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Kegel8 Vaginal Cones

  1. Weighted vaginal cones show a 70% success rate with stress incontinence in clinical trials
  2. Pelvic Floor Strengthening System with three varying weights for a stronger more controllable pelvic floor
  3. With biofeedback, the unique indicator tail shows you when you are exercising correctly
  4. Isotonic exercisers help you strengthen and target your pelvic floor accurately
  5. Includes new 12 week Kegel8 physiotherapist exercise plan for even better results in just minutes a day
  6. Now available on prescription - ask your GP. or buy now.

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Order on the phone: Call 01482 496932, quote SKU: 9024

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Kegel8 Weighted Vaginal Cones are not 'just' vaginal cones...this is a complete Pelvic Floor Strengthening System you use at home for just 12 weeks for fast effective results. Designed with the help of one of the UKs top Physiotherapists this easy-to-use system is a perfect way to effectively strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles.

With the Kegel8 Cones you can easily follow the visual indicator so you target the muscles correctly, and when the cone 'tail' moves downwards - 'EUREKA' you can be sure that you have found the muscles, and that you are exercising correctly for maximum results.

How does the 12 week Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Strengthening System work?

  1. 13 Cones, 3 weights. Starting at the lightest, largest cone first you will retrain your pelvic floor muscles back to strength and control in just minutes a day.
  2. 2Insert a Kegel8 cone and it activates the pelvic floor muscles, causing them to reflex, especially when you are standing up.
  3. 3As you progress through the 12 week plan increase the weight steadily as your pelvic muscle strength improves.
  4. 4Use the unique indicator clip so you can see that you are doing your exercises correctly. If the tail moves down, you've got the knack; if the tail moves up, you need more practice.

No more guessing, just fast and easy results!

Kegel8 Vaginal Cones

Reap the rewards of a strong pelvic floor

  • No more accidental urine leaks when you exercise, laugh, cough or sneeze
  • No more frequent visits to the loo
  • No more dashing to the loo and not always making it in time
  • You'll find it easier to empty your bladder or bowel
  • No more accidentally passing wind
  • No more back pain or 'pot' belly that no diet will shift
  • No more lack-lustre love-life; you and your partner will both notice the difference

Weak Pelvic Floor

Weak pelvic floor muscles - Kegel8 can help

Strong Pelvic Floor

Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles - Kegel8

What Causes a Weak Pelvic Floor?

Life changing events such as pregnancy, childbirth, & menopause sear a lasting mark on our pelvic floor muscles. How's your body weight? If your BMI is over 25 then you're in the danger zone. Add to that coughing (maybe you have hay fever, or you're a smoker?), heavy lifting, constipation and straining these all causes lasting damage and make the muscles of the pelvic floor weaker.

Exercise today with Kegel8 to avoid prolapse tomorrow!

  • 1:3
    Women in the UK suffer with "Laughter Leaks" that really aren't funny at all!
  • 1:2
    Women aged 50 will suffer prolapse possibly due to a weakend pelvic floor that is no longer able to support the internal organs as it should.
  • 1:1
    Women can exercise with the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Strengthening System.

How effective are Vaginal Cones in treating incontinence?

  • 70% of women felt they were improved or cured
  • 90% of women found it an acceptable form of treatment
  • Success! Vaginal Cone Therapy was deemed successful and avoids incontinence operations
Kegel8 Vaginal Cones are Clinically Proven

Weighted Vaginal Cones vs. Electronic Pelvic Toner

Why choose weighted vaginal cones over an electronic pelvic toner?

Weighted vaginal cones are a great place to start your pelvic floor exercises and what's more health professionals such as Physiotherapists love the fact that YOU are working your muscles. When you use the weighted cones you'll love the fact that you can 'see' as well as feel your pelvic floor muscles moving.
No cheating, no wasted exercise and that's great for motivation too, because pelvic floor exercises fail for a lot of women, simply because they stop doing them too soon. That's why with our 12 week programme of exercises and the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Strengthening System - you'll get amazingly noticeable results.

Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Strengthening System vs. normal vaginal cones

What is the difference between Kegel8 and other vaginal cones?

  • With Kegel8 Vaginal Cones you can see that you are exercising properly – no other vaginal cone works like it!
  • Other vaginal cones are inserted past the muscle bed and just sit there – that's not effective exercising! Kegel8 Vaginal Cones motivate you to work your muscles for results you can see and feel.
  • Kegel8 Vaginal Cones offer you a Beginners & Advanced Exercise Guide that will guide you to results in just 12 weeks – we're with you every step of the way!

