Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain refers to any discomfort, pain, or ache that occurs in the lower abdominal area, also known as the pelvic region. This area includes structures such as the reproductive organs (uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes) in women, as well as the bladder, intestines, and various muscles and ligaments. Pelvic pain can be experienced by both men and women and can vary in intensity and duration. Pelvic pain can have various causes, ranging from temporary issues to more serious underlying conditions. Kegel8 has a specialist Condition Guide for Pelvic Pain for women and men with every Kegel8 (Ultra 20 & V For Men) to help you manage pelvic pain when using eStim.

  1. women with Fibromyalgia are more likely to face certain pelvic issues compared to women without this condition
  2. Starting the new year with a goal of attending more spinning classes? Think twice. While spinning is undoubtedly a popular and beneficial workout, it may have some unintended consequences for your pelvic health.
  3. For many, sitz baths are the only way to get relief from irritation and painful cuts and sores or fissures in the vaginal, perineal and anal areas. Sitz baths not only soothe these regions but keep them clean, which is critical to preventing infection.
  4. Cycling can be a thrilling sport and a wonderful form of exercise. A key component that is often overlooked in cycling, however, is the role of the pelvic floor. Not only does a robust pelvic floor contribute to enhanced core strength and efficient breath
  5. Beating constipation is not only vital for gut health but also for maintaining a robust pelvic floor. Dalia Maori suggests the following strategies
  6. While stress is an inevitable aspect of life, its prolonged presence can have far-reaching effects beyond our emotional state.
  7. Don't let pelvic pain get in the way of you and your partner enjoying good sex, a few tweaks and you'll soon enjoy better sex.
  8. Every part of your body is intricately connected, and your core muscles play a vital role in supporting not just your lower body, but your upper body too.
  9. Can the colour of your skin affect your pelvic health, see if you are more prone to leaks, fibroids or pelvic pain.
  10. Let's Talk About Sex: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Fertility
  11. Squats & Your Pelvic Floor: A Dual Approach to Strengthen and Relax with Amanda Savage
  12. Overexercising, incorrect techniques, or neglecting your pelvic floor muscles can lead to discomfort or even pain in the pelvic area.