Savantini Limited (Kegel8) Ethical Policy

At Kegel8, we have created our Ethical Policy to give guidance on how we will carry out our day-to-day business in a number of important areas as detailed below. We will endeavour to adhere to our Ethical Guidelines and values in the process of our everyday work and business.

We have created our Ethical Policy so that our customers know that when they purchase a product or service from Kegel8, they know that they are purchasing from a company that treats all staff, suppliers, customers and the local community in an ethical, sustainable and respectful way.


We know that without our customers, we are nothing, and so we will work together to give customers the very best customer service possible, before, during and after sales. We will always offer the best advice possible and treat every customer equally.

We believe that honesty and integrity are key to good business relations and as such, we will treat all customers this way. In the case of any complaints, issues or disputes, we will endeavour to resolve them quickly and efficiently, in the most helpful and responsive way we can.


At Kegel8, we know that our employees are one of our key resources and so will treat each and every member of staff as a valued member of the team. We believe in good communication, good employee relations, openness and inclusion, and as such every member of staff can expect Kegel8 and Savantini Limited to maintain proper standards, and in turn will maintain proper standards through their decisions and actions. We believe in promoting the personal development of our staff, and will seek to promote from within where possible.

We will treat every member of staff equally and without discrimination, regardless of personal beliefs, background, religion or any other ground, and we will give every employee equal opportunity for career development and personal recognition. We believe that a 'family' atmosphere promotes a great environment in which to work, so we seek to promote this atmosphere and make the workplace a place somewhere our employees enjoy being in.

We promote an 'open door' policy, so that if any member of staff has cause for concern or has any queries, they can bring it to the attention of management.


At Kegel8, we aim to act in an environmentally responsible way at all times in order to preserve and protect the environment both now and for the future, and as such seek to recycle wherever possible, save water and energy, and continually seek to improve our environmental efficiency.

We understand the importance of using resources responsibly, and as such aim to use recycled products wherever we can, and recycle as much of our waste as possible. We aim to minimise harm from our electrical waste and comply with the WEEE electrical waste rules.

Social Responsibility

Kegel8 and Savantini Limited are dedicated to acting in a manner that benefits the wider community. For example, we will seek to recycle our unwanted goods wherever possible, and donate to animal rescue centres, local charities and hospices, whilst taking into account local and national interest in concerns about our wider community.

Savantini Limited is a UK company paying UK taxes, something which we will always continue to do.

We are a British company, based in East Yorkshire, England, and aim to maintain our high quality standards by wherever possible, working with UK manufacturers, designers and suppliers. By doing so, we hope to help to preserve and promote the UK job market.


Kegel8 are committed to paying our suppliers on time, according to the terms laid out in the individual contracts with the supplier. We aim to operate on a basis of mutual respect and trust and as such will always deal with our suppliers in a professional manner at all times. We understand the importance of our excellent reputation, and seek to maintain the trust and confidence of those with whom we deal at all times.

Healthy Choices

Savantini Limited is a company supplying health products and so we seek to encourage good health amongst our staff by promoting healthy eating and healthy lifestyles both in and out of the workplace.

Health & Safety

At Kegel8, we provide a safe, comfortable and secure working environment for all of our staff, and will continue to do so both now and in the future. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all of our employees and undertake measures to minimise any adverse effects on the environment, wherever possible. We undertake risk assessments, of which we make staff aware, and we encourage our staff to take responsibility for ensuring their own health and safety in the workplace.


We are dedicated to keeping honest, accurate and complete records – whether this be regards to customer details, accounts, staff information or anything else. We will maintain our records in a timely manner, and keep them in secure areas, either locked filing cabinets or password-protected areas on our computer systems.


We at Kegel8 and Savantini Limited believe that the guidelines set out in this Ethical Policy will help to promote good standards of Ethical behaviour in all areas of the company, and will encourage good professional relations with suppliers, staff and each other.

We believe that our Ethical Policy will help Savantini Limited and Kegel8 to contribute to the wider community and act in a responsible way with regards to the environment. We will periodically review this Ethical Policy to add anything else we feel pertinent.