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Kegel8 Tight & Tone Electronic Pelvic Toner


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  1. Electronic Pelvic Toner strengthens weak pelvic floor muscles automatically with targeted precise exercises
  2. Easy to use Kegel8 gives you fast noticeable results within weeks
  3. Clinically based programmes take the guess work out of exercising and deliver effective results
  4. Pre-set programmes for incontinence, pelvic strengthening, pain and postpartum give you the treatment you need
  5. Restores pelvic muscles even if they are too weak to do traditional 'squeeze and release' kegel exercises

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We should all do our kegel exercises (not just after babies!) but it's not always as easy as that is it? We can't 'see' our pelvic floor muscles so we tend to ignore them until they let us down. How do you know all is not well 'down there'? We don't need to tell you of the accidental wet knickers, numerous loo visits, and loose feeling during love making - it's the one secret that women just don't share. So here's the deal - you can 'pad' the problem and it will slowly get worse - after all smelly urine leaks are a sign that your pelvic floor is crying out for attention! Or you can make the change now and commit to a simple home exercise plan that will take just 12 weeks, and rehabilitate and strengthen your pelvic floor like thousands of other happy Kegel8 users. That is one secret you will want to share with your friends!

How Can The Tight & Tone Help You?

A strong & healthy pelvic floor will keep your bladder & bowels supported and working properly.

Weak pelvic floor muscles become thin - they literally 'wither' away. When they sag and lose their elasticity that's when we 'have accidents' (wee, poo and wind) and the zing is lost from our bedroom! So if this is sounding familiar to you, we can assure you that you have come to right place and we will help you to get back into shape 'down there' with the minimum of fuss, quickly and easily.

Weak Pelvic Floor

Weak pelvic floor muscles - Kegel8 can help
  • Laughter Leaks
  • Stubborn 'Pot Belly'
  • Loss of Sensation
  • Lack-Lustre Love Life

Strong Pelvic Floor

Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles - Kegel8
  • In Control
  • Flatter Tummy
  • Strong Vaginal Walls
  • Great Sex Life – for you both!

Pelvic Floor Weakness & Leaks

Neither medication nor 'pads' will resolve your problem and no, it isn't an inevitable part of ageing! Kegel8 Tight and Tone will not only boost your pelvic floor it will boost your self-esteem too so the quicker you get started the quicker you'll be able to get on with your life without 'toilet' worries.

With Kegel8 Tight & Tone you'll be laughing all the way to the trampoline - leak free of course!

38% of young active women suffer from leaks
Dr. Dawn Harper

If you're not exercising you could become incontinent & the problem could get steadily worse... The good news is that if you do exercise regularly you can prevent it."

Dr. Dawn Harper

Flat Tummy

Have you noticed that your tummy isn't as flat and toned as it used to be? There is a direct correlation between a weak pelvic floor and a bulging tummy - not to mention lower back pain too. Simply put, it means your pelvic floor is not supporting as it should. Sit-ups and 'crunches' should be a no-no if your pelvic floor is weak (because of the danger of prolapse & further damage) so what is a woman to do? Kegel8 of course!

"One of the enormous advantages I've found is I have a flattened stomach and I put it all down to the product (Kegel8)."

Review by Judy

A Strong Pelvic Floor For Life

We don't want to scare you, but you need to know the truth. Ignoring the signs of a weak pelvic floor means you are facing:

  • bladder weakness
  • incontinence
  • faecal incontinence
  • prolapse
  • sexual dysfunction

Currently 1 in every 2 women aged 50 will prolapse (pelvic organs dropping down out of place) and 1 in 5 women will have a hysterectomy (average age 35 - 55 years). Kegel8 takes the stress out of kegel exercises and we guarantee you'll never regret taking control and getting your pelvic floor strong again.

Pelvic Pain

Reaching for a pain killer or Paracetamol may not be the best thing to do if you have pelvic pain. Many painkillers can be frighteningly addictive and what's more they make you constipated too. Constant straining on the loo is very detrimental to your pelvic floor so how can you avoid this vicious circle?

Kegel8 has a solution - with our 'Pain Relief' programme the Tight & Tone will help to block the pain signals being sent to your brain AND relax the muscles so they don't become locked in spasm. By using a Kegel8 Tight & Tone directly where it is needed means that you are treating the area of pain directly, not numbing your entire body.

Increased Sexual Sensation

'You've lost that loving feeling' says the song, and if you have a weak pelvic floor chances are you are silently nodding in agreement. You won't tell your partner, and your partner certainly won't want to tell you that he's not getting the same sensation anymore. When our muscles are loose and weakened, nothing feels the same making orgasm and sensation sometimes elusive. However with just a few weeks of Kegel8 the flames of passion can burn brightly once again - for you both.

"I have used this daily and the improvements are now noticeable to my partner!."

Review by Hertfordshire

How Does The Kegel8 Pelvic Toner Work?

Together We'll Make Your Pelvic Floor Strong Again

Silently, and unrelentingly the Kegel8 will coax weak pelvic floor muscles back to life again. Using neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and electrical nerve stimulation (STIM) it sends electrical pulses deep into the muscles via the neatly shaped vaginal probe. The pulses stimulate your muscles to contract building strength and tone, improving circulation and reinvigorating your entire pelvic area. It's the easiest exercise you'll ever do, you'll accurately target the right muscles more efficiently too because with Kegel8 you work 90% of the pelvic floor muscles, whereas manual 'Kegel' exercises only work 40%. Your body is crying out for Kegel8!

40% of pelvic Floor Stimulated - Manual
90% of pelvic Floor Stimulated - Kegel8
Dr Chris Steele

"The probe stimulates the muscles - the right muscles in the right way"

Dr Chris Steele

What Does It Feel Like?

Gentle and comfortable the Kegel8 Tight & Tone allows you to control the level of intensity you feel when exercising. From a gentle 'fluttering' in the muscle to a stronger contraction you are in control every step of the way. Throughout a programme the machine will contract and relax the muscles for a thoroughly effective pelvic floor workout. The Tight & Tone is a 'boot camp' for your kegel muscles, without the effort!

"I certainly feel the muscle contract and release and it is in no way painful."

Review by keylimepie

What you get

Kegel8 Tight & Tone
  • Controller:
    With 9 Clinically Proven Pelvic Exercise Programmes including a blend of exercising, stimulating and pain relief treatments for you to use in the privacy of your own home.

    Also included are 3 customisable programmes because some Physiotherapists like to customise treatment programmes for their patients.
Kegel8 Tight & Tone
  • Comfort Probe:
    A lightweight vaginal probe ergonomically shaped for easy insertion, comfort and effective pelvic muscle strengthening.

    The tapered shape of this probe means it sits comfortably inside the vagina whilst maintaining optimum connectivity with the muscle bed to ensure every contraction your Kegel8 delivers, counts.


