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With a passion for not only our range of medically certified pelvic toners, but for excellent service, support and advice, we work hard to be at the heart of pelvic health and to emphasise the positive health implications of a strong pelvic floor. Not only do we sell solutions, we always offer ideas for management, support and further help.

At Kegel8 it’s all about you – more importantly your pelvic floor. With this being our priority, we want to make it essential to ensure you that we are more than just our products. The driving motivation behind the success of Kegel8 is our determination to break the taboo surrounding pelvic health.

So, how was Kegel8 created?

Kegel8 1988

In the beginning

It was 1988; the AIDS crisis was a growing cause of concern that spread worldwide.

Long before the birth of Kegel8, current Managing Director, Stephanie Taylor, found herself dedicating her work focus on selling condoms. She discovered that demand was high, and despite being in a male-dominated sex industry, Stephanie managed to get her company away from the kitchen table and off the ground.

Limitless, Stephanie expanded her company portfolio and began producing female-friendly sex products that could be used in psychosexual clinics - thus Passion8 was born.

Kegel8 2004

Birth of Kegel8

With an insight into the clinical world and working with patients, Stephanie continued to learn about the problems that female customers were experiencing – soon enough, there was a trend in the demand for vibrators that matched a rising figure of psychosexual dysfunctions. Women were losing intimate sensations and didn’t understand why.

This curiosity coincided with the birth of her son, and Stephanie soon became interested in the pelvic floor. After extensive research, she found that lots of work was needed to get her body back to its pre-childbirth condition. After discovering one product that was being used in clinics, she wondered why these devices were not available for home use. And, that was her lightbulb moment – Kegel8 was born.

Kegel8 2010

Location, Location, Location

The business continued to expand over the years. The Kegel8 website was launched in 2006, and employee numbers began to soar.

In 2008, the business moved to a bespoke warehouse office building in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Online shopping really began to take off, and a huge growth in demand meant that there wasn’t enough space available to fulfil customer needs.

The company relocated to iPark Industrial Estate in Hull in 2010.

Kegel8 2013


Over the next few years, Kegel8’s hard work in breaking taboos in pelvic health for both men and women was recognised across the country.

In 2012 the company was awarded the Regional Medilink Healthcare Business Award sponsored by The University of Sheffield Innovation Centre.

Recognition was awarded again in 2013 when Kegel8 were awarded the National Medilink UK Healthcare Business Award.

Kegel8 2017

Moving on up

Soon enough, the company exceeded expectations, outgrowing its home once again.

So, in 2017, Kegel8 moved to its current address on Foster Street, where we have a dedicated, experienced and qualified workforce of more than 30 employees – all of whom are committed to provide customers with solutions, support and any further help that they may need.

Kegel8 2023

Kegel8 2023

Kegel8 Ultra 20 is granted a patent for the screen 'smile' that works when your pelvic floor works. This ground-breaking advancement in pelvic floor exercise and rehab, means you get results in just 12 weeks.

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Kegel8 - More than just a retailer

More than just a retailer

At Kegel8 we like to pride ourselves on the fact that we are not just a retailer.

We recognise that every pelvic floor is unique, and that’s why each customer deserves a tailored solution to any issues they are experiencing. Not only do we offer solutions, but we also have an extensive range of informative guides to help support, educate and inspire customers to work towards a stronger, healthier pelvic floor.


Together, We Will Be Stronger