Available on prescription

The Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Strengthening System is now listed on the NHS Drugs Tariff!

This means your GP can prescribe the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Strengthening System for you. If you are a new mum, remember getting back into shape will have benefits for you in the years to come, and using the Kegel8 Vaginal Cones will strengthen the muscles, without risking damage. Sadly boot camps, crunches and running whould put too much pressure on your pelvic floor following childbirth so they should be avoided for up to 12 months!
If you're suffering embarrassing leaks, visit your GP today and ask for Kegel8!

What you get

Kegel8 Vaginal Cones

3 Vaginal Cones

Largest Cone:
32mm diameter | 24g Weight
Medium Cone:
29mm diameter | 37g Weight
Smallest Cone:
25mm diameter | 48g Weight
Kegel8 Vaginal Cones

Indicator Clip

When clipped on to the Kegel8 Cone this creates the unique indicator tail so you can see that you are exercising correctly.

Kegel8 Vaginal Cones

Free Exercise Guide

Easy to follow instructions including a free beginners and advanced exercise plan devised by a physiotherapist, ensuring you exercise safely and effectively.

Who shouldn't use the Kegel8 Vaginal Cones

You are pregnant*

However, the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Strengthening System is the perfect way to get pack in shape after recovery from childbirth - usually after 6 weeks.

Vaginal Infection

If you are suffering with a vaginal or urinary infection, you should wait until it has cleared before you start using the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Strenghtening System.


If you have a prolapse the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Strengthening System would not be suitable for you and you should consider the Kegel8 Ultra 20.

*Unless advised to do so and under medical supervision

Kegel8 Made in Britain

Invented, designed and proudly manufactured in Great Britain to ensure the highest quality and safety for all your medical needs.

Delivery & Returns

Fast delivery and FREE returns if you’re not delighted with your purchase from Kegel8

Royal Mail fast and discreet delivery or UPS for Next Day Express delivery

Expert Advice – our Kegel8 Customer Service Team is on hand to help you 8.00am - 6.00pm GMT, Monday to Friday and 10.00am - 3.00pm GMT, Saturday.

Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 9024
Brand Kegel8
Recommended For All Urinary Incontinence
Light Bladder Weakness
Weak Pelvic Floor
Tighten & improve intimate sensation
New mums
Can be used with KE Gel | Kegel8 Klean
Included Contents 1 large pale lilac 24g toner | 1 medium lilac 37g toner |1 small dark lilac 48g toner | Instructions | 12 Week Exercise Plan
Material Medical-Grade Santoprene (Autoclavable)
Length 170 mm
Insertable Length 80 mm
Diameter 27mm | 29mm | 32mm
Certification CE
Guarantee 3 Month Manufacturers
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual (English)

Kegel8 Vaginal Cones Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
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1 Reviews (3)
Total : 43 Reviews
affordable and easy to use
Review by etspeaksfromhome posted on 27 July 2013
After using it on and off for 4 weeks, the whole experience is getting easier and easier, that you would hardly notice that it is not an exercise but part of your daily routine.

When I first doing the exercise, I started on my bed laying on top of a clean towel and with a stand up mirror in between my legs. The towel is to catch any discharge or mess from the KE gel. The mirror is use to check if I have done the exercise correctly. An indicator clip is included in the box which attaches to the vaginal cone. It creates a curled-up tail that can tell you if you are exercising correctly or incorrectly. The tail moves downwards if you exercise correctly.
The first few days of exercise are not very easy and I almost gave up. I have to find a quiet time to avoid being called by the children and having to practise it in bed. The first exercise (beginner's exercise plan) which is the endurance Kegels which target slow twitch muscle fibres. This exercise took me 2 weeks before I moved onto stage 2 vaginal cone. Now I am much better at holding my wee and remember to exercise while I'm weeing on the toilet.

The cone is easy to insert and you won't feel pain or discomfort. They are nicely designed and comes three different attractive colours. I only apply just the right amount of gel to cover the cone so that it won't be too messy.

After moving away from practising in bed, I tried it while wearing baggy pants and while doing housework. It is not easy to do it while moving around. But it is achievable. I do find it quite uncomfortable walking with the tip poking on my underwear. So I much prefer to do in it bed while I can pay more attention to the exercise. In the advanced exercise plan, I am suppose to practise it by squatting, stepping and in the lunge position. Clearly I am not there yet as I have much more to do to improve holding it. The old saying of quality over quantity applies here for the exercises

The only drawback is the indicator clip. It is too small and easily misplaced. It comes off too easily and I stopped using the clip since it is optional anyway.