  • Pelvic Floor Workout - Tone up your Pelvic Floor with a specialised workout.
  • Improve Intimate Sensation - A programme designed to improve intimacy.
  • Incontinence - A wide range of programmes targeting the main causes of incontinence.
  • Specialist Workouts - Relaxation is key, especially if you're in pain. Kegel8 gets your pelvic floor functioning correctly.
  • Custom Programmes - Save your own workouts in the device memory.
Kegel8 Tight & Tone Plus Programmes

Medically Certified

The Kegel8 Tight & Tone uses clinically proven treatment programmes for strengthening and treating various forms of bladder weakness from stress to urge incontinence. In just 12 weeks you will be amazed at how effective this home treatment can be. Please remember do not ignore your symptoms because they will not get better without your intervention. Every journey starts with a step - and with Kegel8 you are one step closer to regaining sensation and control of your pelvic floor.

Kegel8 is Medically Certified

What you could save

Save money with Kegel8

Who shouldn't use the Kegel8 Tight & Tone?

You are pregnant*

After you've welcomed your new arrival, the Kegel8 Tight & Tone will be there get you back into shape. But, be sure to wait until after your 6 week check-up.

You have a pacemaker*

It is possible that the Kegel8 Tight & Tone may not interfere with your specific pacemaker. However, please discuss with your healthcare provider before using.

You have a form of pelvic cancer*

An alternative option is to use the Kegel8 Trainer. It builds strength and tone in the pelvic floor, without the use of NMES.

*Unless advised to do so and under medical supervision

Kegel8 Made in Britain

Invented, designed and proudly manufactured in Great Britain to ensure the highest quality and safety for all your medical needs.

Delivery & Returns

Fast delivery and FREE returns if you’re not delighted with your purchase from Kegel8

Royal Mail fast and discreet delivery or UPS for Next Day Express delivery

Expert Advice – our Kegel8 Customer Service Team is on hand to help you 8.00am - 6.00pm GMT, Monday to Friday and 10.00am - 3.00pm GMT, Saturday.

Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 9470
Programmes 9 Pre-set | 3 Customisable
Brand Kegel8
Recommended For All Urinary Incontinence
Light Bladder Weakness
Weak Pelvic Floor
Tighten & improve intimate sensation
New mums
Can be used with Vaginal probe | Anal probe | Kegel8 Klean | KE Gel
Included Contents Tight & Tone controller | 9v battery | Comfort probe | Lead wire | Instructions.
Certification CE | Grade IIa Medical Device | ISO9001-2000 | ISO13485-2003
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Extended Warranty Available
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual (English)
Form Waveform: Asymmetrical rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC current.
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thoroughly recommended Review by shy customer
Product Rating
This is a long and very honest review.

I have always done pelvic floor exercises, before during and after pregnancy and I felt confident that I was looking after myself. So when I started to leak urine after my third baby I was horrified and mystified. I was brave and spoke to my doctor about it but was just told to do PFE which infuriated me as I was already doing them! I tried cones and ben wa balls but made almost no progress: at a certain point of quite a low weight, they just slipped out. And the leaking got steadily worse to the point that sometimes just standing up produced a dribble. I felt devastated, and pretty helpless: I had done PFEs, I'd sought medical advice, I had investigated and been diligent with trying additional methods of help and I was just getting worse.

I was down an internet wormhole one night and came across Kegel8. I'll be honest, I wasn't convinced it would work and £100 was and is a lot of money to me but I'm young and the thought of a lifetime of worsening incontinence was terrifying. Basically I was desperate so I bought the Tight and Tone. I started using it the day I got it, programme 3 twice a day, with programme 8 once or twice a week. I started on 30MA but was up to 90MA very quickly. Within a fortnight, the urine leaks were just gone. I also noticed that I was going to the loo a lot less; I thought I just had stress incontinence but clearly I was beginning with urge incontinence as well. Now I can last hours between wees and I can cough, laugh, sneeze, dance and jump and remain dry.

Since I had my children my periods have been really difficult: particularly over the first day or two I'd get an awful dragging feeling in my vagina and labia. I noticed from the first period after I started using the kegel8 that this dragging feeling was gone. Tampons which used to fall out as soon as I went for a wee, stayed in. During periods before using the machine I'd get up to 5 days of blood stained discharge and then start bleeding properly so that overall it felt like my period lasted for a fortnight. Since starting using the Tight and Tone, that discharge has stopped: I have a day of light bleeding, a heaver day, a few more light days and I'm done.

I didn't buy this machine to improve my quality of life around my periods and I had never linked these problems with pelvic floor strength, but I've done nothing else that's different so these positive changes can only be attributed to the kegel8 and my increased pelvic floor strength.

Within 2 months of using it I could definitely feel more strength in independent contractions. I've kept up with my usual PFEs - slow contractions for a count of ten, hold for ten, then using the lift analogy up three floors, down three floors ten times. In addition I began to feel that my vagina was very much tighter. Unfortunately I don't have a partner to confirm this for me! But as an example I noticed much less "cavern" type situation in the bath and although there might be a few dribbles of bath water from my vagina when I get dried, there's no massive gush of water half an hour later.

Towards the end of the twelve weeks I could feel significant contact between my finger and my vaginal walls and a definite squeeze if I contracted my muscles. This is a very positive change as prior to the kegel8 I could hardly feel a thing. I very much suspect I had some nerve damage from childbirth and consequently the messages just weren't getting through to the muscles. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't achieve the level of contraction that I can now I've been using this machine. I'm past the recommended initial 12 weeks but I'm continuing to use it daily as I feel that I still have room for improvement.

