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If you have a strong squeeze you have a strong orgasm because a strong pelvic floor is a healthy pelvic floor. Strong muscles in your pelvic floor means they are tighter, thicker and more responsive, so when you make love your muscles close tightly around your partner increasing your sensation and creating that delicious orgasm-soaring friction that will amplify and magnify both your orgasms!

A Kegel8 Electronic Pelvic Toner is:

  • Medically approved electronic pelvic toners
  • Regain loss of sensation due to nerve damage
  • Locates and exercises your pelvic floor muscles
  • Electronically strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  • You and your partner will notice the difference

Tighter Vagina

There’s no secret to a tight vagina - it’s all about the muscles - so if you feel that your love-grip is not what it used to be you need to get exercising and get strong and tight once again. Childbirth does obviously stretch the muscles of the pelvic floor, and sometimes there is damage to the muscle structure with a difficult birth, but that is no excuse for you to resign yourself to the ‘it just doesn’t feel the same anymore’ brigade and not do anything about it.

Kegel8 Review in The Sunday Times
"...a weak pelvic floor means less sensation for both parties. Women get bored; men get restless. relationships lose potency in direct proportion to pelvic floor atrophy."

- John Warlock, The Sunday Times

You've Lost That Loving Feeling

Have you "gone off" sex? Doesn’t feel the same anymore? Do you try to avoid having sex? If your pelvic floor is weak, sexual sensation will be reduced and your orgasms may even be a thing of the past. Thankfully Kegel8 has the quick and easy answer to reinvigorate your sex-life. Have you ever stopped to wonder why this man who used to have you gasping for more just doesn’t float your boat anymore? If you’ve lost a grip on your sex-life then the chances are it certainly won’t feel as good for him either. If you suffer stress incontinence you’ve also got those un-sexy leaks to contend with too. In a recent Swedish study women sufferers shared their experiences:

  • 43% stated that their urinary problems impaired their sex life.
  • 27% said they had difficulty reaching orgasm.
  • 49% were worried about leaking urine during lovemaking.

Peeing During Sex

This isn't something that should dictate your sex life as it is a lot more common then you might think. Around 20% of women under 60 have experience incontinence during sex. It can be a stressful experience, so we have create a guide to managing peeing during sex. Read to understand why we do it, treatments for it and how to manage you sex life.

Kegel8 Has The Solution

So what are you waiting for? You deserve a great sex life and the power is within your grasp - quite literally - with Kegel8 pelvic toners. In just minutes a day you’ll start to feel the benefits of regular, targeted pelvic floor exercise. Whether you choose to use an electronic pelvic toner such as the Kegel8 Ultra, or a manual pelvic floor exerciser like the fantastic Kegel8 Vaginal Cones, you will begin to feel a difference within weeks.

Kegel8 Review in The Sunday Times
"...Has the use of the electric probe improved my sex life? I've been assured by my husband that there has been a noticeable change..."

- Louise Parker, The Sunday Times

Improve intimate sensation & strengthen the pelvic floor in just 12 weeks, with the help of the Kegel8 Ultra 20 & Amanda Savage!

Amanda Savage is one of the UK’s leading specialist pelvic floor and women’s health physiotherapists, who has worked in the field for over 20 years offering supervised pelvic floor muscle training and support for the recovery of pelvic organ prolapses, incontinence and pelvic surgeries. With post-graduate qualifications, including a master’s degree from the University of Cambridge, she has also gained full membership of the Professional Network of Pelvic, Obstetric & Gynaecological Physiotherapy (POGP). As a Kegel8 ambassador, Amanda Savage has worked alongside us for many years in the development of our best-selling device, the Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 Electronic Pelvic Toner, to ensure its efficacy. In addition, she has been integral to ensuring all supporting information and instructions are medically accurate so that the device is used correctly/effectively, and treatment is tailored to the specific condition of the user.

Find out more about Amanda Savage, her qualifications, experience, knowledge, and affiliations here.

Amanda Savage

Comes complete with an easy exercise plan, created by Amanda Savage, to get results in 12 weeks!

Vaginal looseness and lack of vaginal sensation are usually closely linked. There aren’t many nerve endings inside the vagina and women feel “pressure” and “deep touch” more than light sensations. The sexual pleasure we experience comes from the rubbing and build-up of friction against the vaginal walls, which are layered with the pelvic floor muscles at the base and sides. These muscles need to have good tone and firmness to make the space feel tight and close to your partner, to activate the pleasure nerve endings and for you to be able to grip your partner (for more pleasure for both of you).

Our muscles will undoubtedly lose strength and firmness as we age, and it is not unusual to experience a lack of intimate sensation as a result. In addition, during the menopause, our bodies experience a significant drop in oestrogen levels, which can cause the vaginal lining to become drier and less elastic. However, it is possible to rebuild this strength/tone with regular pelvic floor exercise and regain that intimacy/closeness with our partners. Indeed, regular pelvic floor exercise will strengthen, tighten, and tone the muscles, as well as increase blood flow to the area, for increased vaginal sensation.

The included easy exercise guide has been created by Amanda Savage to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the vagina for increased intimate sensation. The routine alternates between settings, first using a programme to make the muscle fibres repeatedly contract and release to encourage the muscle fibres to grow. On another setting there is no contraction of the muscles, but the stimulation triggers nerve activity and increased blood flow - this is a good time to relax and “tune in” to the sensations that you can receive from the vagina area and become more body aware again.

So why opt to use an electronic device rather than performing the exercises yourself?

Well, it is thought that many women push downwards during independent pelvic floor exercises, which, rather than strengthening the muscles, can lead to further damage. In addition, it can be difficult to locate and target the correct muscles, making exercise less effective. The Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 Electronic Pelvic Floor Toner can be used to both exercise the pelvic floor muscles (to help them grow thicker and stronger) and bring more blood flow to the area to improve nerve sensitivity and general awareness. Removing the guesswork and essentially acting as a Sat-Nav for your pelvic floor muscles, it correctly targets and stimulates them. This builds strength and tone in a matter of weeks! With 20 clinically proven pelvic floor exercise programmes which vary in frequency, intensity and duration, the Ultra 20 is proven to treat a variety of different conditions, including vaginal looseness and a lack of intimate sensation. And, in addition to tailored programmes, the specific 12-week exercise plans created by Amanda Savage advise exactly how the device should be used to depending upon your specific concern/condition.