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BEAC Med Perisphera H Perineal Probe

  1. Vaginal probe made from biocompatible plastic material
  2. Gold plated metalised nickel-free electrodes
  3. Can be used for EMS or biofeedback; the only probe that's Kegel8 approved!
  4. Uses two channels to target muscles or stimulate simultaneously

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Targeted and simultaneous stimulation in one with the Perisphera H Vaginal Probe

Connecting Lead Wires

Stimulate both sides or target muscles in your pelvic floor, Perisphera H vaginal probe gives you both options with one vaginal probe. It has been specially designed for comfortable insertion and use. The Perisphera H is best used lying down.

Perisphera H has a double circuit and four gold plated metalised, nickel-free electrodes. These can be used simultaneously or separately of 2 different EMG biofeedback channels or 2 electrostimulation channels.

The Perisphera probe is made entirely from biocompatible plastic material. Each Perisphera perineal probes are compatible with EMG biofeedback or EMS machines using two or four wires with a 2mm female banana ending. Probes are provided in a sealed bag with instructions.

Perisphera H is 110mm long with up to 90mm insertable length. There are 4 connectivity leads each approx. 20cm long. The Perisphera H must not be sterilised or autoclaved. It must be cleaned with mild soapy water after each use. It is a CE mark Medical device Class 2a.

Because we trust the quality of our probes so much we extend the warranty from the standard 60 uses up to 6 months unlimited usage.

Please be aware if you are nickel intolerant we advise the electrode surface be examined before use to ensure the surface has not been scratched during storage. The probe can safely be used for up to 2 years providing all manufacturers recommendations are followed.



BEAC Med probes are now officially Kegel8 approved!

The superior quality of BEAC Med probes will make sure your exercise routine is clean, hygienic and safe every time. BEAC Med have been designing and manufacturing probes at their Italian headquarters since 1981; their range is expertly engineered to fit a huge variety of needs and body types, with unparalled conductivity. Maximise the effect of your kegels with a BEAC Med probe!


*To help extend the life of your probe and the lead wires we advise that when unplugging them you pull from the head of the connector and not from the wire (shown above) as this can damage the inside of the wire. The best way to avoid damaging them is to only remove the wires when you are changing probes as there is no reason to any other time.*

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 10089
Brand BEAC Med
Recommended For Vaginal use | Pelvic floor weakness | Bladder weakness | Nickel intolerance
Can be used with The Kegel8 Ultra 20, Kegel8 Ultra Vitality, Kegel8 V For Men, NMES Pelvic Toners which use symmetrical waveform, and for professional clinical use, including Biofeedback.
Included Contents BEAC Med Perisphera H Perineal Probe
Length 11 cm
Insertable Length 9 cm
Diameter 3 cm
No. of Electrodes 4
Can Be Used With Biofeedback Yes
Certification CE
Warranty 6 Months
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual

View and/or Download the Recommendations and Contraindications

View and/or Download the Kegel8 Guide To The Perisphera H
Washing Instructions Clean using Kegel8 Cleaning Spray and pat or air dry. Can be cleaned with warm soapy water (do not sterilise). Chemicals will erode gold plating and invalidate warranty.

BEAC Med Perisphera H Perineal Probe Reviews

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Total : 18 Reviews
Really liked using this.
Review by Jonty J posted on 3 July 2014
Really liked using this. I was sent this as a replacement for the perisize and it more comfortable to use. Easier to clean, and BOY is it powerful. I really noticed the difference and the fact that I can target my 'dull' side is great because I feel that I am doing something constructive to regain sensation following a difficult delivery of my son.
Love this - highly recommended to all.
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(35 of 37 people found this review helpful)
kegel8 gave me back my life
Review by mini posted on 13 July 2014
I brought the kegel8 I am 51 and i have a grade 3 prolapse I love the kegel8 it has given me back my life I lead a very active life .the doctors told me that the only way to fix it was to have an operation .I knew about kegel exercises but my prolapse was so bad and the muscle were so weak that I could not do the exercises. so I found the kegel8 and followed the instructions with in a week I was amazed I no longer needed to go to the toilet every few hours and was sleeping through the night my pain was gone by week 2 .I can now chop wood and do my garden . THANK YOU