Overall the Tight and Tone has radically improved my quality of life both in terms of my continence and my periods. I was cautious about spending so much money but I can heartily recommend buying one. I feel empowered and in control of my health and wellbeing and would like to thank the company for producing such an effective and accessible piece of equipment. I would now not be without it. Thank you so much. (Posted on 16 August 2016)
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Fantastic Product Review by Angela
Product Rating
I've been doing professional ballet classes for the past 10 years after a 15 year break, so I have very strong stomach muscles. However even ensuring I didn't have anything to drink a couple of hours before classes and emptying my bladder I still had to wear a pad due to 'leakages. In the mornings when I woke up in the morning and had to empty my bladder...well let's just say it wasn't always pretty! I bought kegel 8 six months ago and used religiously every night. After the 1st week I could then ramp it up to the max setting for 20 mins as prior to that it made my toes curl! Now, no more pads in ballet, never having to stop in the street and 'brace' if I was about to sneeze to stop wetting my pants. I wish this had been on the market years ago. It's fantastic and it works. I've recommended to friends and sisters who've suffered since childbirth. You DO have to keep using it though. As the saying goes...Use it or lose it! I even joined my nieces on a trampoline last month....a year ago that would never have happened as I 'd know the consequences. The best £100 ever spent and thank you Kegel. (Posted on 20 August 2014)
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great product Review by cozg
Product Rating
I am 46 and have noticed over the last 4 years that my bladder control has got steadily weaker: urine leak when coughing, laughing, not being able to hang on to go to the loo, sex being a bit uncomfortable in some positions, having to wear a pad all the time- just in case!. Have tried pelvic floor exercises during this time but they seem to have stopped having an effect. It came to a head when I spoke to my doctor who couldnt offer me any help and was very negative about having surgery. I went away feeling very fed up with the situation and decided to see what I could do myself. I must admit I was very skeptical about the kegel 8 especially with how much it cost but was desperate to try anything!
I have used it about 2 weeks on a 20min programme once a day. I wasnt quite sure what to do at first and rang the helpline - the woman was really helpful and explained that you have to put up the pulse as high as you can bear it so mine is set around 33 at the minute. She also suggested doing the one hour workout a couple of times a week. I lie on the bed and watch tv at night so its quite easy to find the time.
The amazing thing is...IT IS WORKING!!!!! In 2 weeks I can now hang on much longer to go to the loo- have had no leaks- stopped wearing pads. Sex is more comfortable and it feels like my cervix has kind of pulled back up. It really is incredible. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this product which I would not have believed works!! (Posted on 30 August 2011)
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4 weeks and very happy Review by Jo
Product Rating
I bought this device early March . After having 4 babies & reaching middle age my problems developed gradually. I like to go to the gym & regularly felt I could not focus on my class because I was busy worrying about leaking . 4 weeks in & I'm thrilled with the results already . Some days I use it twice , some once , usually when watching TV .I can honestly say it's changed my life . No more leaks while exercising or running along with the dog . I use programs 3 , 8 & 9 . After 12 weeks I will continue to use it 3 times a week or more if it's needed . Easy to use & good results I highly recommend this product . (Posted on 3 April 2015)
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Amazing sex Review by Robbo
Product Rating
Well I'm a healthy woman, I read about kegel exercising being good to improve your vaginal sensitivity and sex life so intrigued, decided to give this a try. It works. After using this for about 6 months, I started having vaginal orgasms so I would recommend to every woman... seriously, just get one! (Posted on 3 February 2012)
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So far so good! Review by SN
Product Rating
I have been using tight and tone for 2 weeks and can honestly say I have already noticed an improvement. I do a boxercise class weekly and always had to run to the loo half way through the class, last week I didn't! I managed to get through the entire one hour class. Can't wait to see the difference after 12 weeks!! (Posted on 28 April 2012)
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Tighter :-) Review by 21 YEAR OLD
Product Rating
I bought it as I wasn't tight and sex didn't feel great for me... So 4 weeks in I definitely feel tighter(love it) my fella says I am well tighter.. he is probably benefiting more than me though as I was expecting sex to feel a lot better and it just feels the same as before I used my kegel :-/
I only bought this for the tightness and feeling so I cant comment on anything else but yeah I am sooo much tighter

I am going to wait until I have done the full 12 weeks and review again on the sensation for me (Posted on 24 September 2014)
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4th Review Review by Sam
Product Rating
I am nearly 10 weeks in and am now using the Perisize probe for the last week. This does seem to make a big difference. I can feel the strength of the contractions much more and I have found I can't always turn the machine up to 90 like I could before. The only criticism I have is that this probe is not as comfortable to use as the other one ( it pinches sometimes !) but it does stay in place much better when I am walking around. Frankly, for the difference that this device has made to my life a little discomfort is nothing.
I can now walk to and from work without leaks and can go without pads completely on most days at work. I have achieved this with Prog 3 mainly as it seems to be the one that has the most effect. When I get to 12 weeks what would happen if I just carried on with Prog 3? What would be the advantage of 8 or 9? Thanks for all your support. Sam

Dear Sam,
Great news, thank you for sharing your success. As a pointer may I suggest when you remove the perisize probe only use one side, otherwise it can pinch as you so rightly state, removing by holding only one side only will prevent any possible discomfort. After your 12 weeks, I would advise that you make sure you keep on with your Prog 3 because you have found it effective, once or twice a week. It is necessary to maintain the good work and strengthening that you have achieved so far because the pelvic floor muscles are 'use it or lose it' so if you don't exercise them, they will weaken again. We liken kegel exercises to teeth cleaning - if we stop brushing our teeth deteriorate (sadly our pelvic floors get ignored because we can't see them!). It would be great if you can introduce Prog 8 too - this is an overall workout and as there are many different muscles within the pelvic floor this helps to work a greater number - it all has a cumulative effect that will help to continue to strengthen and support your pelvic organs, keeping you in control of your bladder.
Thank you for sharing your feedback Sam - it is a great support to us here at Kegel8 and especially for other women who are maybe suffering just like you were. We can regain strength and control without surgery or medication and it is up to us to tell others!
Thank you!.
[email protected] (Posted on 29 May 2014)
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wow! Review by Con
Product Rating
This is a god send! I'm a 34 yr old woman with two children ages 4 and 5. I was experiencing neck pain and had noticed that my pelvic floor had really weakened since giving birth and no matter what exercise I did I count get that 'tight' feeling back. But the overall reason of purchase was sexual. I began to feel very insecure about how weak my muscles had got. I’m in the sports/medical field and was a little sceptical at first but I said I'd give it a go.. I saw results in the first 7 days. To say I'm delighted is an understatement an all around improvement and the neck is improving too (Posted on 1 July 2014)
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Not what i expected Review by jen
Product Rating
This was an expensive purchase for me that has been a total waste of money! I was unaware that there were so many different probes and that it would be so difficult to find the right one, i have tried another probe and i still find it difficult to keep in place, i most certainly will never have the time to sit or lie while doing the exercises and wanted a probe that would stay in place while i got on with the chores. Sadly i will not be able to afford to try another probe. Do your research carefully before you purchase this.
Customer service did try to be helpfull but it really is down to what works for you.

Dear Jen,
Thank you for your review, I am sorry that you found our choice of probes confusing. there are so many different varieties for different needs and we try and cater for all requirements. I am sorry you don't have time to sit or lie to keep the probe in place, I understand you might have a hectic life and little time to rest and you wanted to use the machine while walking or doing chores -. I am sure you will be able to do this when you have restored muscle control - perhaps you could use it first thing in the morning (set the alarm 1/2 hour earlier) or last thing at night whilst in bed? If your pelvic floor weakness continues then you could face a possible prolapse and surgery - all of which I am sure you want to avoid. Please do not let your purchase go to waste, for women who find the probe difficult to retain we recommend a tight pair of sloggies or control undies to help keep the probe where it should be. When your pelvic floor strengthens up you will be able to exercise on the move and the investment in your pelvic floor will reap its rewards.
Here to help
Customer Care team (Posted on 15 November 2014)
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Product Questions