Overall, these products have helped me improve my pelvic floor. I found that I have not leaked while coughing or laughing. Even if I leak while sneezing, it was not as much as before I began the exercises. The improvements have been gradual and I'm not expecting massive improvements yet as it will take me at least 12 weeks or more to achieve a better result and of course it also depends on your individual body. This is a short term exercise but it will help you in the long run.

I rate this product 4 stars out of 5. I would recommend them to any women who might need to strengthen their pelvic floor. It is affordable and easy to use. It comes in a travel bag which means it is convenient to take with you if you go on holiday!
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(147 of 153 people found this review helpful)
I would recommend this to other women like me, but it is not easy and you have to master the technique.
Review by Jenny posted on 22 April 2014
Was recommended these by my Physio, they have helped me isolate the correct muscles and made me much more aware of how my muscles work, and more importantly have stopped the leaks.
I have not worn a pad for 4 weeks now, which is amazing, but I knew I had to do something because I was having more and more accidents.
I would recommend this to other women like me, but it is not easy and you have to master the technique.
Jenny, 4 Children, 43 years.
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(77 of 89 people found this review helpful)
Better than aquaflex
Review by KL posted on 8 March 2011
My pelvic muscles are not too shot - even though I have had 3 kids! I can squeeze and lift and all that, but I wanted something to exercise against. I bought some aquaflex cones from Amazon and I was horrified that the small string (nylon) pull cord came off when the cone was inside me. I struggled to get the cone out and had to 'bear-down' - even Hubby had a go at fishing it out. I was in a real panic and the thought of going to accident and emergency with it stuck up me (Yeh yeh they say, Vaginal exercising??? - I BET!!) was just too embarrassing to imagine.
I finally did get it out, and I have complained to the makers - I think this is a real design fault. I can't imagine men would be putting anything inside them that is attached by a thin piece of line (like a bit of fishing line!). It is obviously not fit for purpose!
So I found these cones, they are more durable, and I was assured by these guys that it was made by clinicians who know what they are doing, and it would appear they are right. I like the fact that the outside stem part moved down when I get the squeeze right that's really good.
If I had one criticism - it's that I would like one without a stem - DOH! But then that takes us back to the bit where I got the other cone stuck because the stem is the method of removal. Followed the exercise plan, and definitely have more control over leaks etc which are now few and far between. (I have read they can also be hormone related - ie I leak at certain times of the month which would make sense)
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(58 of 62 people found this review helpful)
I would recommend these!
Review by Roxy posted on 11 November 2013
I have used these for 4 weeks now and I am very pleased with my progress, I decided to do something after I wet myself at the school gates and just couldn't stop. I am 32 and I don't want to be in pads!
Progress is steady and I am on the middle weight one, it is easy to do and I have got a good routine together. Wish I had started right after the birth of my daughter, (she's 5 now) but I am making up for it.
I would recommend these!
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(54 of 61 people found this review helpful)
Not sure about this product
Review by Aunty posted on 1 June 2013
I have difficulty inserting the large one so use the middle or small one and to be honest I can't feel the sqeeze, the indicator doesn't move one way or the other. I know I'm not doing it properly but don't know what else to do. My leaking is not severe but it does happen.

