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Is your vagina stressed?

19 April 2022
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Expert answers women’s questions about vaginal HRT changes

The UK medicines regulator, the MHRA, is currently asking GPs, pharmacists and the public for their views on re-classifying vaginal hormone replacement therapy (HRT) tablets to sell them over the counter. But what would these changes mean for women going through menopause? Amanda Savage, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and trusted advisor to Kegel8 explains all…
2 March 2022
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Hop off that exercise bike to help your pelvic floor

Hop off that exercise bike to help your pelvic floor

Regular spin class visitor? You may want to think again. Read our blog why spin classes aren't the best for your pelvic floor.
7 January 2022
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Huge increase in Brits seeking help from Dr Google for intimate health issues

One of our goals here at Kegel 8 is to have open conversations and break the taboo around pelvic floor and intimate health. However, according to new data, there is still a long way to go in educating women about their bodies, what is and isn’t normal, and when to see a doctor...
2 December 2021
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The Most Confusing Intimate Areas (according to Google)

We decided to help confusion around male and female intimate areas. Can you relate? Should we be more open about this?
22 October 2021
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‘Winter vagina’: Fact or fiction?

‘Winter vagina’: Fact or fiction?

With World Menopause Day fast approaching, the topic is on everyone’s lips. The symptoms are being widely discussed, from headaches and hot flashes to breast tenderness and vaginal dryness.
15 October 2021
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Study reveals the most compatible Love Island pairings
Meet The Perfect Love Island Couple

Meet The Perfect Love Island Couple

What does it take to win Love Island? Well, we may have the answer....
9 June 2021
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Anorgasmia: What to do if you can’t reach orgasm

Anorgasmia: What to do if you can’t reach orgasm

Anorgasmia is the inability to climax. Also known as Coughlan's Syndrome, read more about it today.
28 August 2020
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