During my pregnancy I started to feel really bad back pain and pelvic pain. I was sent to do phisio it never helped at all so went back after giving birth - still no help. I was told the muscle in my back was too weak and I need to strengthen my back so they sent me to palate - still no luck. I now have a saggy belly and can't do sit ups because of the pain and now I find my self wetting the bed and during the day I am running to the loo. My sex life is going no where as I'm afraid to sleep with my partner because I don't want him to know I wet the bed. I just don't feel sexy anymore .On top of all to that my baby was a still birth nothing is going my way. Please help me does your product really work and which one do you recommend.
im really looking into getting a kegel8 but im not sure which one i should get between tight & tone vs the ultra20.
which one is better regarding vaginal tightening (not the surgery)?
how well would you say these products work for tightening? i like the fact that the ultra has 20 set programs and gold contact probe but im not sure if it would be the same as buying the tight and tone.
which one has the ''faster'' results in your opinion? and longest lasting results?
if i do decide to get the vaginal tightening surgery,which one be recommended during and/or after recovery?
thanks in advance.
Hi I suffer from urge incontinence and I have never used any of your products.
I have been doing pelvic floor exercises myself but I feel I am not having much success as I don't know if I am tightening and squeezing the right muscles.
What level should I start with and is it easy to use. Will the machine tell me if I am tightening the correct muscles.
Thank you
I have had 4 children and both my husband and I can't feel anything when we make love. Please help! I am 34 and we have had a great love life but it seems to have gone a bit pear-shaped. S
Hi I wonder if you could help me please. Im a 26 year old mum of 5 kids and 3 of my children were delivered naturally. Although I love my kids dearly it has put a big strain on my muscles and I feel that I need to do something about them but I don't know what product would be best to use and for how long. This is really important to me because I split up with my husband at the end of last year and feel that this was one of the main issues that were not resolved. I feel extremely loose during intercourse and don't want it to affect any relationship in the future. I have been trying to do my own pelvic floor exercises although these don't seem to be working. please can you give me some advice as to what I can do. thank you.
I have been diagnosed with a rectocele after a very swift delivery of my baby. I have tried manual exercises which have helped but I'm not sure I'm doing them properly as I get pain when I sit down (not in my bum but more like my coccyx). Which product would you suggest for me?
Need a little help and what to use as I did get the cones but not really doing much? I do leak and my main concern is if I sleep any longer than 5 hours my pyjamas are slightly damp and when I stand up I feel I have no control , I need some help in what to buy. Thanks

Could you advise me on what kegal8 would suit me best, I'm in my early 20's and have an 18 month old son, I don't have any problems with leaking or holding in a wee etc. (sorry tmi) and pretty sure I have no signs of prolapse but I do feel a lack of sensation and "tightness" during sex and I'm sure my partner must do to (although he has never told me this). Admittedly I've been quite lazy with my kegal excercises since giving birth but I don't find them too hard or frustrating when I do actually get round to doing them like I've heard others say. Would the tighten an tone be sufficient enough for me or would you reccomend something else

I had a traumatic birth which resulted in a severe 3rd degree tear. I'm 3 weeks post partum today and my stitches have now dissolved. I can't feel my pelvic floor anymore. Which product would be most suitable and can I use it this quick after stitches?
There are so many different Kegel8s which one would you recommend for tightening the vagina

I need help deciding which machine as I don't have much money but would like the best machine that will help with Me and my boyfriend. He is very small down there and I can hardly grip his penis and he can barely feel me. I'm 30 years old , no kids, no problem with leaking. I just want something to make my grip tighter. I was thinking the tight and tone but I heard it doesn't have the right mA levels to tighten to be able to grip small penis. Please help me. I want to order asap. Thanks in advance..
Hi there, just bought the kegel8 ultra 20, i'm just wondering how long do I stay on one programme. For instance I received it yesterday read through it but it seems a lot of information to take in. I know I need it, after 3 children, leaking when I laugh, cough, sneeze and also some loss of sensation during intercourse. I did the sensitivity test, no problem, how often do I need to do this programme, later in the evening I did the po2 for half an hour but the display showed a 1 hour countdown but I stopped halfway, not sure if that was ok. How long as in days or weeks do I need to stay on certain levels? I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks, Dora
I have a Kegel8 tight and tone plus. Ive been using it for 4 days and found that the second time I used it there was a slight trace of blood on the probe when I removed it. I havent had any more blood since but I do have a tummy ache rather like a period pain although I have no discomfort using the machine . Is this normal or should I stop using it for a while
I am elderly and in the past year have a prolapse problem. I have had three pessaries fitted but the last one has caused a discharge so I have now removed it and the discharge seems to have now disappeared.
I have seen a consultant at the local hospital who advised an operation...but as I do not want to go down that path.{age and after effects and care..also infection worries} I have now purchased your Tight and Tone Kegel8. My daughter and I found the book on instruction very frustrating and I have tried the machine only once so far as I don't think we have set up the programme correctly. I cannot feel anything much going on inside my vagina at all. I do want to persevere with the programme but am not very happy with the Kegek8 so far. Please advise. Janet.
I am 55 years old and had a Birch colposuspension in 2008 due to having bad stress incontinence, then had a hysterectomy in 2010 as I suffered a prolapse. I have now been diagnosed with a vaginal vault prolapse, and really don't want to have any more surgery. It is causing problems with peeing especially if I have a full bowel, and at the end of the day I'm aware of a slight bulge in my vagina. Would any of your products help me? Thanks
I'm suffering from diastasis recti after giving birth to my baby. May i know which product suit me most? thanks!
Dear Kegel8 advisor,
I have begun using a Kegel8 to alleviate stress incontinence. However, after a couple of days' use, I experienced bleeding - not just spotting but period-like flow, which lasted several days (NB my period was not due at this time). I stopped using the Kegel8 and then started again a couple of weeks later, but the same thing has happened.
What do you advise?
Many thanks.
I am in my sixties and have a very uncomfortable prolapse. Feel life is over because of it. What would you suggest. I am a widow.
I am a slim, fit and active 65 year old who has been diagnosed as having a" not too severe " anterior prolapse which causes me discomfort and restrains me from my usual pastimes of brisk walking and Country dancing and also affects my sex life. I have no incontinence issues. As soon as my problem became apparent, 2 months ago, I started to do pelvic floor exercises and think I notice a slight improvement but I am still not sure if I am targeting the correct muscles to help myself. What would you recommend ?
I bought a Tight and Tone unit (about 18 months ago now) and I've used it intermittently. I've tried to stick to using it everyday for 12 weeks but I've never managed to :-( I'm now determined to make the commitment and stick to using the unit for the recommended 12 weeks to see if I can have any improvement - I just wanted to check if I have the right equipment as, after reading other people's questions and answers, I'm not 100% sure...

I'm 32 years old and I don't have any urinary incontinence symptoms - I've exercised a lot (including long distance running) since having my child 4 years ago and I've never leaked then, or when I've sneezed or any other time. I do have frequency issues but I had these even before childbirth and I've been assured by a doctor that they're just due to the fact that I consume an abnormally large amount of fluids! And, even if I do need to go, I can hold it in for quite a while with no real problems. I can stop my urinary flow mid-flow, unless I've put off going to the toilet for a long time. I'm really just using the unit for increased pleasure and confidence during intimacy. I still have quite good sensation but I'm just a bit paranoid about feeling so much bigger, so would like to tone up. I've been assured that it's not a problem by my partner but I still don't really feel confident - to me I feel so much bigger.