Dear Mini - THANK YOU for sharing your results with us, I am so pleased that Kegel8 has made a significant difference to you life and that you have avoided surgery. Keep exercising!
[email protected]
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(25 of 25 people found this review helpful)
Best ever!
Review by Happy posted on 7 November 2014
This probe is definitely the best! I've had experience with two other probes (that came with the devices; I've lurchased 2 devices in the past 6 yrs) and those were uncomfortable. What makes this more comfortable is that you can adjust the levels with the A and B channels for each individual side. I tend to have one side at a much lower level than the other which takes away the discomfort. I also feel that the four beads on it give it better contact and works the muscles more effectively. Definitely worth purchasing! I've been using this for a week and have noticed a difference already (in tightness and bladder control) definitely recommend!!!
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(19 of 19 people found this review helpful)
Excellent product
Review by Catya posted on 19 June 2015
I have a prolapse, stress incontinence, and I had no sensation in my vaginal walls. A probe with two sets of wires is what I needed. This Perisphera H probe is excellent!, the best probe I've ever used. I use it with the Kegel8 Ultra 20. I really feel this probe working on all my pelvic floor, - left and right, or top and bottom - depending on how I choose to connect the wires. In just a short time it's made such a difference - my pelvic floor feels stronger,..my vagina has tightened and the sensation in it is returning,..and my bladder leaking is almost gone! I'm actually astonished because I was sceptical buying the Kegel8 and probes but now I wish I'd discovered them years ago. I'm so grateful to the company! Thank you so much. (p.s. when I used the probe first I felt absolutely nothing, not even after 5 tries and thought I had been sent a faulty probe but I changed the battery in the Kegel8 and the probe starting doing it's magic!)
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(19 of 20 people found this review helpful)
Good in use but very uncomfortable to remove
Review by eclaire posted on 26 February 2015
Had this probe a week. Due to the shape of the probe it is difficult to lubricate effectively. You can put a thin layer on the electrodes and top but as it is an open design it doesnt really do much.

Very comfy to put in and use and it really feels like it is doing a good job BUT when you come to take it out it is agony. It seems to fit so snuggly in the cavity that you have to really pull to get it out and it hurts -it feels like pulling out a dry tampon.

I am really happy with what it was doing in terms of working my pelvic floor and comfort in use but I wont be using it again as it is making me bleed internally when I try to pull it out.

Dear eclaire,
I am sorry that you find removing the probe difficult, although you say that you find it comfortable to use.
I wonder if a lubricant applied in a syringe type applicator might be better for you? So in effect you would lubricate your vaginal walls rather than the probe which as you say is difficult to lubricate.
Do let me know, we do have a syringe that we can send you with our compliments to enable you to use, and more importantly remove the probe, more effectively and comfortably.
Here to help
Customer Care Team
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(11 of 11 people found this review helpful)
very comfortable
Review by Woo posted on 22 December 2014
Having had an uncomfortable experience with the short probe this one feels like it is actually doing something. I have had it for a matter of days and already I am feeling more comfortable and confident. It is really powerful and I am confident that I will overcome my problems.
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Review by Katie posted on 31 July 2015
Ordered this probe expecting it to be quite powerful however with both channels on 90 i can barely feel it doing anything. I have tried a new battery and this has not made any difference. Feel a bit like I've wasted my money. Expected it to be a lot better.
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(8 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Review by Fb posted on 4 August 2015
I tried this probe after reading the reviews but I'm disappointed. Even on 50mA I can hardly feel it. That might be more to do with me than the probe admittedly however with the probe that came with the kegel20 I had it on 30mA. I'm still in search of my ultimate probe! Never thought my pelvic floor was in such bad condition - still I'm determined to get it back in shape and I am seeing some improvements after 5 weeks
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(5 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Perisphera H Perineal probe
Review by JB posted on 24 October 2015
I have had 2 of these probes and don't think I will get another.
The 1st one, the wire broke came away from the base of the probe (which was kindly replaced free of charge, thank you) and my 2nd one has had one of the 'arms' break and come away from the base.
I find it easy to use, and effective, but very difficult to clean thoroughly. I like that it is nickle free but think I will return to my origianal probe.
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Review by Rosemary L posted on 20 January 2015
Excellent. Happy with this choice uses both channels and pulses all round so really powerful.
Would recommend
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
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Product Questions

