page 9 of my instructions it looks like the number next to the mA indicator shows how many hours used and although this figure didn't seem to be increasing even though I had used it I didn't really worry about it.
Also in the quick start instructions 5 "press the +button, you will see the mA change to 1, this will start your exercise programme" - I did this, I just didn't twig that I had to press it more than once.
I have today used P03 with mA's in the 30's and boy, do I now know what this machine can do.
If you read this review and chuckle at my stupidity, at least I have made you smile, but if my review stops just one person doing the same as I did and maybe giving up with the machine, then it has done it's job.
I am now looking forward to the results I had hoped for when I bought the machine. (Posted on 26 August 2013)
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Complete Pelvic Floor Workout - Feel Great On The Inside! Review by Alicia
Product Rating
I purchased my Kegel8 Ultra Plus around 4 years ago & prior to shipping, had a chat with Steph' in Customer Services, who advised that I could have my machine pre-programmed for use with both Vaginal (A-Side) as well as anal (B-Side) functions. So Jo at Kegel8 kindly did this for me at the time of ordering & hence my Kegel8 Ultra Plus arrived all pre-programmed & ready to use for COMPLETE workouts of my WHOLE pelvic-floor 'canopy' (back to front area of muscles). The reason I opted for this is because our pelvic floor muscles are all designed to work together, so I figured what's the point in exercising just one section, having just one part of my muscles in good spec'? Now, I can happily say, Kegel8 Ultra has become like my best friend, I use it EVERY DAY, even taking it with me on holidays & I've never looked back. Having given birth to 5 children (2 of which were twin births), my body had taken a pounding, so I needed the very best product available to get myself back to tip-top health. I have since taken part in an NHS-funded survey, whereby I was measured for vaginal tightness/fitness, with scores of 0 - 5 (with 0 being very slack, no tone/resistance & 5 being the tightest). I was delighted to score a 4.5, so it goes without saying, Kegel8 Ultra Plus does the job & I would never be without mine. (Posted on 24 August 2013)
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If only I knew several years ago.... Review by Sue
Product Rating
I have not long ago had a vaginal hysterectomy and bladder prolapse repair and sent home with a sheet of instructions for pelvic floor exercises. I could not tell if I were doing them correctly or if any gains were made. Basically I stumbled on on Kegel8 whilst searching for more information and was sceptical but thought though expensive, it's my long term health involved. I didn't want to be an incontinent and smelly older lady in a few years time so I took the plunge. I can now feel the muscles being worked and no longer suffer with stress incontinence. If I knew then what I know now maybe my recent operation could have been avoided because I would have had good muscle tone. (Posted on 13 August 2013)
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Wish I had bought this years ago Review by Miller
Product Rating
I have been struggling with stress incontinence and frequency for many years but had managed to keep it under control with pads, and knowing where every single loo in the area can be found. It was affecting my life significantly. When I mentioned it to my (female) GP, she was dismissive - " it happens as you get older". At 40, I didn't think much of that but carried on. A few months ago I developed urge incontinence and in desperation discovered that I could self-refer to the gynae-physiotherapy team in this county. Thank goodness I did. At my first session I asked the physio about Kegel 8 and she told me how good they are. I purchased one that day (arrived 24 hours later - very impressed) and haven't looked back. Six weeks later, I have definite improvement. The frequency is reducing and I can now sneeze without leaking. I am definitely feeling "tighter". Amazing service and so friendly when I phoned the helpline with an idiotic query! Didn't treat me like a fool at all and I would happily call again if needed. I use Kegel 8 twice a day (prog 3 in the morning and 9 in the evening). I will report back after three months on further improvement. I wish every woman was given one of these on the NHS. I cannot recommend this strongly enough. If you are wondering if it is worth investing in one of these - 100% yes. (Posted on 28 July 2013)
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Rather impressed! Review by Ange
Product Rating
It was only after seraching the internet I discovered that there were things you could do for bladder weaknessess. Something I have had problems for several years and the issue was becoming worse rather than better.
I purchased the Kegal8 as it seemed to match my needs and although expensive I considered that a minor point if it was successful.
It takes a lot for me to be impressed but I have to admit I am. For me it has worked already, in a matter of weeks. I can now sneeze, laugh and cough without worrying :) I intend to continue using the system until I can play sport in comfort and hopefully try out the trampoline again! (Posted on 27 May 2013)
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I wish I had bought one sooner Review by Roxy
Product Rating
I'm 66 and have had 3 children - all natural births - the last one was very big. I knew I had a leakage problem and was already using the tight and tone but only occasionally. Then I went for a medical through my work and was diagnosed with a 2nd degree prolapse. My own GP has been less than helpful so I decided to carry on with the self help and seek advice from Kegel8. The staff were very helpful. I bought the ultra plus nearly 3 weeks ago on their advice. They have answered my questions and given me advice on how frequently I should use it and which programmes to use. I know I have to be patient - its only a few weeks since I started to use it, but I do feel I am making progress and it has given me real positive hope for the future. I'm so glad I bought it - its worth every penny. I just wish I had done this a year ago. (Posted on 16 May 2013)
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i would recommend Review by bang
Product Rating
Only used this for less than 2 weeks so cannot give a true review, all i can say is that i will keep on using it as i have notice a small improvement when i sneeze. Quick start instructions are easy to follow. (Posted on 14 May 2013)
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