Is the Tight and Tone a strong enough unit for me? I'm currently using the Periform Plus probe but had been thinking about buying the Perisphera H probe because I thought it might work the muscles all the way around - would this be an improvement?
Any advice would be much appreciated :-)
Hi which programme would be best to use for sexual stimulation and to stress incontinance
hi i am a mum of 4, and feel no sensation during intercourse, would any models help me or should i see a doctor?
Hi Again I just wanted to ask about a strange thing that happened today. I am 19 weeks into the programme now and the leakage is still very slight when I walk a distance which I would expect ( 26 years plus 3 kids etc) But today I have walked a short distance to my in laws and not briskly and got caught out by an unexpected and heavy ( for me ) leak . Can you suggest what might have caused this? I have been burning the candle at both ends a little lately and am quite tired if that may have affected me . Would be glad of any advice.

many thanks

I am aged 76yrs old and have tried just about most pelvic toners, the last one for 12 weeks. Whilst there is some improvement, I expected more. It seems to be a constant battle.I am looking at your tighten and tone product. Would this be the most effective for me? I work out twice a week but dependant on what I drink so it pours out!!
Would your products be effective at my age and also which would be the best? I look forward to your response. I have used your products in the past but I now need something more effective because I understand that surgery is not the answer. Valhew2
Why do they sell the probes seprate? Do they have yo be replaced regulary
I was interested to read that you recommend squats - Can you tell me a bit more about exactly what to do?

Hi I am unsure about which unit would be the most effective for me and would like your advice.
I am 46 and haven't reached menopause yet. My periods are regular and moderate. I have had 2 children, the last one was 9 years ago and weighed 9 llb 12. Since her birth I have suffered from urge incontinence. I don't leak when I sneeze etc but just get this overwhelming urge to go and then can't stop it. My sensations during sex for both myself and my partner are good. So it really is just the urge incontinence that I want to improve.
Thanks for your advice
I'm a new mum, and have another child who is 3. I wanted something that would tone up my pelvic floor enough to stop leaks and also to enhance my sexual pleasure.
Can you recommend a toner that does both?
I have the Tight and Tone with the standard probe but would be grateful for some advice about a new probe, particularly the one that plugs into both sides of the machine. . I am a person who prefers to walk around and get on with 'chores' while the machine is working as I rarely sit still unless I am asleep. I have also noticed ( after nearly 8 weeks of use) that I seem to be feeling the contractions less strongly. I wonder if this is because my muscles are getting stronger?
I have used the Kegel 8 for a couple of times. I have founnd it hard to put in deep enough and when I have removed the probe there has been a bit of blood on it. Is this normal?
I have ordered my kegal 8 tight & tone pelvic floor exerciser. How long are the exercises for and can u be mobile? Many thanks in advance :)
I am 67 years old and I have a bladder leak. I have to wear pads all day and now all night as well, and it seems to have got worse over the past 6 months, and is now beginning to smell. I do not have to rush to the toilet but I can sometimes feel it leaking from my bladder. As I am older than all your other comments, would this work for me?
I am now 15 weeks down the line and the improvement has been remarkable. I have mainly used prog 3 but have recently ( 1 week ago) begun to use prog 8 in the evenings.I don't have an hour spare in the mornings!
I am finding a small amount of leakage when I walk a long distance but it is now manageable. I no longer need pads during the day.
If I continue to use prog 3 every morning and prog 8 every night will this stop happening or is this as good as it gets?
I am 51 and have 3 children aged 25, 22 and 17 so I do understand that all those years of damage is not going to be undone quickly but if I persevere I would like to think that I could improve further.
I have just bought the kegel8 tight and tone. I have difficulty keeping the probe in place and do not have time to sit while using the programme...any suggestions?

Also if you have the machine running above 40 des that mean that your muscles are in a bad state or not too bad!?
Hi, I am 31 yrs old and have a 6 month old baby. I suffered a slight prolapse of the vaginal wall due to childbirth and a big baby. After a bout of physio, my wall is better but I still have a low cervix and v weak pelvic floor muscles. I am unsure of which product to buy and would very much appreciate some advice. Many thanks
I would just like to ask which machine to buy?? I am 31, mother to 4 children (all natural births, youngest is now 5). Since the birth of my youngest (he was my biggest) I have felt loose and have to cross my legs when I sneeze.
Could you also tell me about the exercises. Is it once a day or two? Do you have to lay down or sit...or even walk around? How long do you do them for? Thanks in advance. X
Hi, I'm 35 and had my first baby naturally a year ago. I had a third degree tear and my pelvic floor has never been the same,! I have to go to the loo more frequently, have leaks when i sneeze and cough and have to change my panty liner frequently. Please can you advise which of your products would best for me and how often I should use it? Thank you
Hi, can you let me know whether the Kegel8 Ultra 20 or the Kegel8 Vitality is better for improving intimate sensation? I don't have any problems with leaks or prolapse etc but after 4 kids, I would like things to feel tighter down there during intercourse! Many thanks
I had a total hysterectomy with an anterior and posterior repair six weeks ago, ( a mesh has been used to support everything) by keyhole surgery. Recovering well, but I am paranoid about suffering a prolapse again. I am scared to do anything that might cause this. I am doing my pelvic floor exercises religiously, but not sure that I am doing them correctly. Have to get up about three times during the night to pass urine, which leaves me exhausted the next day. Would I benefit from one of these machines, if so which one, and how soon would it be safe to use after my operation? I am 47
I am a 40 year old woman with 2 children ages 9 and 11. My husband cannot feel anything during sexual intercourse and it has been like this for 6 years. I have tried the pelvic toner but I am unable to do it as often as it requires. Can you please suggest what would be best for me,I don't want to keep on wasting money. Thanks
I now have the Perisize probe and I have more questions!
-The gold electrodes are flatter on one side than the other. Which side goes to the front/back?
-It definitely gives a stronger impulse but I can feel this at the front more. Does that mean it is in the wrong position?
-Also I have a Mirena coil fitted and am nervous about pulling it out when I squeeze the sides together to remove the probe . Could this happen? The probe does feel as though it goes in much deeper than the other one.

Thanks again
Please could you tell me if this is the machine I need, I often find that when I have a very full bladder I can start to urinate before I've made it to the toilet and cannot stop, I know I shouldn't leave it that long but sometimes it has happened (twice now) and also when I am in the toilet or near a tap I can almost start to wee before I manage to sit down, almost have to do a little dance! Also a small leak when sneezing, have to stop and clinch thighs. These are my only problems. Do I need to buy one of the top of the range models or will this one be fine for my needs?
Many thanks
Can the Kegel 8 be used after a third degree tear, if so how soon after ? Thanks.
I had my baby 3month ago and I feel that my vAgina a bit loose not like before I'm looking to buy the kegil 8 but I found so many names of it and different ones and I don't know witch one that I have to buy I wana use it to be tight like before and make feel my partner and me great plz can I have the answer to my email plz thank u
I am looking to purchase an electronic machine. I would like to know what size the probes will be as when I go for a smear I am told that I need the large one. Also as I am 47 and heading towards the menopause and would like to know If this will have a bearing on which one to choose. Right now I have noticed that I leak when I cough or sneeze.
Thank you
Hi again My perisize probe has snapped in half after alot of use but I cant see it on the website to get another. Do you still sell them or has this probe been replaced ?
I note that the Perisphera H probe requires extra leads and I am not sure which ones.Can you advise?

Many thanks

I'm 41 and have had 5 children ranging from 24-8. I have always had a weak bladder and have been tested at the hospital. I also had a blocked catheter after labour with my son (last) and my bladder was full to two and a half pints and bright red urine, it's not been great since.They say it's a weak uretha entrance and that my bladder gets over excited and contracts too often. I take Solcifin for this. I also have a minor vaginal prolapse which causes me no problems. I'm also fairly hyper mobile which I know can cause pelvic floor problems too. I eat well, sleep well and exercise ok. I wee immediately I have had anything to drink and don't drink if i know I'm not going near a toilet. Leakage when I cough. I'm losing a stone and a half at the moment. I also feel little vaginal sensation.