I have recently purchased the kegel8 ultra 20. No prolapse, just a general overall weakness in pelvic floor area and slight loss of sensation recently. I've noticed that sensation on one side is less on one side when using the machine.. I thought about getting the perisphera H probe to target the dull side, however reading the website, I see there is also a perisphera U probe? How do I know which is best for me? Also, what regime would you recommend? I used program one a few times, then moved on to alternating between the 20 min sensation program and the basic 45 min pelvic floor program. Thanks.
What connections to you need for the perisphera h, or is it just the battery
I have just bought the perisphera probe and I have the kegel8 the probe have 4 wires and I only hav a connection for 2do I need to buy something else to connect all 4 wires many thanks
I would like to know if these probes can be used if someone has a prolapse
My lead wires are 2 red and 2 black, but my probe has 1 red, 1 black and 2 white!? Confused !!
Recieved this probe today, cant use it because there was no connection with it, it says under the probe,,,,, to add additional items so i did now i have a battery i recieved with the probe and awire that i cant use, could you please send me the right connections so the probe will work, or refund my money and ill send the product back thanks...
I don't understand how far I most insert the Perisphera H Perineal Probe. Can you please use cm instead of inches, that would be very helpful.

Thank you
Hi, Sorry, I just sent you a question re the MA's referred to in the recommendations download for Perisphera H probe and then found that this question had already been asked by someone else. I now understand that I can go to the max strength on each side (should I ever need to) Unless I am wrong in assuming this is the case, please ignore my question.

I have been using the perisize probe for about a year with excellent results. I now need to replace it and I have sent for the perisphera H probe. I am wondering if the perisphera U might be a better option for me? I am 65 and had a hysterectomy many years ago, also rectopexy for prolapsed rectum 4 years ago. I need something that will tighten all round (front and back) as this is where I have had problems most of my life. I feel I am still somewhat prolapsed although not nearly as bad as I was, could you advise me what is the difference between the probes?

In the instructions for this probe it says that the maximum mA should be 50, is this correct?
Ive just purchased this probe and i wanted to know if i can use this 6 weeks after having a c section? Or do i have to wait abit longer ?
Hi There seems to be a problem either with the probe or the wire. Every time I use the machine (Tight and Tone) the MAs go back down to 0 after a couple of seconds and they display flashes on one side and stops.

Can you advise?
How do I fit this to my Ultra 20? The instructions are rather difficult. Do I use channel A and channel B? Many thanks.
I have just received the Perisphera-H and I am a little confused with the wire connections. Unfortunately I don't find the instructions very helpful. Since there are 4 wires to connect, I assume you have to use 2 leadwire adaptors - which I have - therefore does one connect in Channel A and one connect in Channel B ( I have a Kegel 8 Ultra 20)?
I have a vaginal prolapse of 2 to 3.
Thank you for your reply
I am thinking of purchasing this as I have the two ball gold plated probe at the moment and don't feel it gives sufficient stimulation at the moment. I have two sets of leads in with my ultra 8 . Are these ok for this probe or do I need to buy new ones?
Recently bought this probe with extra leads and have wired it up as shown for both channels. Can hardly feel any power even on MA 90. doesn't feel very powerful. Did not have this problem with old periform probe on one channel.. Any ideas if I am doing something wrong?
I broke my perisize cleaning i. Is the BEAC Med Perisphera H Perineal Probe good for my rectocele (using vaginally) and what are the best settings to use.

