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Kegel8 Tight & Tone Electronic Pelvic Toner


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  1. Electronic Pelvic Toner strengthens weak pelvic floor muscles automatically with targeted precise exercises
  2. Easy to use Kegel8 gives you fast noticeable results within weeks
  3. Clinically based programmes take the guess work out of exercising and deliver effective results
  4. Pre-set programmes for incontinence, pelvic strengthening, pain and postpartum give you the treatment you need
  5. Restores pelvic muscles even if they are too weak to do traditional 'squeeze and release' kegel exercises

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We should all do our kegel exercises (not just after babies!) but it's not always as easy as that is it? We can't 'see' our pelvic floor muscles so we tend to ignore them until they let us down. How do you know all is not well 'down there'? We don't need to tell you of the accidental wet knickers, numerous loo visits, and loose feeling during love making - it's the one secret that women just don't share. So here's the deal - you can 'pad' the problem and it will slowly get worse - after all smelly urine leaks are a sign that your pelvic floor is crying out for attention! Or you can make the change now and commit to a simple home exercise plan that will take just 12 weeks, and rehabilitate and strengthen your pelvic floor like thousands of other happy Kegel8 users. That is one secret you will want to share with your friends!

How Can The Tight & Tone Help You?

A strong & healthy pelvic floor will keep your bladder & bowels supported and working properly.

Weak pelvic floor muscles become thin - they literally 'wither' away. When they sag and lose their elasticity that's when we 'have accidents' (wee, poo and wind) and the zing is lost from our bedroom! So if this is sounding familiar to you, we can assure you that you have come to right place and we will help you to get back into shape 'down there' with the minimum of fuss, quickly and easily.

Weak Pelvic Floor

Weak pelvic floor muscles - Kegel8 can help
  • Laughter Leaks
  • Stubborn 'Pot Belly'
  • Loss of Sensation
  • Lack-Lustre Love Life

Strong Pelvic Floor

Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles - Kegel8
  • In Control
  • Flatter Tummy
  • Strong Vaginal Walls
  • Great Sex Life – for you both!

Pelvic Floor Weakness & Leaks

Neither medication nor 'pads' will resolve your problem and no, it isn't an inevitable part of ageing! Kegel8 Tight and Tone will not only boost your pelvic floor it will boost your self-esteem too so the quicker you get started the quicker you'll be able to get on with your life without 'toilet' worries.

With Kegel8 Tight & Tone you'll be laughing all the way to the trampoline - leak free of course!

38% of young active women suffer from leaks
Dr. Dawn Harper

If you're not exercising you could become incontinent & the problem could get steadily worse... The good news is that if you do exercise regularly you can prevent it."

Dr. Dawn Harper

Flat Tummy

Have you noticed that your tummy isn't as flat and toned as it used to be? There is a direct correlation between a weak pelvic floor and a bulging tummy - not to mention lower back pain too. Simply put, it means your pelvic floor is not supporting as it should. Sit-ups and 'crunches' should be a no-no if your pelvic floor is weak (because of the danger of prolapse & further damage) so what is a woman to do? Kegel8 of course!

"One of the enormous advantages I've found is I have a flattened stomach and I put it all down to the product (Kegel8)."

Review by Judy

A Strong Pelvic Floor For Life

We don't want to scare you, but you need to know the truth. Ignoring the signs of a weak pelvic floor means you are facing:

  • bladder weakness
  • incontinence
  • faecal incontinence
  • prolapse
  • sexual dysfunction

Currently 1 in every 2 women aged 50 will prolapse (pelvic organs dropping down out of place) and 1 in 5 women will have a hysterectomy (average age 35 - 55 years). Kegel8 takes the stress out of kegel exercises and we guarantee you'll never regret taking control and getting your pelvic floor strong again.

Pelvic Pain

Reaching for a pain killer or Paracetamol may not be the best thing to do if you have pelvic pain. Many painkillers can be frighteningly addictive and what's more they make you constipated too. Constant straining on the loo is very detrimental to your pelvic floor so how can you avoid this vicious circle?

Kegel8 has a solution - with our 'Pain Relief' programme the Tight & Tone will help to block the pain signals being sent to your brain AND relax the muscles so they don't become locked in spasm. By using a Kegel8 Tight & Tone directly where it is needed means that you are treating the area of pain directly, not numbing your entire body.