What should I buy and what programmes would you do!

Thank you
Can you use the Kegel8 Tight & Tone Elect while you are pregnant?
I am a youngish female and do not enjoy sex. I feel I am not tight down there anymore and sometimes when I sneeze I do wee a little bit. What set up would you recommend to start with? At the moment I would really like something to help me with my sex life by tightening up my muscles. Please help. There are so many products out there and I don't know what to choose. All on your questions are about inconsonance and I was hoping you could answer my question in regards to helping with sex.
Please help

I have been thinking of buying one of these but due to heavy periods I have the mirena coil will it be ok to use with this product
I am 54 and have leaking not extreme but have to wear a pad all the time. I take titanium tablets which help a lot but would love not to have tor rely on pads or tablets. Way advise can you give me on your products.
I'm a new mum to an 11 week old son and need to strengthen my pelvic floor. My GP says the problems I'm experiencing are due to my pelvic floor being overstretched.Will kegel 8 help resolve this?
Hi I'm 26 and a mother of 5 I recently purchased the kegal8 tight And tone in the hope to improve my sex life.. Tighten up as it were. Since reading various different things online I'm worried it's not going to give me the desired effects ?

I purchased your kegel 8 tight and tone around 4 years ago, maybe longer although I haven't used it much only sporadically now and again.

I had a c-section with my daughter 9 years ago and although I still felt tight I wanted to maintain pelvic floor health.

During the last year I have had less time to exercise so have gone from daily exercise to no exercise and I have noticed my pelvic floor weaken. I am now back at the gym and have started using the kegel 8 (religiously) every night. The problem I am having is that I have lost the manual and really have no idea which programme out of the 9 available is best suited to me improving tightness / sexual sensation?

At present, I am changing between programme 2, 7 and 8, however I would like to know which programmes would suit me best. As the machine is older, I'm not sure the comments reflect the machine in the questions and answers.

I also hope to upgrade to a newer version soon and would like advice on which to get (if needed) and which probes etc work best. I have no incontinence problems, simply want to be as tight as possible for sexual intimacy reasons.
Hi I am 50 years old and have been suffering with leakage especially at night for about 2 years. As you can imagine it's embarrassing. Can you advise me what machine I should buy. I am near the end of the menopause and haven't had a period for 18 months. Thanks
Which is the best one to tighten my () to increase my sexual pleasure?
Hi, I am wondering which product is best for me. I have had 3 kids and I frequently leak a bit of urine when excercising or sneezing, also I would like to improve my sex life. I can't see any difference between the products besides their names and prices, can you help me out please? Thanks
Hi I have got this in the questions box this time! I hope I am not being a pain but maybe my question will assist others? I have been using the Tight and Tone now for 7 weeks and have been very pleased with the results so far. I walk more than 5 miles a day and leakage has diminished greatly. So I was very disappointed tonight to find that on a slightly longer than usual walk I had leaked a lot more than I normally would in the evenings. I must add that it was not as much as BEFORE I started to use the machine but more than I would normally expect. It seems to be very unpredictable and I wondered if this is normal. I realise I am only halfway through the basic programme and there has definitely been a huge improvement. Can you advise? Thanks
I am 76 years old. Is this to old to use this product?
I purchased the Kegal8 year ago, plus the perizise, good at first, had a 2 week break, now back on Tenna Lady, in fact I never stopped using them, find the
kegal useless now, hence £150 worse off.
I will be 74 this month - have never had children and not had sex since my husband dies. Also - have never had sex since my husband died when I was in my early 50's. I am getting really worried about incontinence as I need to pee more frequently and it is usually urgent. Have needed to use panty liners but thinking of having to use thicker pads. I like walking but this has been spoiled as I can now only go short distances between places where I know I will find a toilet. Have been reading up on pelvic floor exercises but don't feel confident that I am doing them properly . The reviews for the Kegel8 Tight and Tone are really good and I am thinking of buying one. I am in quite good health otherwise (apart from arthritis which most folk of my age have.) I am wondering if the Tight and Tone would be the best one for me?
Hi, I am very interested in purchasing one of your systems, but would like a little advice, and questions answered please! I am in my late 30s and have had 3 children, last one 10 years ago, all natural births, but one of them was back to back. I have always since having the children known I have a weak pelvic floor, and certainly haven't been able to go on trampolines , had to be careful sneezing etc, but in the last 12 months I have really starting upping the exercise that I do, and I am mortified at the amount I leak. I always wear a pad now, whether running or aerobic exercise. I have been to the docs and have been referred, I just don't want to have an operation. I do manual pelvic floor exercise, but it is easy to forget to do them,I see this as a solution, but will it be, and what type of machine would I need? I don't think that my husband and I have problems with sensation "down there" , it is just the leaking thing. I went to a ball a few weeks ago, I didn't have any alcohol, but I tripped up, thank goodness as I was leaving, but the shock of the fall made me leak,loads, and I had just been to the toilet.
My other worry, is what this machine feels like when you use it. Will it feel like labour contractions or period pain. Sorry lots to ask, but it's a lot of money, yet not a lot if it solves it, and I am very very keen to get this sorted, even if it means using this for the rest of my life, I just don't want an operation.

Thank you
I have purchased a Kegel8 Tight and Tone. I had surgery two months ago for bowl prolapse how long will I have to wait before I can start using it.
I am 56 yrs old going through or just gone through the menopause. I have had prolapse problems in the past which appears to be reappearing again. I had surgery in 2001 I had what was called a "Manchester Repair and a Posterior Report. However, recently I have been suffering from urinary infections and I feel the prolapse is affecting me again. I am wondering what product, if any, you would recommend for me. Also I feel that I have no sexual sensation.
I would appreciate any help you can give me.
Hello there,