Dear Aunty, I am sorry that you are having a problem 'feeling' the squeeze. Have you followed the latest Kegel8 Vaginal Cones instructions? http://www.kegel8.co.uk/downloads/instructions/en/exercisecones.pdf
The squeeze should start at your bum (as if trying to stop wind) and move to your vagina, you should then squeeze and lift inwards as if sucking in through your vagina. When a cone is in position and you squeeze correctly you will find that the wand/indicator goes down. This shows you that you are 'engaging' or using the correct muscles.
There are some women who find that their muscles are so weak, they have no feeling, or control whatsoever - if you think this might be you I would recommend that you look at an electronic pelvic toner - these 'make' your muscles move, they literally 'fire' the muscles back into action, these are ideal for women who have lost the connection between brain and pelvic floor and it helps them to re-engage their pelvic floor into working correctly.
Please let me know if I can help you further, we really want you to get exercising and help you to get a stronger pelvic floor
[email protected]
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(53 of 60 people found this review helpful)
Easy to use, very effective results
Review by SKI_88 posted on 9 October 2012
I had problems after the birth of my daughter and knew that something wasn't quite right. Was recommended these by a physiotherapist who said that I have to treat my pelvic floor like my teeth - do them twice a day. That kinda stuck with me and I have found very effective results with these. It seems slow at first, but my physio said that most women give up before they get the results and that rebuilding the muscle strength takes at least 2 -3 months. She was right, I do kegels twice a day morning and night, and don't use pads any-more or leak when I cough and sneeze. Managed to get on daughters trampoline too at the weekend with no disastrous accident so I know it is working!
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(39 of 43 people found this review helpful)
Get the knack and they're fine
Review by Zoe W posted on 18 October 2012
These really look very feminine, they are different weights and sizes and this is to help you graduate and become stronger. Obviously I wasn't as strong as I thought I was because when I put the small cone in it promptly fell out! So I went to the beginning and did it properly starting with the big wider lighter one and after 2 weeks progressed onto the middle one. It does take time, but the more I read about kegle exersise I realise that it takes time to rebuild the strength. I've used them for 6 weeks now and I have notices an improvement. Not rushing to the loo all the time, not wetting myself and partner noticed too. He said my muscles were gripping him too hard!
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(39 of 42 people found this review helpful)
Just fabulous!
Review by Fan posted on 3 November 2012
Bought these to try and stop the leaks when sneezing etc and have noticed a huge difference already - the helpline was great too when I was unsure. Great service and fantastic product, should be available on the nhs!!!
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(35 of 38 people found this review helpful)
A useful means of exercising the right muscles
Review by Lindy posted on 8 January 2015
I found the system with the cones quite easy to apply, but would have liked some visual e.g., movement to show how the tail moves. The diagrams do not make it clear for me. I do like the system for doing some work myself and if I can get a clearer idea as to how it works I may have a better understanding whether I'm moving the muscles correctly.
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(33 of 45 people found this review helpful)
Easy to use vaginal cones!
Review by Carol B posted on 6 June 2013
Bought these after seeing Embarrassing bodies and I knew I had to do something because pads are just not the answer. I have used them for a few days now and I have the 'knack'. It is not easy and I couldn't get the muscles to work at first, but now I have the technique I am loving it.
Am on with the middle cone so I feel I am making good progress (Im doing it twice a day) even tried the technique on Hubby - he loved it - most impressed.
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(30 of 35 people found this review helpful)
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Product Questions

Hi, I have had the electronic version for 18 months now and am very happy with it.
I also use another make of the pelvic toner balls that are in a cradle which you leave in during the day. The problem was that one came out of the cradle and got stuck inside. The doctor got it out then supplied me with the kegel 8 cones which I have just recieved. My question is can you go about your daily routine and leave one in during the daytime like the other make I had? Thank you.
I asked how does one use the vaginal cones.  You haven't actually answered my question.  How does one insert them?  Which end?  Then what?  No doubt this will be explained after I have bought them, but until I have some idea how it's done, how do I know if it is what I want?
Hi, can you tell me if any of your products are suitable for use post hysterectomy and repairs (anterior and posterior?) I do a PFE routine 3 times a day and am 4 weeks post surgery. I've never used weights and will of course speak to my consultant about the right time to start.

Many thanks,

i recently bought the kegel8 pelfit cordless electronic pelvic toner which i find good.. is there any need for me to buy the vaginal cones... or would you think i be better off buying the day toner pelvic exerciser instead as i can wear it walking and going to the gym.. at least that way i'm getting the exercises in during the days that i don't have time for myself and my cordless electronic pelvic toner.
I have been using a Kegal8 electronic machine for about 8 months
without success. Do you think the vaginal cones would be a better alternative.
Hi can you leave them in all day and do you take out when having a wee
Hello, are these cones designed mostly for women with serious pelvic floor insufficiency, such as after childbirth and operations? Or is it going to work for me as well, when I only want to strenghten my pelvic floor as part of my lumbar spine physiotherapy. I do have a sligtly weaker pelvic floor, but I'm wondering if it isn't going to be too easy for me. Perhaps I'd better buy the normal balls?
Thank you. Anna
Can you use these at all stages throughout pregnancy?
I am confused as to what product would b the best item for me as I am struggling with my bladder alot. I feel like I need to go to the toilet alot but sometimes I can't hold it at all especially if I feel I'm desperate & have accidents & can't stop it from happening. It's getting very embarrassing. I can be just standing & feel it happening sometimes a trickle sometimes alot, but it's sudden. I've also been told I have small fibroids. I've always had a weak bladder & am asthmatic as well which doesn't help especially when I'm coughing.
I am over 70 and have dribbles of urine come out. Not a lot, but beginning to become a nuisance
I wouldn't be able at the moment to afford the more expensive kegel's but I use very much shared gym and pool changing rooms. What would be best for me? Ps: no kids so not a lot of space!
I bought a vielle pelvic floor toning system some years back

I want to use it but have lost the instructions

Are you able to help?

