In compliance with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2006, Kegel8 aims to reduce the amount of electrical waste being sent to landfill by providing you with our Responsible Recycling Initiative. The people behind Kegel8 feel very passionate about our beloved planet, and want to ensure we do everything we can to make it a better place.

Why Does Your Device Have to be Recycled Responsibly?

Electronic devices contain toxic materials such as plastics, lead and beryllium which seep into the ground when dumped irresponsibly. The incorrect processing of electronic waste causes serious health and environmental problems. The UK generates around 1 million tonnes of electronic waste every year, so correct and safe disposal of these materials is absolutely vital.

So don’t just throw away your trusty Kegel8 once you've finished with it, join our allegiance and be part of our Responsible Recycling Initiative!

How Can You Recycle Your Old Device?

WEEE LogoIf you see this symbol on your electrical equipment (e.g. your beloved Kegel8 Ultra 20), it cannot be put into household waste and must be 'treated, recycled and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.'

To recycle responsibly, all you need to do is send your device to us. We will carefully and correctly dispose of it, ensuring as much of it is recycled as possible.

Our Address

WEEE Recycling
Savantini Limited
Savantini House
Foster Street


What Do Kegel8 Do with Your Old Machine?

We will recycle your unwanted unit and batteries for FREE. We are WEEE registered WEE/FF5612UY.

As more than 1,000 electrical waste centres have been set up around the UK (with four in our home city of Kingston-upon-Hull alone), you can rest assured that your electrical device is going on to greener pastures!

No Battery Left Behind!

Even if you haven't purchased your electronic toner or portable batteries (AA/AAA etc.) from Kegel8 you may still send them in to us, and we will make sure they receive proper recycling and disposal.