I have just had surgery for prolapse of the posterior and anterior walls of the vagina. I am now 7 weeks post-op. Prior to surgery I had months of working the pelvic floor muscles myself with help from a physiotherapist. I would like to purchase a Kegel 8. Which one, which accessories and when can I start since I've had surgery?
Thanks very much.
I wish to purchase a Kegel 8 but don't know which one to purchase. I have had anterior and posterior repairs but know the pelvic floor is weak. Since the surgery I have a little bowel incontinence and am told this is due to weak pelvis muscles. Thank you
I have had three children I'm in my twenties and I feel I need to tighten up as sensation is not what it was for both me and my partner.. What would you recommend would be best to tighten up and get sensation back???
I have had two prolapse operations and it looks like tyhey have not worked as they should. My only options now are mesh which I do not want as I do gym and play golf. After having two ops with this machine be any good and which one should I use please?
Hi I've just purchased the kegel 8 tight and tone, and am not sure I've purchased the right machine for me after reading some of these comments, I had a traumatic birth with my son 18months ago epesiotomy, vontose, forceps and a 9lbs baby have left me with 3 types of prolapses and I know feel really loose my physio has said it's only mild and that my pelvic floor is moderate but to me it's awful I've gone from being so tight I couldn't insert a tampon to having a windsock!!! I can cope with the prolapses as they don't cause me much discomfort it's the tightness I want back, my husband says it's looser,before I had my son if I squeezed my pelvic floor during sex it would force his penis out now when I do it he can feel it but no where near what it was before (sorry tmi!!!) please help!!! Thank you
I have used kegal 8 for the first time yesterday morning and then suffered stomach ach all that day and all that night would this be anythink to do with the kegal 8 or just coincidence
Hi I've been using the kegal 8 for a while and seen some good improvements but this last week I've noticed that I've leaked slightly when jumping this hasn't happened in a long time but j recently changed from program 8 and 9 to pc2 and I'm wondering if that might be the problem ? P9 is quite long 45 mins and I'm struggling to find the time so which program would be best for me ? I really want to tighnten up as I've had 5 children I don't have a prolapse and don't usually leak until recently
I usually use my kegal every night apart from when I'm on my period
So can u recommend which program for tightening and stress leaks please?
And also which machine is the best ??
Hi there, I am 60 years old and have been overweight and still am to a lesser degree. I had a great sex life for 26 years and then I started getting awful pelvic pain/vaginal pain. I noticed I was getting a little incontinent but wearing pads just wasn't an option as I am now so sensitive due to being diagnosed with Vulvodynia. However, just these last few weeks I have noticed that I am not just getting little leaks but quite significant ones. I have been doing Pilates for three years now. Could this machine help me? Goodness knows I don't want an operation if I can help it. I also thought it may help my pain?
Please advise, could you also tell me if vat can be reclaimed because I am on disability, many thanks Shirley. Ps I was retired through ill health and I have worked almost all of my working life.
Hi I have the kegel 8 tight n tone and I need a replacement probe
Which one is the best for making my sex life better?
Also which programmes are best for this ?
Many thanks
Hi. I bought the kegel 8 pel fit. Pelvic muscle exerciser. I have stress incontinence.. I'm 48 . Will I still get the benefits from this product I do have the product awhile. But with the tight and tone now available. Will I still get the same results with my pel fit.. Thanks.
I have bought the Tight and Tone and have been using it for 2 weeks. I am a little confused about which programme to use . I am 51 years old and leak when I run jump or sneeze- my eldest child is 25 and my youngest 18 so my pelvic floor has taken a hammering over a few years so I am not expecting miracles.
I have been using Prog 3 and Prog 8 but would like more info about what Prog 9 does and when to use it.
I never have time for Prog 8 in the mornings so I have been using 3 and then 8 in the evenings a couple of times a week. I would be grateful for your advice.
Many thanks
I am considering purchasing a kegal8 device and would be grateful if you could respond to my questions below to help me with my decision. Is the product effective in reducing night time visits to the loo? I noticed one review said the general programme lasted an hour, as I will probably need to use some of the other programmes as well please advise how long they are? Is the probe supplied with the product generally fit for purpose? If not what is the price range for the other probes & how would I know which one would suit? Looking forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards, Deborah
Please could you advise me on which unit to purchase. I am 44, I have had 3 children by natural birth, the last one being 9 years ago. Over the last 6-12 months, I have experienced stress incontinence when doing high impact exercises such as star jumps, and also jumping on trampoline. I also have urge incontinence. No menopausal symptoms yet.
Would the Tight and Tone be adequate?
Thanks very much
Hi.I would like to get some advice as to which product to buy. I am looking to buy it for a 72 year old who has a minor rectal prolapse/back passage protruding. She had an operation for a bladder prolapse about 8 years ago, where a mesh was used to hold the bladder in place. she currently experiences urine incontinance.
The bladder and bowel nurse she saw told her to do pelvic floor exercises but she thinks she is not doing them right as she doesn't feel much contraction.
Which product can she use if any, bearing in mind the mesh and some scarring from the op.
Many thanks
Does this item come in different sizes? Or does this fit all.
Thank you

I have bought the tight and tone product, but the instructions do not specify how you should be postioned whilst in a program or how many times a day you should use it to get the full benefit. Please can you advise

Hi I purchased this product last October, I fell pregnant a month later so I am only just using it now
I've been using it once a day for 8 weeks so far and have not seen any results
One side does not work the other I use on 80 is there any advise you can offer
Hi there from a completely stressed out woman. I had 4 children all natural deliveries and on and off over the years I have suffered with stress incontinence. I have always done pelvic floor exercises but I guess not 3 times a day every day. My youngest child is now 15 and i am 46. I am very active person and do a lot of exercise classes andhave just starting running. I love exercising but alas the stress incontinence is just taking all the good out of it for me. I'm miserable, i mostly exercise in the evening hence I have to be careful of my water intake during the day as if I've had even 2 glasses of water I'm a goner!!!!! Please help, I not sure what machine will be best for me, also wondering if I have slight pro lapse would this cause my labia to drop out more as this is another totally embarrassing problem. Distressed:(
I am 67 and am suffering from urinary stress incontinence which is presently being treated with a pessary combined with pelvic floor exercise. I feel that because of my age and weakening muscles (not just pelvic) I am looking to other ways to strengthen my pelvic muscles and wonder if the Kegel8 will be of benefit to me. Also being a pensioner, my budget is very tight. Can Kegel8 be got under the NHS? Please advise. thanks
I have a ring pessary fitted. Can I still use the Kegal8 or will it upset
the pessary?
I have been diagnosed with a prolapse and stress incontinence. ive looked at the tight and tone as money is an issue atm. is that sold as a complete thing or are additional parts required?
Hi, I had a baby six months ago,she was my third baby after an eleven year gap, and also the biggest at eight pounds five ounces! Been having trouble down below. It still feels like somethings about to fall out down there, been to the doctors and they say I have a slight prolapse, they just say "do your pelvic floor exercises ( their not bothered). What machine would you recommend? Would it help a prolapse?
I am 58yrs old, with stress incontinence and would like to buy a toner, with probe and biofeedback. I'd like to buy the one with the strongest potential output. Can you guide me please?
Help I just cant feel my pelvic floor muscles and I have just had my 2nd baby. Can you recommend what's best?
i have a bladder and rectal prolapse.
i have a pessary ring inside.
are any of your pelvic toners suitable for me?
i am a 52 year old female.
Hello, Im 29 and curious to find out which kegel8 would suit me best before I purchase. I have 3 children, youngest is 14months. I find I have problems with leakage during exercise, even coughing and sneezing is a issue aswell as the lack feeling during intimacy. I'm not sure if I'm doing regular pelvic exercise correctly and after a recently bad cough I can feel everything's a little worse than usual.
Thanks in advance.
I'd like to know which of the Kegel products are suitable for myself. I have a bladder prolapse and have been advised by my GP to buy a device that indicates that I am doing my pelvic floor exercises correctly. I have lived with my prolapse for six years but have recently started with low tummy and back ache. The cones say they are not suitable for prolapse sufferers. Can you advise please? Thanks
Could you please tell me which of the kegals is best for vaginal wind.. I suffer very badly with this when I stand up and its very embarrasing
Thank you
I am 59, and have a couple of questions. Doees/do the probe (s) come with the controller or do they have to be purchased separately? And which would be the best one for a 59 year old, who uses the gym regularly but has recently undergone total hip replacement?
I don't always empty my bladder properly and leak (but very little). My urine is quite smelly. I have seen a doctor and had my urine checked, the results have come back and all seems well. I would like to know which Kege18 would be suitable for me?