Increased Sexual Sensation

'You've lost that loving feeling' says the song, and if you have a weak pelvic floor chances are you are silently nodding in agreement. You won't tell your partner, and your partner certainly won't want to tell you that he's not getting the same sensation anymore. When our muscles are loose and weakened, nothing feels the same making orgasm and sensation sometimes elusive. However with just a few weeks of Kegel8 the flames of passion can burn brightly once again - for you both.

"I have used this daily and the improvements are now noticeable to my partner!."

Review by Hertfordshire

How Does The Kegel8 Pelvic Toner Work?

Together We'll Make Your Pelvic Floor Strong Again

Silently, and unrelentingly the Kegel8 will coax weak pelvic floor muscles back to life again. Using neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and electrical nerve stimulation (STIM) it sends electrical pulses deep into the muscles via the neatly shaped vaginal probe. The pulses stimulate your muscles to contract building strength and tone, improving circulation and reinvigorating your entire pelvic area. It's the easiest exercise you'll ever do, you'll accurately target the right muscles more efficiently too because with Kegel8 you work 90% of the pelvic floor muscles, whereas manual 'Kegel' exercises only work 40%. Your body is crying out for Kegel8!

40% of pelvic Floor Stimulated - Manual
90% of pelvic Floor Stimulated - Kegel8
Dr Chris Steele

"The probe stimulates the muscles - the right muscles in the right way"

Dr Chris Steele

What Does It Feel Like?

Gentle and comfortable the Kegel8 Tight & Tone allows you to control the level of intensity you feel when exercising. From a gentle 'fluttering' in the muscle to a stronger contraction you are in control every step of the way. Throughout a programme the machine will contract and relax the muscles for a thoroughly effective pelvic floor workout. The Tight & Tone is a 'boot camp' for your kegel muscles, without the effort!

"I certainly feel the muscle contract and release and it is in no way painful."

Review by keylimepie

What you get

Kegel8 Tight & Tone
  • Controller:
    With 9 Clinically Proven Pelvic Exercise Programmes including a blend of exercising, stimulating and pain relief treatments for you to use in the privacy of your own home.

    Also included are 3 customisable programmes because some Physiotherapists like to customise treatment programmes for their patients.
Kegel8 Tight & Tone
  • Comfort Probe:
    A lightweight vaginal probe ergonomically shaped for easy insertion, comfort and effective pelvic muscle strengthening.

    The tapered shape of this probe means it sits comfortably inside the vagina whilst maintaining optimum connectivity with the muscle bed to ensure every contraction your Kegel8 delivers, counts.


  • Pelvic Floor Workout - Tone up your Pelvic Floor with a specialised workout.
  • Improve Intimate Sensation - A programme designed to improve intimacy.
  • Incontinence - A wide range of programmes targeting the main causes of incontinence.
  • Specialist Workouts - Relaxation is key, especially if you're in pain. Kegel8 gets your pelvic floor functioning correctly.
  • Custom Programmes - Save your own workouts in the device memory.
Kegel8 Tight & Tone Plus Programmes

Medically Certified

The Kegel8 Tight & Tone uses clinically proven treatment programmes for strengthening and treating various forms of bladder weakness from stress to urge incontinence. In just 12 weeks you will be amazed at how effective this home treatment can be. Please remember do not ignore your symptoms because they will not get better without your intervention. Every journey starts with a step - and with Kegel8 you are one step closer to regaining sensation and control of your pelvic floor.

Kegel8 is Medically Certified

What you could save

Save money with Kegel8

Who shouldn't use the Kegel8 Tight & Tone?

You are pregnant*

After you've welcomed your new arrival, the Kegel8 Tight & Tone will be there get you back into shape. But, be sure to wait until after your 6 week check-up.

You have a pacemaker*

It is possible that the Kegel8 Tight & Tone may not interfere with your specific pacemaker. However, please discuss with your healthcare provider before using.

You have a form of pelvic cancer*

An alternative option is to use the Kegel8 Trainer. It builds strength and tone in the pelvic floor, without the use of NMES.

*Unless advised to do so and under medical supervision

Kegel8 Made in Britain

Invented, designed and proudly manufactured in Great Britain to ensure the highest quality and safety for all your medical needs.

Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 9470
Programmes 9 Pre-set | 3 Customisable
Brand Kegel8
Recommended For All Urinary Incontinence
Light Bladder Weakness
Weak Pelvic Floor
Tighten & improve intimate sensation
New mums
Can be used with Vaginal probe | Anal probe | Kegel8 Klean | KE Gel
Included Contents Tight & Tone controller | 9v battery | Comfort probe | Lead wire | Instructions.
Certification CE | Grade IIa Medical Device | ISO9001-2000 | ISO13485-2003
Guarantee 1 Year Manufacturers
Warranty Extended Warranty Available
Weight (kg) 0.4250
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual (English)
View and/or Download the User Manual (French)
View and/or Download the User Manual (Spanish)
View and/or Download the User Manual (Italian)
View and/or Download the User Manual (German)

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amazing!! Review by BB
Product Rating
ive had my kegal 8 tight and tone for nearly 2 weeks and the results already are unbelievable!! I've had 3 children and I started to feel like my insides were sagging really badly.. I was getting so upset and my husband was trying not to make me feel bad but could no longer reach orgasm with me - so embarrassing.. All of this had completely turned around already, I couldn't be happier and I can't wait to see the results continue. No more awkward moments in the bedroom is one of the many benefits so far!!
do i need to use the other programmes as well or does prog 8 cover everything.
C) what would be the best probe to buy and prog to use for anal use
D) I can get up to 90ma with vaginal excersise but struggle to get past 30 when using anal. Am I doing something wrong or does it mean I need more attention that side:-/
E) also only one port from my machine works and only one side of my probe works.. I know this to be true as half way through my excersise I turn it round to excersise the other side..

Thank you to kegal 8 for making my life SO much better x (Posted on 21 July 2015)
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4 weeks and very happy Review by Jo
Product Rating
I bought this device early March . After having 4 babies & reaching middle age my problems developed gradually. I like to go to the gym & regularly felt I could not focus on my class because I was busy worrying about leaking . 4 weeks in & I'm thrilled with the results already . Some days I use it twice , some once , usually when watching TV .I can honestly say it's changed my life . No more leaks while exercising or running along with the dog . I use programs 3 , 8 & 9 . After 12 weeks I will continue to use it 3 times a week or more if it's needed . Easy to use & good results I highly recommend this product . (Posted on 3 April 2015)
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(13 of 13 people found this review helpful)
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I am a 24 year old gay man, I have had a lot of older partners, some of which have been larger men. I have used the Kegel 8 and found it to be of help with discomfort. Review by George
Product Rating
I feel much tighter after using the Kegel 8 for 2 months. Struggled to get the right probe at first, but now I'm up and running its making a difference. (Posted on 28 January 2015)
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(1 of 7 people found this review helpful)
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I feel the effort has been very worthwhile. Review by LassyH
Product Rating
Two children and a few stone have taken their toll on my pelvic floor so I knew I had to do something about it when Hubby said that he wasn't 'feeling' it. This has made a real difference, although it did take longer than I thought it would but I feel the effort has been very worthwhile. (Posted on 18 November 2014)
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(7 of 9 people found this review helpful)
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Not what i expected Review by jen
Product Rating
This was an expensive purchase for me that has been a total waste of money! I was unaware that there were so many different probes and that it would be so difficult to find the right one, i have tried another probe and i still find it difficult to keep in place, i most certainly will never have the time to sit or lie while doing the exercises and wanted a probe that would stay in place while i got on with the chores. Sadly i will not be able to afford to try another probe. Do your research carefully before you purchase this.
Customer service did try to be helpfull but it really is down to what works for you.

Dear Jen,
Thank you for your review, I am sorry that you found our choice of probes confusing. there are so many different varieties for different needs and we try and cater for all requirements. I am sorry you don't have time to sit or lie to keep the probe in place, I understand you might have a hectic life and little time to rest and you wanted to use the machine while walking or doing chores -. I am sure you will be able to do this when you have restored muscle control - perhaps you could use it first thing in the morning (set the alarm 1/2 hour earlier) or last thing at night whilst in bed? If your pelvic floor weakness continues then you could face a possible prolapse and surgery - all of which I am sure you want to avoid. Please do not let your purchase go to waste, for women who find the probe difficult to retain we recommend a tight pair of sloggies or control undies to help keep the probe where it should be. When your pelvic floor strengthens up you will be able to exercise on the move and the investment in your pelvic floor will reap its rewards.
Here to help
Customer Care team (Posted on 15 November 2014)
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Tighter :-) Review by 21 YEAR OLD
Product Rating
I bought it as I wasn't tight and sex didn't feel great for me... So 4 weeks in I definitely feel tighter(love it) my fella says I am well tighter.. he is probably benefiting more than me though as I was expecting sex to feel a lot better and it just feels the same as before I used my kegel :-/
I only bought this for the tightness and feeling so I cant comment on anything else but yeah I am sooo much tighter