My Perisphera H arrived last week. I did the second programm (sensitivity) and can only feel nice contractions at 90 mA. Is this okay or is this too high and should I keep excercising until I can feel it at 50 mA too?
Which programms can you advise me in order to higher my sensitivity? (Due to giving birth to my children, I got a huge section down there and I lost nearly every feeling in 3/4th of my inner vagina..).
Thanks for your help!!!
Hi, I've bought a kegel8 ultra 20 and I'm afraid I'm still not sure how far to insert the perisphera O probe. Is the first sphere supposed to be inside the vagina and the second outside? Or do I insert both?
Many thanks x
what lead wires do I need for my perisphera probe?

I've just bought the probe and am completely baffled by the instructions! I can understand lead position 1 (uses only one channel) but 2 and 3 appear to be the same. Have I got this completely wrong - I'm assuming that each red connection from the probe attaches to the red of the lead wire (and black to black)? I have a Kegel ultra plus, by the way.
I have just ordered the Perisphera H probe and had a look at the recommendations download which says that the max current should be 50 ma. Does this refer to the intensity settings on the ultra 20 toner? If so does that mean the left and right settings should be a combined total of 50 or 50 on each side and no higher? When I used the Perisphera O probe I sometimes had the level at 70 - is this equal to a left and right setting of around 33 on each side? Also, the download states that the probe will last about 60 treatments. Using the toner twice each day would mean that it lasts about 2 months - is this correct? Are there any probes which last for more than 60 treatments?
How far in should this probe be positioned?
hi I have a tight and tone and want to order the beac Med H Perineal probe what additional lead to I need I have one standard lead for the tight and tone?
Can I clarify about the wires please? In the instructions it says you can change the way the wires are connected to get a different result. An advisor said it makes no difference which way you connect them. I have a vaginal prolapse. Which is best please or is there any difference?
Thank you
Sorry, guys, but I cannot figure out the wiring diagram for the PERISPHERA -H.

I do not understand the difference between the diagram for "Stimulation of the PR & PC double channel (B)" and "Stimulation asymmetric PCR+PCL double channel (C)". It looks the same to me! I want to use the "C" wiring. I understand connecting black to black and red to red... but which black and which red?


Daisy Millett
I am looking for a non-nickel probe with dual control as I have one side with less sensation than the other. I like to use my Kegel8 standing up - I have a retroverted uterus and find I get better connection to the muscle when standing. I see this probe is recommended to be used lying down. Is this the case for everyone or would it be worth my trying it? I am put off trying the Perisize as there seem to be a lot of issues with it being fragile and breaking easily.
Hi Again
I have just got the Perisphera probe today and used it for the first time. It may be my imagination or that I have stronger muscles than I used to but the contractions don't feel as strong as they did with the Perisize.
I notice that the probe is alot smaller and narrower.

Can you advise? The support for these products is terrific BTW !

Just received the perisphera H and I'mm struggling to figure out the difference between diagram B & C. The wiring looks the same?
Perisphera-h. I have overactive bladder and pelvic floor weakness leaking continually now on vericare medication. I am planning on purchasing the ultra and I would like an extra probe , which one would you recommend for my particular issues thanks sally
I have had a kegel 8 ultra for a few years now. Is this latest one any better?
can I use the one lead wire I already have and just purchase one other as I notice that the advert says you need two and how do two lead wires connect to the output connection on my kegel 8 as there is only one jack plug hole thanks
Hi, I just received this probe (BEAC Med Perisphera), but the directions I received (the same as can be downloaded on the site) do not seem very clear to me as to how I should best use it. For instance, how far should it go in? Also, it doesn't seem like all four parts of the probe are working. I have it plugged in with two sets of lead wires to both A and B channels. Am I doing that right? Thanks, Sher
hi there,
So I im 21 and have had many vaginal issues with my PCOS and endromitois ( sorry for spelling) causing me to have hormone trouble but i didn't know this at the time, I bought the Kegel8 Ultra Plus Electronic Pelvic Toner that i still have now and was using it for at least 6-7 months with no change to my problem of looseness I didn't know why this probe and machine was helping me until i discovered i had a hormone imbalance causing my inside wall to become flat making it feel loser and there was no cushion or support,
So now i have my hormones under control i have become a lot more tighter myself as a normal women but not near to what i was and doing normal kegeals but I'm still having issues getting back to the old me due to incontence issues and bladder problems, So I've bought this probe to to use and i would like to know what setting is best to use for 2 times a day to increase the tightness and help with leakage i would really be great full to hear back from you :)
Should I be using gel with this probe & I think I read it should only be used for 60 uses - should I replace it after this & should I be using it just once a day?