I have a low grade cytocele after the birth of my first child, I am 35 years old, and only have slight stress incontinence. I have a complete tear on one side and partial tear on the other side of my anterior PF muscles, just wondering which unit would be best for me. I am able to contract, however they fade off after a short time, despite feeling like they are still contracted.

thank you,
I have stress incontinence and am 52 years old. I am unable to stop the flow when on the toilet but can slow it down. What programme and number intensity should I set the machine at? I have the basic kegel8 machine. I have tried it upto 30 Ma on programme 3 and 4 but it hurts when any higher. Is this normal? I am particularly sensitive in this area anyway.
Thank you for answering my inItial questions, before I make my mind up I would like confirmation of your original suggestion by given further information. I am 59 have had 2 children both by c section, I had a umbilical hernia repair 2 years ago and a total hip replacement 9 weeks ago. I am overweight but use the gym 2-3 times a week (just gone back following my hip replacement. I can't say I suffer with leakage as such but when I need to go if I don't go and get there fast ( which has been difficult since my hip op) I cannot hold my self and don't so much as leak, I flood and cannot stop my self, you suggested the latest model but this is expensive and I would like to know if you still think this is the right one with the additional info, how this one differs from the earlier ones which are a little cheaper
Hi I am nearly 40 and have had 3 children all natural delivery my first was forceps and my other two normal my youngest is 7 and my older two are 17and 16 I have issues with urge incontinece and have been referred for physio and given Toviaz as a 4 month course I would rather not go down the physio route as it's a costly expense in Ireland and wonder what you could recommend I have also slight stress incontinence and will possibly be having a TVT procedure but have to treat the urge incontinence first
Hi I bought the kegal8 tight & tone a few years ago but never really got round to using it properly.. I am now post menopause at the age of 51 due to having chemo because of breast cancer 8 yrs ago..I have noticed my pelvic floor muscles have gotten a lot weaker this last 12 months or so and have just started using it again mainly for intimacy reasons as I don't feel much anymore when having sex so I'm sure my partner doesn't either. I find it embarrassing to talk to him about it too. What is the best programme to use for this ?
I have had surgery for a prolapse bladder repair, I was told at the time I also have a minor posterior prolapse that may require surgery if it got worse. I was advised to continue PFE to strengthen the muscles and mmaintain tone. I dont feel any benefit even though I do them every day. Can I use the Kegel8 even though I have had surgery. The surgery was 10 months ago and I have no pain just a weak pelvic floor. Please advise if this is suitable for me and I would benefit from using this.
I am just wondering if I purchased the right product. I got the tight and tone electronic and from reading the comments I am thinking I may have got the wrong one. I dont suffer from any leaks I just want to tighten up as it has not been the same since I gave birth 3 years ago. Also how soon can you feel/see results with this procuct?

Hi i started using my toner a few months ago and used it on program 3 once everyday, then i felt like my problem was getting worse so i tried to use it twice a day on the same program. Now i really feel as its worse than when i started. Any advice please. Thank you
Does the kegel8 ultra 20 tighten your vagina or does the tight and tone only do that for you? Let me know! Thanks.
I am interested in purchasing one of these but not sure which. I have just found I have a rectocele and I am keen not to have it worsen. I have had two children, one vaginal delivery the other was half vaginal devlivery then emergency section and am very loose down there. ...what would you recommend.
I have a hysterectomy 30 odd years ago and now have a prolapse can I use a Kegel8 and if yes which one would you recommend?
I was wandering if you could help me with which unit to buy. I am 23 and have been advised by my gynae physio to buy an electrical stimulator which is for pelvis pain, to increase tone, for vaginismus and dyspareunia.

Are any of your products suitable?

Thank you.
Hi can any of the machines be used during pregnancy, i am experiencing leaking when walking,sneezing coughing and during intercourse. I have tried the exercises but cannot get the time or i do not feel when i do them that i am doing them right.
thank you
I have been experiencing leaks when a sneeze and although I can stop mid flow when at the toilet I feel that there is a tiny amount of urine slipping through.and I also feel that during sex am not as tight which machine would suit me I also have. Had a couple of occasions when I have been out having a drink and dancing that if I don't go to the toilet regularly it's a accident waiting to happen am 46 and don't want this getting any worse
Hi I'm just 50 still having regular periods and have stress incontinence ,I bought the tight and tone and have been using it for two weeks .the first couple of days I didn't leak at all and thought it was amazing ,however I have been leaking although I am following the program as instructed .have I purchased the wrong machine for me or am I just being impatient ?
Also is it best to keep to the same ma setting ... I increase mine as I go ,does this have an adverse effect ?
Hi, I have kegel 8 tight and tone, is there a better probe that I can buy to go with this machine? I just have the one that comes with it, but have seen on the reviews that some people buy a more expensive probe

Hi, I am 52 years old and have only just learned about Kegel 8 products and what they can do for you. I have just recently seen my GP who says that I have stress incontenence as I leak when I cough and even when I just get out of bed. There have been instances of urge incontenence. I have no sensation at all when I have sex which is not pleasurable to either myself or partner. Having looked at the Kegel 8 products I can see that the Ultra version would suit me. However, I am unable to afford this product at this time. Would another one of your products be suitable?
Please can u tell me what number I should be aiming for on the ma's ? I can manage 35 to 40.
Is it he higher the ma the stronger the muscle?
What should I be aiming for for best tightness?

I have kegel8 tight and tone. Since 2009. Just started using it again cos when I need to go, I need to go and struggle to hold my wee when I get up in the morning if I don't go straight away!
Which programme do u suggest I use for best effect. Thanks .
hiya was just wondering which one to buy ive ad to kids and my sex life is suffering because i feel so big down below please could u advise me which one to get many thanks

After 2 children my pelvic floors are very weak, I have been doing pelvic floor exercises but 6 months on sneezing, jumping, any form of exercise & moments that catch me out result in a lot of leaking. I want to buy a kegel but there's so many. Please can you tell me what one would be most effective for me, I would like to play & run after my children without weeing myself!!!

Thank you for your time
Hi, I had my baby nine weeks ago and all seemed great down there but in the last 2 weeks I felt like I had strained my inner thigh ligaments and started feel sore again like after the birth. I can't shuffle forward in a seated position and sitting or pressing on my bones when I'm upright feels bruised. I am waiting to see doc but had a look and can see something that wasn't there 2 weeks ago! Also feels sore if I stand for too long. I had a 2nd degree tear at the time only. Would I benefit from kegel8 which would you recommend?i have had no leaks either.
I also live in Gibraltar (Europe) could I still purchase?


Hi i had a baby 3 weeks ago and I suffered with spd when I was pregnant I thought my pelvic floor muscles had got better until I went to a trampoline class tonight and it was just coming out. Which one would u recommend plz x