Study reveals the most compatible Love Island pairings

- Chloe and Toby could be set for trouble if they couple up –

- Brad and Lucinda’s relationship could be a fiery, passionate one –

- Millie and Liam are a match made in heaven -

After nearly two weeks in the Love Island villa, things look set to heat up as the islanders get comfortable and newbies enter the mix.

So far we’ve seen Shannon Singh and Chuggs Wallis brutally dumped and welcomed Rachel Finni, Lucinda Strafford, Millie Court and Teddy Soares to the ITV2 show.

But with fresh meat comes fresh heartbreak and it looks like there could be a rocky road ahead for some couples who are starting to think if they ‘could be happier’.

Researchers at Kegel8 have been hard at work analysing the cast’s star signs to discover which islanders are destined to be together…

Love Island Compatibility

And according to our data, the perfect love pairings could be Chloe and Brad or Aaron, Faye and Brad or Aaron. The really lucky ones have three potential matches: Toby would work well with Kaz, Sharon or Lucinda and Millie could find what she’s looking for in Jake, Hugo or Liam.

While it looks like it’s not on the cards for Libra Chloe and Gemini Faye in either of their astrology pairings, could this mean it’s not the end for Toby and Kaz?

Judging by our findings, Toby, a Pisces, could be successful on the show if he had stuck in his original couple with Kaz, a Scorpio. When in a romantic relationship, Pisces and Scorpio can work harmoniously, with plenty of respect and understanding due to sharing the same element of water. On the other hand, their union could also turn out to be tumultuous due to a Scorpio’s traits of being secretive, drama seeking and jealous.

However, as viewers have seen recently, things have started to heat up between Toby and Chloe, with the pair sharing a cheeky kiss on the terrace and coupling up.

While it may seem all good now, their star signs don’t quite match up and fall into the category ‘it is what it is’.

According to, a Libra like Chloe and Toby, a Pisces, could have a congenial and even-tempered romance, a potentially smooth sailing love affair with a well-matched enthusiasm, energy and desire for a sincere relationship. The issues that these two could face may be their tendency to slow down to the point of stopping when they get together or if Chloe is mentally manipulative, a tendency for her sign.

Meanwhile, new girls Lucinda and Millie have coupled up with Brad and Liam.

Although, while Lucinda and Brad look cosy, this could be a recipe for disaster.

When matched, a Scorpio like Lucinda and a Gemini like Brad need to learn to accept one another’s differences, as their relationship could be a highly passionate one, likely to result in arguments, with Brad’s flirtatiousness a factor that could grate on Lucinda.

There is no doubt that Millie’s date with Liam got fans of the show hot under the collar, with plenty of eye contact and flirty exchanges, so it's no surprise that the two are a perfect match.

Both Sagittarius’, Millie and Liam’s truth-loving nature could make them a great match, full of banter, shared interests and a perfect balance between intensity and giving each other room to breathe. Plus, they could soon become fan favourites due to their shared charm and charisma, which could be a real crowd-pleaser.

The bubbly blonde from Essex has a few perfect pairings, according to her astrological love matches, and could work with either Teddy (Sagittarius), Hugo (Leo) or Jake (Aries).

Millie could be a much better match for Teddy than Faye, a Gemini, with their union being similar to hers and Liam’s. Although, Faye and Teddy could be the new villa power couple if they stay together, with their personalities extremely compatible.

And when matched together, Millie and Hugo’s relationship could be full of fireworks, with mutual admiration, high energy and fiery passion.

But, controversially, Millie and Jake could be a match made in heaven as they have a lot in common, similar energies and interests and are highly compatible.

Jake and his current partner, Liberty, have already had words after the water engineer revealed he wanted to 'get to know' the new blonde. Sadly, if astrology is anything to go by, he and Millie are much better suited than him and the Birmingham babe.

Our data suggests that Virgo Liberty and Aries Jake should ‘re-couple immediately’. The two opposite signs need to work together as a team if they want to continue in the villa and make it to the final.