I have never used the product and it is still in its case
I have been using the kegal8 to improve vaginal tone, then had to stop using it when I discovered I am pregnant! I am scared that all my good work will be undone during pregnancy and birth, I know I cannot use the electronic simulator, but are there any other things that would be safe during pregnancy?
I am 58 and 11 weeks post op. I had a vaginal hysterectomy and prolapse repair.
I have never suffered from incontinence just been uncomfortable with the protrusion. I have done 2 sets of exercises daily since the op but the protrusion is back. I can feel the muscles contract so pretty sure I'm doing them right.
Not sure whether vaginal cones or the electronic toner would be the best buy for me?
Appreciate your advice.
I am in kampala Uganda and I don't have a credit card how can i purchase Kegel cones
Hi, I have recently had a hysterectomy and front and back prolapse repair (April) unfortunately the repair hasn't worked and I'm desperate NOT to have another op. I've been doing pelvic floor exercises but was hoping that these cones might help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
what pelvic floor weights would be best for me? I have not had kids and I am not leaking, I want the weights to improve my sexual experience. what would be best ?

I would like to buy this product but I can see that the lubricant is out of stock. Could you please tell me when the lubricant is available? I want to buy this product asap (20-21 August). If the lubricant will not be available this week, could you tell what lubricant should I buy in a pharmacy?

Thank you in advance.
I have had a hysterectomy and my cervix was removed. Would the Kegel8 still work for me?
I've recently went to look out my cones again but can only find one - the heaviest one! Which I'm holding in fine but I'd still like to strengthen my muscles a bit more. Unfortunately I've lost the instruction booklet that tells you how long to exercise for and how often, are you able to provide this to me? I don't really want to spend another £30 on a new set of cones just to get the instruction booklet and when I don't really need the bigger ones anyway. Any help would be great :)
Hi there, I have two kids and bought the kegal 8 cones. I have followed the instructions but think I might be doing something wrong. The instructions say the tail should go downwards when muscles are tensed. My tail goes up (towards the ceiling), is this wrong?
I had a complete hysterectomy 6 months ago because of uterus prolapse. Now I
Have begun to have vagina prolapse issues. Dr. said tissues and pelvic floor are weak and wasn't sure if another surgery or pessary would help. What would you suggest? I have been using a prescribed medication, but that doesn't seem to help at all. Dr. Used the di Vinci robotic.

Thanks from the states.
can i buy kegel 8 cones direct from shops
Hi,i had a baby and my vagina still big which one can i use
Where can I find the product in South Africa?
I am a 50 year old with what would appear to be stress incontinance, which is getting slowly worse. I have had my machine for some time but been very bad at keeping up with a constant regime. My question is what should I be putting the ma upto, can put it upto about 48 and barely feel anything, am I doing something wrong? I am thinking of replacing probe as I can only keep the probe in while lying down
I am considering buying Kegel 8 and I've read many reviews on your product which helped me make my decision. I would like to know if they help with nighttime frequent urination. I have to get up several times which really disturbs my sleep. Thanks
Been suffering for years with overactive bladder i have even had procedures done to my bladder does not seem to help. How do i qualify for one of your vaginal cones for free. Thanks
Hi there, I've been using the level 8 (latest one) for about four weeks but the last two weeks I have had bloody discharge. To begin with this was present with a thrush like itch so immediately took canestan which stopped itch but bloody discharge (only tiny amounts) still appearing in pants each day, HELP. What has happened to me?!
is Kegel8 vaginal cones available on prescription in Scotland?
Iim 42 yrs old I have been trickling urine , I can be lying in bed, walking around or just sitting and I can feel it happening. I'm SO embarrassed !! I feel like I'm running to the loo all the time. Am I better to use cones or the machine to improve my pelvic floor? My gut instinct is for cones but I just want the problem cleared up quickly.

