Osalis Vitamin D3 10,000 IU

Osalis Vitamin D3 10,000 IU

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  • Super strength 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 - 80% are deficient in Vitamin D3, it affects our pelvic floor muscles and low levels are associated with an overactive bladder & female sexual dysfunction.
  • 'The Sunshine Vitamin' increases muscle and bone strength for a healthier pelvic floor & enhances Kegel exercises for optimum results. May help male fertility, increased Vitamin D linked to reduction in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate.
  • Vitamin D3 is essential for a healthy immune system, reported to protect against many respiratory illnesses/infections, including COVID-19, low Vit D3 clinically linked with bladder cancer.
  • Vit D3 deficiency associated with increased urinary tract infections in both adults & children
  • Quality checked ingredients, Produced and packaged by Osalis® for Kegel8 here in the UK

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Vitamin D deficiency has long been clinically associated with impaired muscle strength and loss of muscle mass. Clinicians know that lowered vitamin D3 levels can lead to many types of pelvic floor disorder, such as urinary and or faecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Osalis Vitamin D3 10,00IU is designed to enhance the results of Kegel exercises and, combined with 12 weeks of concerted pelvic floor exercise, you’ll be amazed at the results! This top quality high-dose is 10,000 IU the Vitamin D3 supplement is formulated specially for Kegel8 ensuring only the best quality ingredients in a fully inspected and certificated production facility. There is a 3 month supply of D3 supplement in each pot, and to help you take advantage of the benefits of Vitamin D3 for your pelvic floor muscles! The easy to swallow soft gel capsule has sunflower oil with the D3 – that’s because it is a fat soluble vitamin and if you take Vitamin D3 on it’s own without fat the body is unable to absorb it.


Customer Reviews

Product Rating
Good product
Review by Carrie
This Vitamin D3 is good because it is with an oil in capsule - Vit D is fat soluble so must be taken with some fat for it to be absorbed. I only found this out after I bought another variety and my Vit D levels did not improve, my body couldn't utilise it, so I basically wasted my money - how many others do this and don't even know. I was recommended this to help wit my overactive bladder and muscle strengthening. I am on my 2nd pot do 5 months in and very happy to buy more. I've been using this in conjunction with my Kegel8 to strengthen and stop weeing all the time so it is difficult to attribute it to one particular thing - but I feel brilliant and in control of my bladder so that is a result. I dont want to go back to how I was that's for sure.
Product Rating
Good value Vit D3 - ...
Review by Joanne L
Good value Vit D3 - I’m a big fan and buy 3 but pay for 2. Good offer and a food quality vitamin.
Product Rating
Easy to take/swallow, small pearls
Review by Fran, Glasgow.
`NIce small 'pearls' to take, I previously purchased D3 from Holland and Barrett and they were huge pills that I had to cut in half, even then I could hardly swallow them. These are small and go down a treat and the right iU for my needs.
Product Rating
Great vitamin- TAKE IT!
Review by SummerMoon
It wasn't until I read some of the clinical papers that it started to dawn on me the relevance of this vitamin, and possible causation with my continued pelvic floor weakness and associated pelvic floor problems. I work as a health researcher so I should know know these things, but a prolapse following the birth of my daughter felled me. I am working hard to rebuild my pelvic floor - literally. This and the collagen supplement and kegel8 exercises have had a dramatic improvement, together with me losing my baby weight. I have changed my exercise routine and I now do more low intensity, and at last I am hopeful to getting complete 'back to normal' whatever that means with a 16 month old!
Thank you kegel8, you put the understanding back into my body.
Product Rating
Great D3 and advice
Review by RunnersWoman
I practically begged my GP to give me a Vitamin D test but he wouldn't have it, I paid privately and found that my levels were rock-bottom. I supplemented with Vitamin D3 and I feel so much better, I retested my Vitamin D levels last month and I was at a healthy level (so the test said). I suffer with SAD (seasonal affected disorder) so I know how it affects me. I use this and the D3 minty mouth spray, which is nice tasting. I have bladder and bowel prolapses, and I am keen to avoid surgery, I make sure my family supplements with D3 too. I'm also taking Magnesium as I have constipation from the rectal prolapse and d-mannose because I get regular bladder infections as a result of the bladder prolapse. I am using a kegal8 and I can feel an improvement after 3 months. I cannot thanks kegal8 enough for this information, if I hadn't found this website I think my uterus would be falling right out by now.
Product Rating
vitamin d3
Review by Gaynor64
Couldn't wait to get started so I've only been taking the supplement a few days . I am a big believer in taking vitamin supplements to help keep your body in the best possible condition. difficult in rating the product in such a short space of time. I'm hopeful.

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