Taking Kegels Seriously!

Health Sense - Charlotte Pearson of Mumsense Magazine makes sense of how to have a healthy spring.

LAI - light adult incontinence is a sign that you have a weak pelvic floor, so too are those “It doesn't feel the same anymore” intimate moments. No matter how many times you practice your “squeeze and release” exercises if your pelvic floor is weak, it won't get stronger and you'll become demoralised…

Top-of-the-range, the Kegel8 Ultra is an electronic pelvic exerciser designed to give you the most effective results ever. The Kegel8 Ultra is by far the best pelvic exercise machine available in the world today.

What makes it so different? Well it exercises your muscles on simultaneous levels, rather than the single level of the Kegel8 Tight & Tone. This means that the muscles fibres and nerves that make up your pelvic floor get the most effective stimulation very time.

We all know the signs of pelvic floor weakness, a few laughter leaks, not quite making the loo in time, not to mention those illusive orgasms.  For many women however, the scenario is far more serious; “heaviness” in the pelvic region can be the first sign of a prolapse and a staggering 40% of women will have some form of prolapse by the time they are 50. Lifestyle, age and weight-gain pose a great threat to the pelvic floor and regular use of the Kegel8 Ultra will ensure that you maintain a toned and supportive pelvic floor for the rest of your life. Many of us find pelvic floor exercises really difficult, feeling as though we are just not doing them properly or worse still, we just forget or do them.

The Kegel8 Ultra makes pelvic floor exercising easy; simply choose the programme that's right for you, insert the ergonomic probe and relax as it gives your pelvic floor the most thorough work-out ever!

It features 14 Physiotherapist designed programmes to combat conditions such as light adult incontinence, prolapse, lack of sensation and muscle looseness. Lasting between 20-45 minutes each programme exercises the muscles and fibres with your pelvic floor, invigorating and strengthening them - you'll notice amazing results in weeks. The sensation is totally painless and you'll be delighted with the new-found control and strength.

The Kegel8 Ultra is particularly recommended if you suffer with stress incontinence, urge incontinence, prolapse, or have undergone surgery for any of these conditions. It is also advised for pelvic pain, lack of sensation and getting back into shape after the birth of a baby.