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So you haven't had a child? Honey, regardless – you need to be doing your pelvic floor exercises. Those teeny tiny muscles take a hell of a beating throughout life, and keeping them strong can benefit you more than you'd ever imagine.

How to do your pelvic floor exercises - and why they're so important - 12 November 2018

Top 5 Baby

As we do at Top Five Baby, we’ve chosen our top five, so you can know you’re buying a pelvic floor exerciser / pelvic toner that works for best you. We’ve tested and reviewed completely independently so you get an informed, unbiased opinion. Happy kegeling!

Pelvic Floor Exercisers : Our Top Five - October 2018

Glamour Magazine

Annabel May Oakley-Watson, 24, shares her first person account of what going through the menopause early - at the tender age of 15 - was really like.

This is what going through the menopause before turning 20 is really like - 18th October 2018

BBC Radio Humberside

Speaking on The Afternoon Show with Lucy Clark, Stephanie Taylor spreads the word of #PositivePause for World Menopause Day. "It's time we stop padding the problem!”

The Afternoon Show with Lucy Clark - 18th October 2018

BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour

Tina is joined by Dr Karen Morton and the co-founders of the website Talking about why it’s so important to talk about our sex life as we navigate our way through the menopause.

Menopause - 18th October 2018


There is still too much taboo surrounding the menopause. “It is time for people to be made aware of why the pelvic floor weakens, and the issues around that.”

Hull businesswoman speaks out on menopause - and why it isn't a taboo - 18th October 2018

Hull Daily Mail

While the #MeToo campaign empowered more women to speak out about issues like menopause, there is still a long way to go. “The market is huge, but we are dealing with a subject that covers so many taboos.

Hull businesswoman speaks out on menopause - and why it isn't a taboo - 18th October 2018

Health & Wellbeing Magazine

Want to reduce your risk of incontinence, boost your core strength and improve your sex life? Try these must-do pelvic floor exercises

4 Easy Moves To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor - 16th October 2018

See Her Thrive

In this episode of the See Her Thrive podcast, Clare Knox is joined by Stephanie Taylor, Kegel8 Founder and Managing Director, as they discuss the pelvic floor importance, top tips and tricks to improve pelvic floor health, and the benefits of using Kegel8 pelvic toners.

See Her Thrive Podcast, Episode 6 A lesson in pelvic floor health with Stephanie Taylor Founder of Kegel8 - 26th September 2018

Mail Online

While everyone should do pelvic floor exercises, many people still struggle to master them alone as the muscles can be hard to isolate. In this article Amanda Savage, spokesperson for the Professional Network of Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy, suggests some of the best gadgets to help.

How to be a super-ager: Experts reveal tips for staying healthy, full of vigour and young - 30th August 2018

Mail Online

Running puts three times your body weight on your pelvic floor which, if it’s already weak, can lead to a prolapse of the vagina, bladder and/or bowel. A prolapse is where the organ drops down, often into the passage beneath it.

New mothers should wait SIX MONTHS before running, performing star jumps or doing strenuous exercise after childbirth to avoid severe pelvic organ problems - 4th August 2018

Women's Health

Women tend not to understand how important the pelvic floor is,” says Stephanie Taylor, founder of pelvic floor health company Kegel8. “As a result, warning signs that it isn’t functioning as it should, often get overlooked.”

A Beginner's (and Not Cringe) Guide to Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor - 17th July 2018

British Journal Family Medicine (BJFM)

Stephanie Taylor, Managing Director, says, “Our team hears from thousands of women each year who are desperate for a solution to their bladder weakness or prolapse, having suffered for years in silence. Knowing that there are medically-proven, non-surgical ways to improve their situation brings them enormous comfort, and is a step on the way to rebuilding the confidence and the control they have lost.”

New campaign launched to emphasise the importance of pelvic floor exercises - 21st June 2018

Response Source

The #Pelvicroar campaign has launched, calling ‘time’ on the lack of awareness and support for this crucial area of health. Demanding closer collaboration between Healthcare Professionals, Fitness Trainers & Policy-makers.

