IFUs (Instructions For Use)

Welcome to Kegel8, your trusted partner in pelvic health. Our Instruction Manuals, also known as IFUs (Instructions for Use), are designed to empower you on your journey to a stronger, healthier pelvic floor. Whether you're a first-time user or a long-time advocate of Kegel exercises, our IFUs are your go-to resource for maximizing the benefits of Kegel8 products.

Regardless of your level of familiarity with pelvic exercises, our IFUs (Instructions For Use) offer a wealth of information to guide you through the intricacies of Kegel8 devices. With user-friendly instructions and comprehensive insights, our aim is to ensure that you not only use our products effectively but also gain a deeper understanding of the importance of pelvic health in your overall well-being.



  • Automatically activates weak pelvic floor muscles and calms bladder nerves using e-stim for clinically proven results. Locates and exercises kegel muscles even if you can't, restoring strength and control in weeks.
  • Strengthen & rehabilitate with the UK's best selling pelvic exerciser, 20 clinically approved pelvic floor exercise programmes - the most comprehensive pelvic exercise system, made here in the UK.
  • Patented 'Smile' screen ensures you see AND feel when your pelvic floor muscles are exercising to help re-educate your brain to control your bladder again to stop leaks.
  • 9 Condition Plans inc Prolapse, Intimacy, Leaks, Pelvic Pain, New Mums, Post surgery, Menopause to treat pelvic problems in just 12 weeks devised by top Pelvic Physio Amanda Savage means you get the best results for your condition
  • Class 2a Medical device which is also available VAT free.
  • Revolutionary digital pelvic floor toner designed especially for men, to tone, strengthen and invigorate the pelvic floor muscles
  • The best pelvic floor toner for men that can be used with an anal probe OR external skin electrodes
  • NEW 'Smile' feature enables you to see AND feel the pelvic floor muscles contracting for optimum strength & functionality
  • Regain bladder control, achieve stronger erections, and much more
  • See a noticeable improvement in bladder weakness within weeks
  • Expertly developed in the UK with leading pelvic health clinicians for outstanding results
  • Set of 5 graduated body-friendly wearable vaginal dilators with unique Kegel8 lubricant or medication delivery system.
  • Created by women for women who understand the needs of those using dilator therapy.
  • Ergonomic style in soft and comfortable silicone, no hard plastic to potentially damage delicate tissue & cause vaginal fissure
  • Unique gel delivery system keep vaginal tissue supple and helps prevent vaginal stenosis following radiotherapy and surgery.