I am using my kegel8 ultra20 every day as a desperate attempt to improve my prolapse symptoms. Was horrified and distressed to realise I had a prolapsed uterus (prob grade 1-2) at the age of 34 and finding it hard to come to terms with. I have been using the machine for about 2 weeks and find that my symptoms are worse however I understand that it can be quite normal to get worse before getting better. I just wondered would the perisphera H be a better probe to use? Also is it ok to do the relax programme 20 after programme 14 or is this too much too soon. I'd appreciate any advice as I am so desperate for this to work and despite asking my gp to refer me to a specialist in this area I have not yet received an appointment. I feel like my body is broken and that I have become old before my time.

Many thanks
There doesn't seem to be much sensation from this product, I have to have it set 85/90 on both channels, which seems very high to me. I have changed batteries but it makes no difference. Could you please tell me if that is normal?
I have this been using this probe for nearly a week, it is so difficult to remove, I am using enough lub, and the prob is quite slim, it's like the viginal wall are being sucked between the gaps, this is the only reason I can think of, I ordered this probe because the one I usually use was not and still is not on your site, never had this trouble before, ?
Does this probe have to be inserted in a particular way?
As some are hip to hip etc...
Also, which would be more intensive/effective?...Perisphera H or Perisize Nickel Free?
Finally, do either probes come with leads?...I have the Kegal 8 Ultra 20 unit...
Thankyou Sue
I have just purchased this probe as a replacement for the now discontinued perisize and the first difference seems to be that that you need to use it lying down, I used to use the other probe whilst standing or walking around, was this wrong?

I have a rectocele and I suspect my bladder Is not quite where it should be, sex is initially uncomfortable, as though my bladder is in the way but no leaks?? What I'd like to know is if this probe is more effective than the old perisize and also which way round it should be used?

I've also noticed that you keep recommending the new Kegal 20 as the better trainer, I have been using PO2 and PO9 on the Kegal Vitality trainer, should I replace my trainer or what are the best programs for me to use with the new probe?

Hope I've made sense and sorry it's so long.


Hi, I have dystinic cerebel palsy which i has given me very poor pelvic floor muscles, it is also affecting my bowel as well I have also had 3 children. I have tried other exercisers where you add weights but cannot get them to build up and is affecting my sexual life too as I cannot feel properly any more. What would be the best and cheapest devise to use to achieve great results.
Is there any monthly payment plans I could set up with you as we are on low income? But just need help.
U have just emailed you to ask do I need to purchase a second set of lead wires for my new probe, having read through I realise the answer is yes! my fault entirely, but was wondering could second set be added to original order so I don't have to pay p&p twice please?
Kind Regards, Donna
I am really interested in purchasing the new BEAC Med Perisphera H Perineal Probe, however, could you please answer a few questions I have about it?
1. Could you tell me if it is recommended for a prolapse (grade 2/3).
2. Is it correct that it should be used lying down.
3. Should I still use programmes 03 and 15 with it?
4. Which mA should I use it on?
Thank you so much,
I am about to order thePerisphera H Perineal Probe along with the Kegel 8 20, do I need extra wires? Or need anything else, I will order the lubricant etc. many thanks
Is the new probe for anus as well as vagina?