I'm grateful for any advice you can give me.
I had my baby 12 weeks ago and I still feel loose and baggy and I am having accidents. Will these help me - which kegel8 should I get?
Please help
I'm and really unsatisfied with the cones. Please may I return them?
I do not have any incontinence issues but in the last year my vagina has become very loose and most embarrassing 'puffs' out air when I am having sex even when that is not intercourse. I did have a bowel prolapse 20 years ago when I had my child but had surgery to correct it. What product do you think would be best for me to strengthen my inner muscles?
I have seen a consultant who said I did not have a prolapse and my pelvic floor muscles were quite strong, but my question is I feel a burning hot sensation plus it feels swollen and a dropped sensation would these cones help me? I am seeing a Prolapse nurse who doesn't recommend these but I need help. Dr has done urine tests and I don't have an infection. So can I ask my Dr to prescribe them. Thank you for your help.
I had a vaginal repair operation for a bladder prolapse 3 weeks ago and I'm now keen to make sure I exercise my pelvic floor correctly. I see you don't recommend the Kegel8 weighted cones for women with a prolapse, but would it work for any women, like myself, who have had a repair op?
My osteopath has suggested I get a kegel because I keep putting my back out due to poor pelvic floor muscles. I also leak occasionally if I don't get to the toilet on time. I am 59 and have just gone through the menopause. What would you suggest I use to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles which will in turn help my back.
Hi I want to purchase these but would like to know if they work for pelvic floor muscles, as after having my 3rd child I feel loose down below I didn't do my pelvic floor excersises after my 3rd, I know I should of done but thought I would be ok as did after 1st and 2nd child. Silly I know. I have been to see a specialist about the matter and he assures me my muscels are ok and no need for surgery, I've recently got into a new relationship and am feeling a bit self conscious about the whole sex thing, I have started my pelvic floor excersises holding for ten seconds and resting for ten then repeating for about 15 mins a day how long is it till you start to notice a difference and will I ever go back to the size i was before I had the children. I have not had any complaints prior to my last partner and its made me feel very conscious about the whole thing hence the reason for seeing a specialist about it.. Can you help please regards k
I see that you have manuals in several languages but do you have a translation into Russian?

Thank you
What are the balls made of. I am very sensitive, allergy's, rubber and I want to be sure I do not put something I might react to inside. I will not be able to see a reaction so will not know.
How does one use Vaginal Cones?
Can I send money through Western Union
I have a prolapse and urinary problem, can't hold it. I also have a pessary to try to hold things up . Would it be possible to strengthen the muscles?
Are the cones suitable for someone to use post vaginal hysterectomy and anterior repair? Op 6 months ago and now in continent of urine when sneezing , coughing and running.
I have a bladder prolapse but not bad enough to operate on and I have no leaking problems. I have tried the electrodes before and my physiotherapist has advised not to use it and to exercise instead. Could you tell me please if the cones would be of benefit as I do not wish for it to get any worse.
I have a bladder prolapse and wonder if it is ok to use the cones? I don't want to use anything electrical as I have a pacemaker like device.
Many thanks
I have a urethal spasm that I've had since childhood. This causes urge incontinence. When trying pelvic floor, ive always found they make my spasms worse.I had a baby 2 years ago. Whilst pregnant I found that my bladder was the best it's ever been due to the relax hormones. I regularly did pelvic floor during and post pregnancy. However I've recently started experiencing urge incontinence again and know that part of this is due weak pelvic floor. I'd like to try one of your products but I'm unsure which would be best suited to my problem. Be great to get some advice.
Can you use Kegel 8 vaginal cones if you have a contraceptive coil inserted inside you??
What can I use with a rectocyle. Can I use these cones
I do not have trouble with incontenence but, do have a slight prolapse of the womb. Will these cones be OK still? As it is all to do with strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.


I have a copper IUD. Could I still use these? Thanks!
I had suffered stress incontinence after the birth of my first child. Fortunately my symptoms were controlled through biofeedback and level 8 vitality. I am now pregnant with my second, about 13 weeks and my incontinence is returning. I wondered whether the coined would be safe to use in pregnancy or might they just make things worse.
What sort of packaging is this product shipped in? Is it discretely wrapped or is the packaging branded? I ask because I live with my mother and would feel embarrassed should she retrieve the package before me.
I have got a prescription for the Kegel8 when I tried to get one a few weeks later I was told it was discontinued and I would not be able to get one
I have recently purchased some Aquaflex weighted cones but since reading reviews, it seems that the Kegal weights have been rated much higher and it makes sense to have to actually do the exercises rather than purely rely on reflex action. I am however a little unsure about purchasing them as I have found the larger of the two cones very uncomfortable to fit in and am worried that the ball shape of these weights will prove of similar discomfort. Would you think. This to be a problem? Thanks