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Kegel Exercisers: The Ultimate Guide

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Exercising your pelvic floor muscles should be a part of your daily fitness routine, no matter your age. But, did you know that you can make Kegels easier with a Kegel exerciser?

What is a Kegel Exerciser?

A Kegel exerciser is a device that helps you perform those all important pelvic floor exercises. Simple exercisers offer biofeedback to show when you are squeezing the muscles correctly. Advanced exercisers are an even better alternative, such as an electronic Kegel exerciser. An electronic pelvic floor toner can work those pelvic floor muscles for you - all with the push of a button. An electronic device is a must have for those who cannot correctly contract their pelvic floor muscles, or for those who already have a weak pelvic floor (often characterised by little leaks when they cough or sneeze and/or even a prolapse).


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How Do Kegel Exercisers Work?

Electronic Kegel exercisers, like the Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner, harness your body's natural electric signals to stimulate a pelvic floor muscle contraction. A Kegel exerciser works by producing electrical pulses that stimulate the muscles and nerve fibres in your pelvic area. This can be achieved via an internal electrode or external skin electrode pads.

Just like a sat-nav for your pelvic floor muscles, a Kegel exerciser removes all of the guesswork, guaranteeing a successful workout every time!

30% of women push down when exercising their pelvic floor muscles, instead of lifting, which can lead to further damage.

What are the Benefits of Kegel Exercisers?

Kegel exercisers help to take the confusion out of pelvic floor exercise. The Kegel8 electronic toners produce comfortable and safe muscle stimulation that effectively contract the correct muscles in your pelvic floor – strengthening and toning your pelvic floor with the push of a button.

Using a Kegel exerciser ensures an effective and successful workout for your pelvic floor every time. Guaranteeing perfect pelvic floor exercises can improve the speed at which you see a noticeable improvement in the strength and tone of your muscles. A strong and healthy pelvic floor can:

  • Improve bladder weakness
  • Boost intimate sensations
  • Prevent pelvic organ prolapse
  • Minimise pelvic pain

Electronic stimulation of your pelvic floor muscles teaches you what an effective Kegel contraction should feel like – so that you can practice your Kegels anytime, anywhere!

  1. Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner
    As low as £133.32
    Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner 759 4.6 5 1

The Best Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner

This best-selling Kegel8 toner does all of the hard work for you. Just like a Sat-Nav for your pelvic floor muscles, the Kegel8 Ultra 20 removes all of the guesswork out of pelvic floor exercising to give you a successful workout every single time!

Developed with specialist physiotherapists and featuring 20 clinically-proven programmes that target a variety of common pelvic floor related issues, the Kegel8 Ultra 20 guarantees a stronger pelvic floor within a matter of weeks. You can tackle bladder weakness, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and a lack of sensation with one device!

Your Ultra 20 works by harnessing the body's natural electric signals to stimulate an effective pelvic floor muscle contraction. This can be achieved via internal stimulation with the innovative and ergonomically-shaped Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe that enhances the effectiveness of your exercises through gold-plated electrodes. Alternatively, achieve external stimulation via skin electrode pads.

Discover why the Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner is right for you >

  1. Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner
    As low as £124.99
    Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner 157 4.3 5 1

Pelvic Floor Exerciser to Make You Tighter

Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner

Your pelvic floor deserves a Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Toner if your weak muscles are impacting on your love life. This digital pelvic toner boasts 12 comprehensive pelvic floor exercise and relaxation programmes, featuring the all-important 'Vitality' mode to enhance sensation improvement.

1 in 2 women are worried about leaking during sex. If your pelvic floor is weak, sexual sensation will be reduced and your orgasms may be non-existent. This can impact both parties in a relationship.

The Kegel8 Ultra Vitality uses electronic stimulation to trigger weak pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax automatically. Exercising your pelvic floor whilst you relax, all with the push of a button.

Discover how the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality can transform your love life >

  1. Kegel8 V For Men Pelvic Toner
    Kegel8 V For Men Pelvic Toner 55 4.3 5 1

Best Pelvic Floor Exerciser For Men

Kegel8 V For Men Pelvic Toner

This revolutionary digital pelvic floor toner designed especially for men is the ONLY pelvic floor toner for men that can be used with an internal probe or external skin electrode pads.

The Kegel8 V For Men was developed in the UK with leading clinicians to ensure best possible results. You can use the V For Men toner anytime, anywhere, to improve a multitude of pelvic floor issues, including bladder or bowel weakness, erectile dysfunction, and pelvic floor strength. Plus, for those men who find it uncomfortable to use a probe to stimulate their pelvic floor muscles, there is the option to use external electrode pads with a number of Kegel exerciser programmes.

Discover how the Kegel8 V For Men improves male pelvic floor strength >

  1. Kegel8 Vaginal Cones
    Kegel8 Vaginal Cones 51 3.7 5 1

Biofeedback Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Kegel8 Vaginal Cones

These cones are a set of 3 weighted Kegel exercisers that are perfect for a pelvic floor challenge. Kegel8 cones provide an effective, at-home pelvic floor strengthening system that produce fast and effective results within 12 weeks.

