Dribblestop - Male Urinary Incontinence Clamps x 2

Dribblestop - Male Urinary Incontinence Clamps x 2

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  • Comfortable & effective penis clamps (2) to stop embarrassing dribbles & urine leaks effectively & comfortable
  • Safe, comfortable and highly effective medically approved urine clamp
  • Incontinence clamps can be worn all day or all night, or for shorter periods if required.
  • Two dribblestop incontinence clamps per pack and they're fully adjustable for comfortable sizing that fits just right
  • Safe and gentle pressure on urethra stops urine leaks and doesn't hinder circulation

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Millions of men around the world endure urine leakage that ranges from partial or full loss of urine. This can be as a result of prostate problems or nerve damage or following prostate surgery. For men who don't want a urostomy pouch (or urine bag) there is now a proven solution in the form of Dribblestop. This external penis clamp gently applies pressure to the top of your penis, as well as the urethra on the underside. The result is a soft, natural feel - this penile clamp is so small and comfortable, you won't even notice it's there! Since Dribblestop does not apply any pressure to the sides of the penis blood circulation is unrestricted, so it is safe and comfortable. 
Dribblestop allows a man to get on with his life and live it to the full, without fear of embarrassing leaks.
Your Dribblestop is guaranteed for 1 year on breakage - we'll replace it. The foam inserts are not covered by this warranty - since you will receive 2 clamps in your pack we recommend the clamps be alternated daily for the foam to keep its shape and form.

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Control post op leaks
Review by Ron Hayward
More comfortable than it looks. Helped me to control the leaks post op. Yes I would recommend.

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