#pelvicroar Campaign Launches to 'Get A Grip' on Pelvic Floor Health - 18th June 2018

Mail Online

"Using weighted [vaginal] cones is a bit like weight-lifting for vaginal muscles: it builds them up," says Dr Penelope Law, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Hillingdon Hospital and The Portland Hospital in London. "Kegel8 Vaginal Cones tells you if you’re doing the exercises correctly and you can track [your] progress to build up to heavier weights."

From a water spout that clears blocked sinuses to the fork that helps you eat less: The health gadgets experts say ARE worth buying! - 7th May 2018

Confessions of the Professions

Kegel8 have created an exercise and diet plan to help women improve their pelvic floor health, and sex life. Losing just 10% of your body weight can increase the strength of your pelvic floor by 50%. A strengthened pelvic floor provides increased sensitivity during sex and stronger orgasms for women.

Eat Your Way To A Better Sex Life. Strong Pelvic Floor Info, Benefits, and Improvements - 15th February 2018

Natural Parent Magazine

Weight gain and pelvic floor health are intrinsically linked – excess pounds cause additional stress. “By losing 10% of your body weight, you can increase the strength of your pelvic floor by 50%” says Consultant Urogynaecologist Mark Slack.

NEW YEAR, NEW PELVIC FLOOR - 24th January 2018

Mail Online

A new diet focused on strengthening your pelvic floor muscles says women can have better sex by eating the right foods and doing strategic workouts. Unlike most diets, the not-so-sexily named Pelvic Floor Diet isn't focused on weight loss, but on boosting the health of your pelvic muscles.

Can you EAT your way to a better sex life? New kegel diet claims you can intensify your orgasms if you eat the right foods and exercise your pelvic floor - 19th January 2018

Health & Wellbeing Magazine

There's no need for embarrassment or awkwardness when it comes to strengthening your pelvic floor, in fact, it couldn't be easier - simply chow down on these foods as recommended by Kegel8.

The Diet for your Pelvic Floor - 30th January 2018

Eva (Bulgaria)

Since the goal of regular exercise with pelvic floor muscles is not only to improve sex sensations, but also to tone and hormonal balance, and to regulate the monthly cycle, I was motivated not only to start, but also to perform regular exercises at home. - Article written in Bulgarian.

Monologues for the Vagina - 16th January 2017

Supported Mums

Vaginal cones and weights are a very different concept to electronic devices, cheaper and more accessible for most people. They are particularly good for building the endurance qualities of the pelvic floor – which we need for holding babies, carrying shopping and going for a run. Written by Physiotherapist, Amanda Savage.

Vaginal Cones: A Modern Girl's Guide to the Ancient Art of Pelvic Floor Weights - 28th November 2017

Mail Online

"If you've got problems we would recommend performing [pelvic floor] exercises three times a day every day for a maximum of ten-second holds for ten repetitions," says Katie Mann. "It takes around 12 to 16 weeks to change a muscle, and, exactly like muscles in the arms and legs, if you stop training it, it will weaken again."

It's Not Just Women - MEN Need to do Pelvic Floor Exercises, too! - 15th March 2016

Made For Mums

Kegel8’s cones come in a set of three different sizes. The idea is to progress onto a heavier weight as your muscle tone improves. How easy is it? Very simple to use. Made from soft silicone and ergonomically designed, they're very comfortable.

Tried & Tested: Pelvic Floor Products - 2nd April 2013


Light adult incontinence is a sign that you have a weak pelvic floor, so too are those “It doesn't feel the same anymore” intimate moments. No matter how many times you practice your “squeeze and release” exercises if your pelvic floor is weak, it won't get stronger and you'll become demoralised…

It's not just women - Kegel exercises - 13th June 2012

Made For Mums

In the UK, one in three women suffer from urinary incontinence. Yet, despite the normality of this health issue, particularly among pregnant women or those who have recently given birth, we often feel far too embarrassed to approach a medical professional for help – let alone discuss it with our friends.

Break the Pelvic Floor Taboo