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Optima Nickel-Free Triple Electrode Vaginal Probe


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  • Medical Grade vaginal probe
  • Three independent electrodes, nickel-free electrodes
  • Allows you to target specific muscle groups
  • Suitable for EMS and biofeedback
  • Purchase this product on its own or with 2 lead wires in the pack size variant below

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SKU: 82604

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The Optima is a long, slim vaginal probe with 3 isolated hemispherical electrodes to target the posterior, anterior or lateral muscles

The benefit of this is you can select the electrode combination you want to use based on the muscle group(s) you wish to target; the posterior, anterior or lateral muscles. This works via a triple tailed connection; connect the black tail to engage the top electrode, the red tail to engage the middle electrode or the white tail to engage the bottom electrode - you just need to make sure that you always connect two electrodes to ensure you have a complete circuit. This probe is ideal if you suffer from asymmetry (a lack of feeling on one side) or a prolapse. What's more, the gold plated electrodes make this probe ideal for those with a nickel allergy.

How to use your new Optima Probe

Connecting Lead Wires

It's easy to get great results from the Optima Probe, and you can use it in different ways, depending on your particular problem.

1. Each of the electrodes of the probe has its own connection. Decide which electrodes you are going to use (see below for tips) then attach a leadwire adaptor to the connection of these electrodes.

  • Black connection corresponds to electrode 1 (see diagram below)
  • Red connection corresponds to electrode 2 (see diagram below)
  • White connection corresponds to electrode 3 (see diagram below)

2. Insert the lead wire into channel A of your Kegel8.

3. Choose which programme that you would like to use, then increase the mAs to a comfortable level.

4. Allow your programme to run, then gently remove the probe.

5. To prolong the life of your probe and prevent infection, clean your probe with Kegel8 Klean, then store in the original bag.

Which electrodes should I use?

Optima Probe is nickel free and perfect for kegel8 and pelvic floor exercise

For Rear Stimulation (the back of the pelvic floor): Connect electrodes 1 & 2 and insert the probe fully with the electrodes pointing towards the back.

For Front Stimulation (the front of the pelvic floor): Connect electrodes 2 & 3 and insert the probe fully with the electrodes pointing towards the front.

Nerve Damage: if you have nerve damage, or a lack of sensation on one side, you can turn the probe a quarter-turn so the gold electrodes point to the side with the damage and connect electrodes 1 & 2 and insert the probe fully.

Biofeedback: if you are using the probe with a healthcare professional and biofeedback device, use electrode 3 as your reference electrode and ensure the probe is inserted fully into the vagina.

Purchase this product on its own or with 2 lead wires in the pack size variant option when adding to basket.

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Good product Review by feeling in control again
Product Rating
I bought tjhis not because I have a nickel allergy, but because i was looking for a probe that could better target the front and the back. And this does target very well both back and front. I am very pleased with the way this probe does just that. It stays in place ( though I have only been using it lying down. It doesent hurt, but it feels quite strong, that it works a little bit deeper then the normal white probe - i got a deep tingling sensation way through my stomach. so I think it really targeted the area. Overall very glad I purchased it. (Posted on 30 July 2013)
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(23 of 23 people found this review helpful)
The best probe Review by Veronika
Product Rating
It is the best probe I have used so far and I've been using different probes for two years. It does not hurt and the same time it works really well on stopping the leaks. (Posted on 7 June 2016)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Best Ever Review by Sherry
Product Rating
This Is By Far The Best Probe I Have Used And I have Tried 4 Different Ones. This One Has The Reach To Target All Muscles, Front Back And Sides. I Will Use This Probe Exclusively From Now On. Please Don't Discontinue. I Feel A Difference After 2 Uses. I Highly Recommend This Probe For Any Condition. (Posted on 13 March 2017)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Perfect for nerve damage and prolapse Review by Susan50
Product Rating
I bought this probe as I seemed to feel less sensation on one side when doing the sensitivity exercise with the Glide probe, and wanted to target this area in case of nerve damage. I've also been using it to target an anterior prolapse, and it is perfect for this. Now interspersing this probe at P14 for prolapse with the Glide at P03 for general strengthening. Too early to detect a difference, but I'm happy that thanks to kegel I'm on the right track. Also thanks to Emma for vg programme advice. (Posted on 12 August 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

I already own the perisize probe which I find excellent for tighter contractions and
was wondering if this would be beneficial for me to use?
I have a bit of bladder prolapse and weakness one side. I have had many operations
over the years from hysterectomy in the eighties to para-vaginal repair in 2002 and
a rectopexy in 2012. none of which has "cured" my pelvic floor weakness problems.
so I am hoping to do this myself. My vagina seems more saggy and loose at the
top, so would this probe tighten that area more as the entrance to my vagina is
already getting tighter. So what I guess I am asking is this - have you a probe that
will tighten top as much as bottom of vagina - if so could you advise me please
which one is best.

hi was just wondering , like the previous question if this does help with strengthening the back of the vagina? i have had no surgery just two children and am pleased with the results so far with my other probe but would just love to get the muscles at the back feeling as toned as the ones at the front . Also can you use all three electrodes at the same time or can you only use two at a time? thanks
Hi, I was wondering how exactly the gold balls face when using. Do you stimulate each side separately? Do you place the balls facing backwards, forwards, or side to side? Can you use any program on the Kegel8 ultra? Thanks, Jan
Hi, I purchased a kegel8 a while ago and used the perennial probe that comes with it, while this has helped hugely with my pelvic floor (i think it's better than it was before pregnancy), I still have a slight bladder prolapse. I was wondering which probe you would recommend for reaching this area? Thanks x
Hello I have a triple optima probe but there were not any instructions with it I have severe OAB and do not know what electrodes to use can you help please.
Hi, will this probe work with the ultra vitality unit?
I especially like it because it targets all areas, and I don't need to worry whether I've got it in the right place ( whether it's in far enough or not) Also because it says it can deal with the problem of not much sensation on one side.
Many thanks.
Where are the answers to these questions? There are so many different probes I don't know where to start. Seeing replies to other people's questions would be very helpful.