I still cannot get through to you to order things?
Hi I purchased the keel 8 ultra sometime ago and I must admit I hadn't used it much after purchasing it. I regularly get newsletters from kegel8 and saw that the perennial probe was getting some good reviews. I eventually did purchase it. My question is I recently had a pelvic floor ultrasound where they grade your pelvic floor muscle and it was discovered that I have a very weak pelvic floor ( to be honest I do have trouble finding it myself) I do suffer from stress incontinence and have also noticed my orgasams are basically non existent while my husband doesn't say much I feel I'm losing it and as we've always enjoyed an active sex life I really do have to get it back for my own satisfaction. My Physiotherapist has recomended I use the wave brilliance machine which is just sitting on a chair and magnetic waves stimulate the muscles. I'm using that 3 times a week and possibly having 20 sessions. Can I use the probe as well as the chair and if so what programme would you suggest and at what rate? I did also find the instructions for the probe not very informative and would like a better explanation on its use.insertion at what angle etc. I think the wider section is to be inserted to the top? How many times per week would you suggest? I have also noticed you have the Ultra 20 available but I've hardly used the ultra so would not go to that expense as yet, the ultra should be doing the same thing shouldn't it? With that probe!
Please advise. Hope it all makes sense Paula Western Australia

Please advise ASAP
I have recently purchased the kegel8 toner and have been using it for about a week and I'm not 100% certain but I think I may be mildly allergic to nickel. So I have been considering getting a nickel-free probe. I purely just want a stronger pelvic floor as I tend to leak when I jump on a trampoline etc.. Can u recommend an all round probe for me?

how do you know when you have to replace a probe please?
Hi I wanted to know how far you insert the probe ? Is it as far as it will go ?
This probe looked like a great design concept, but in reality, it has two major flaws. First, it feels a little like sharp pinching, and I can't turn the pulse up nearly as high as I do with the standard style probe. Second, it is quite painful to remove. It feels as if it is suctioned inside and as though it is possibly causing damage when trying to remove it. I am using a lower setting (21 to 23) and lubrication (which is quite a challenge to apply to this probe without making a mess however quite necessary because removal is so difficult) as well as inserting it the proper depth. I am unable to even make myself try it anymore due to the discomfort. Other reviewers aren't reporting these issues, so do you have any suggestions that might make this usable, or should I just discontinue use?
I have just purchased the Perisphera H probe and a set of lead wires, have just noticed it says I require 2 sets of lead wires, do I need to purchase a second set? this is for a kegal tight and tone. Thank you,
Regards, Donna
Hi Fiona Just read your message. That would probably also explain the lack of power in the probe too. Please send me whatever you would recommend as a replacement. . Where do I give my details to? Thanks so much again for your continued support.

I wondered if this new probe is any good when I already have a prolapse
I purchased the Perisphera probe a couple of months ago, looking for a probe that would give me a stronger work out. Unfortunetly for me this probe just does not seem to be living up to the great reviews. Occasionally I will feel a strong contraction but generally this is only if I am gently pulling down on the probe. More often than not the contractions feel barely noticeable. I have tried additional lubricant, changing the location (using it as low as possible) and using it lying down, with knees raised etc. but still no luck!

Advice would be greatly appreciated!
I have had a kegel 8 ultra machine with the added vitality setting which you programmed in yourself off of a piece of paper. I have lost that piece of paper and cannot remember whether the programme is on pc02 or pc03 of my machine. Any way I can find this out. Also I have only really started using this machine more regularly since July for leakage when exercising but I am not noticing too much improvement. I use programme 3 and 4 which are both for stress incontinence and have bought the perisphera H probe. Is my machine to old and outdated or am I expecting too much? I really want to use the vitality setting too but feel I need to get the bladder leaking under control first. Any advice would be appreciated.