Go Better Toilet Squat Stool - Experience 90% Less Strain

Go Better Toilet Squat Stool - Experience 90% Less Strain

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  • Toilet squat stool to prevents constipation and straining, making it easier to go naturally with 90% less straining
  • Create the perfect angle for full bowel elimination with this poo stool, no straining required, helps piles, prolapse & fistula.
  • Lift your knees on the squat stool and take the strain off your pelvic floor muscles, eliminate more and have less wiping too so less chafing.
  • A natural, drug-free way to do quick and effective bowel movements 
  • Using a squatting toilet stool can prevent piles, back pain, prolapse and other side effects of constipation
  • 8 Inches tall makes it the perfect height for all size toilets

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The Go Better toilet stool puts your bowel at exactly the right angle for quick and thorough defecation every time. It’s simple – unfold your poop stool, put it in front of your toilet and rest your feet on it. You’re ready to ‘go’! Research has found that by lifting your feet off the ground on the Go Better Toilet Step changes the angle of your bowel making it quicker, on average only 50 seconds, compared to 130 seconds while sitting. Straining is reduced by 90% and it’s cleaner too so there is less wiping No straining, less wiping it’s a must for prolapse and menopause.

With regular laxative use being linked to dementia and other debilitating conditions, we all know that managing constipation can be difficult. Health gurus recommend exercise, probiotics, fibre, and coffee and we want to add our simple toilet step too!

Easy to store away, this is not just for constipation, it’s for all of us who want a full elimination every time without straining.

Customer Reviews

Product Rating
This works like magic!
Review by Liz
This works like magic! Get one if you have to strain on the loo. It speeds things up and helps you go even when you wouldn’t be able to in the normal position.
Product Rating
Cleaner, stops straining
Review by Miss WP
Certainly stops straining and makes 'going' a lot easier. I struggled after the birth of my baby and this is the only thing that helped. Feels cleaner and more efficient.
Product Rating
Review by Jenny
Does what it says (won't go into detail). Arrived quickly, too.

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