Kegel8 In The Media

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  4. How Kegel8 Are Helping Women Across The World
  5.  in 3 women are affected by urine leakage daily. Incontinence, although common, is not normal, and you do not have to pad the problem or be embarrassed to talk to your GP about your symptoms.
  6. Why Every Female Runner Should Consider Kegel Exercises.
  7. Three Generations of Kegeling with Kegel8
  8. Nearly 80% of readers admitted that they did not exercise their pelvic floor muscles!
  9. Looking to enhance the efficacy of your pelvic floor exercises? Incorporating arm weights can fast-track your muscle strengthening journey!
  10. Kegel8 Spreads Menopause Positivity in Yorkshire
  11. Kegel8 and the menopause received a huge amount of attention yesterday, with mentions across multiple media channels including Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, Glamour Magazine, Hull Daily Mail, BBC Radio Humberside, and even the House of Commons!
  12. On World Menopause Day Kegel8 champions strong pelvic floor muscles and no embarrassing leaks