Designed with one of the UK's top physiotherapists, these vaginal cones have a unique indicator tail which allows you to find out if you are exercising your muscles correctly. Acting as a resistance tool, you can immediately see whether your manual pelvic floor exercises are effective or not. If you squeeze and lift your pelvic floor muscles and the wand waves down - you've got the hang of Kegels. Plus, the Kegel8 Vaginal Cones are made from medical-grade Santoprene for top-quality hygiene and body-safe use!

This biofeedback exerciser can help women everywhere to learn how to strengthen, control and support their pelvic floor.

Test your strength with the Kegel8 Vaginal Cones >

  1. Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & Labour TENS Machine
    As low as £70.83
    Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & Labour TENS Machine 11 5 5 1

Best Pelvic Floor Exerciser for New Mums

Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & Labour TENS Machine

This device is a must for all mums. Combining a Kegel8 pelvic floor exerciser with a labour TENS machine, you can prepare your pelvic floor for pregnancy, enjoy effective pain relief during labour, and retrain your muscles after childbirth.

1 in 3 new mums suffer from bladder weakness after childbirth. Featuring specially-designed programmes to eradicate little leaks and incontinence, the Kegel8 Mother Nurture is essential for safely getting back in shape 'down there' after pregnancy.

Labour hurts, but with Kegel8 you can enjoy effective, drug-free pain relief. Labour TENS is a clinically-proven method of naturally blocking pain signals to the brain and encouraging endorphin release. You can even control your level of pain relief with the unique 'BOOST' button for those big contractions.

Discover more about the Kegel8 Mother Nurture >

  1. Kegel8 Biofeedback Pelvic Trainer
    Kegel8 Biofeedback Pelvic Trainer 46 4 5 1

Best Pelvic Floor Exerciser to Track Your Progress

Kegel8 Biofeedback Pelvic Trainer

This electronic, biofeedback Kegel exerciser helps to improve, measure and keep a track of your progressing pelvic floor strength. The trainer guide you through timed fast and slow Kegel exercises, and displays your current progress in real-time on the LED screen.

Featuring the unique Squeeze Scale™ that allows you to see the effectiveness and strength of each, individual pelvic floor contraction. Work through Training Mode to achieve optimum pelvic floor strength, and Free Training Mode for those vital Kegel top-ups - practice fast Kegel exercises if you leak under pressure and slow exercises if you can't go very long between toilet visits.

Monitor your Kegel progress with the Kegel8 Biofeedback Pelvic Trainer >

Do Kegel Exercises Make You Tighter?

If you make Kegel exercises a part of your daily fitness regime, you will definitely notice benefits inside and out. Benefits of a strong pelvic floor include:

  • Improved intimate sensations for both you and your partner
  • Decreased likelihood of developing urinary incontinence
  • Better control over your bladder and bowel
  • Improved pelvic floor support of your pelvic organs
  • Easier pregnancy and childbirth

Things You Need to Know About Kegels:

  • 50% of women perform Kegels incorrectly – often as a result of incorrect muscle use and poor technique.
  • Your pelvic floor muscles are just like any other muscle in the body – frequent exercise keeps them strong and healthy.
  • Kegels target two types of muscle fibres in your pelvic floor; fast twitch and slow twitch fibres.
  • A healthy pelvic floor is vital to maintain for all women, no matter your age!

All women need to do pelvic floor exercises


Which Kegel Exerciser is Right For You?

We have a wide range of Kegel exercisers, designed for the individual in mind. All of our pelvic floor exercisers are held to stringent standards to ensure that our customers are guaranteed a superior product. Our vaginal cones and electronic pelvic toners have each been proudly manufactured in Great Britain to the strictest quality and safety specifications.

Which Kegel8 Is Right For You

  1. Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Wand
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  2. Kegel8 Menstrual Cup
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    Kegel8 Menstrual Cup 8 4.8 5 1
  3. Kegel8 Pelvic Toner Lubricant & Care Pack
    Kegel8 Pelvic Toner Lubricant & Care Pack 48 4.3 5 1
  4. Kegel8 Tight & Tone Electronic Pelvic Toner
    As low as £87.49
    Kegel8 Tight & Tone Electronic Pelvic Toner 164 4.3 5 1

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I am absolutely blown away with Kegel8. I thought that ‘oops moments’ and feeling unattractive were the future, but I’m so excited that my life will change with this. It is the best purchase I’ve ever made. It’s life changing for me – thank you”
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This was recommended to be my Physiotherapist after I had a bladder prolapse. After 3 months, there’s definite improvement. I feel so much better that I am taking control – it has empowered me, and I recommend it to everyone. I try to educate other women about this, we sisters must spread the word!”
- Mrs KL

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