I am going to wait until I have done the full 12 weeks and review again on the sensation for me (Posted on 24 September 2014)
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Fantastic Product Review by Angela
Product Rating
I've been doing professional ballet classes for the past 10 years after a 15 year break, so I have very strong stomach muscles. However even ensuring I didn't have anything to drink a couple of hours before classes and emptying my bladder I still had to wear a pad due to 'leakages. In the mornings when I woke up in the morning and had to empty my bladder...well let's just say it wasn't always pretty! I bought kegel 8 six months ago and used religiously every night. After the 1st week I could then ramp it up to the max setting for 20 mins as prior to that it made my toes curl! Now, no more pads in ballet, never having to stop in the street and 'brace' if I was about to sneeze to stop wetting my pants. I wish this had been on the market years ago. It's fantastic and it works. I've recommended to friends and sisters who've suffered since childbirth. You DO have to keep using it though. As the saying goes...Use it or lose it! I even joined my nieces on a trampoline last month....a year ago that would never have happened as I 'd know the consequences. The best £100 ever spent and thank you Kegel. (Posted on 20 August 2014)
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wow! Review by Con
Product Rating
This is a god send! I'm a 34 yr old woman with two children ages 4 and 5. I was experiencing neck pain and had noticed that my pelvic floor had really weakened since giving birth and no matter what exercise I did I count get that 'tight' feeling back. But the overall reason of purchase was sexual. I began to feel very insecure about how weak my muscles had got. I’m in the sports/medical field and was a little sceptical at first but I said I'd give it a go.. I saw results in the first 7 days. To say I'm delighted is an understatement an all around improvement and the neck is improving too (Posted on 1 July 2014)
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(10 of 18 people found this review helpful)
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4th Review Review by Sam
Product Rating
I am nearly 10 weeks in and am now using the Perisize probe for the last week. This does seem to make a big difference. I can feel the strength of the contractions much more and I have found I can't always turn the machine up to 90 like I could before. The only criticism I have is that this probe is not as comfortable to use as the other one ( it pinches sometimes !) but it does stay in place much better when I am walking around. Frankly, for the difference that this device has made to my life a little discomfort is nothing.
I can now walk to and from work without leaks and can go without pads completely on most days at work. I have achieved this with Prog 3 mainly as it seems to be the one that has the most effect. When I get to 12 weeks what would happen if I just carried on with Prog 3? What would be the advantage of 8 or 9? Thanks for all your support. Sam

Dear Sam,
Great news, thank you for sharing your success. As a pointer may I suggest when you remove the perisize probe only use one side, otherwise it can pinch as you so rightly state, removing by holding only one side only will prevent any possible discomfort. After your 12 weeks, I would advise that you make sure you keep on with your Prog 3 because you have found it effective, once or twice a week. It is necessary to maintain the good work and strengthening that you have achieved so far because the pelvic floor muscles are 'use it or lose it' so if you don't exercise them, they will weaken again. We liken kegel exercises to teeth cleaning - if we stop brushing our teeth deteriorate (sadly our pelvic floors get ignored because we can't see them!). It would be great if you can introduce Prog 8 too - this is an overall workout and as there are many different muscles within the pelvic floor this helps to work a greater number - it all has a cumulative effect that will help to continue to strengthen and support your pelvic organs, keeping you in control of your bladder.
Thank you for sharing your feedback Sam - it is a great support to us here at Kegel8 and especially for other women who are maybe suffering just like you were. We can regain strength and control without surgery or medication and it is up to us to tell others!
Thank you!.
Fiona@Kegel8 (Posted on 29 May 2014)
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Amazed with the difference Review by Mrs U
Product Rating
Amazed with the difference. It took about 2 weeks for the results to show, or rather for me to notice that I wasn't leaking when I sneeze (awful at this time of year with hay fever) but I am significantly better. Thanks to for this info I have started to use techniques when I cough and sneeze to support my bladder to prevent further weakening. I use the comfort probe, that suits me best.
I recommend this to all my friends because it does work and has been a great help to me. thank you! (Posted on 23 May 2014)
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(10 of 14 people found this review helpful)
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