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Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 Electronic Pelvic Toner

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Key Features
  1. 90-Day Guarantee, free delivery and free returns
  2. Get a tailored exercise plan created by leading women's health physiotherapist, Amanda Savage, for results in as little as 12 weeks!
  3. Our best selling Kegel8 with 20 clinically-proven pelvic floor exercise programmes
  4. 'Smile' feature lets you to see AND feel when your pelvic floor muscles are working
  5. Comes with everything you need to get started straight away
  6. Now available VAT free

Money-back, 90-day guarantee

No-questions-asked, money-back, 90-day guarantee if you can’t honestly state that your symptoms have improved, and that your pelvic floor feels stronger.

If you don’t enjoy results within the first 90 days of using our product, we don’t deserve to keep your money. You have every right to ask for a full, no-questions-asked, on-the-spot refund anytime you decide. And if you decide you want a refund, there’ll be no questions asked and no hard feelings whatsoever on our part.

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Why is a strong pelvic floor important?

Your pelvic floor muscles play an essential role in bladder control, core strength and intimate sensation.
1 in 3 women will suffer from a pelvic floor disorder during their lifetime, but there is a simple solution to get your pelvic health back on track and ensure bladder weakness and lacklustre intimacy don’t affect your future happiness.

It can be hard to exercise muscles that you can’t see. The Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 Electronic Pelvic Toner removes the guesswork and is a proven solution to improve bladder weakness and intimate sensation, and prevent pelvic organ prolapse.

Insert Your Probe
Select Your Programme
Kegel8 Does The Work For You

How it works

Let Kegel8 do the work for you. Just like a Sat-Nav for your pelvic floor muscles, your Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 and Probe remove all the guesswork, meaning you have a successful workout every time!

30% of women push down when attempting to manually exercise their pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to further damage. Exercise easily and efficiently with the Kegel8 Ultra 20 and start seeing results within a couple of weeks .


Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 Electronic Pelvic Toner

Designed with you in mind

Your Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 Electronic Pelvic Toner features 20 programmes that are specially designed to help manage:

  • Pelvic floor exercise
  • Bladder weakness and incontinence
  • Prolapse
  • Intimate sensation
  • Pain relief

Get a tailored exercise plan to get results in as little as 12 weeks!

Specialist pelvic floor expert and leading women’s health physiotherapist, Amanda Savage, has created 9 exercise plans to accompany your Kegel8 Ultra 20. You'll find these included in the Let's Get Started Guide, which comes with your device. Get tailored treatment for bladder weakness, stress incontinence, prolapse, menopause symptoms, pelvic pain, lack of intimate sensation and more. In addition, find out how best to use the device for rehabilitation postpartum or following gynaecological surgery. These highly effective exercise plans utilise a unique combination of programmes and detailed instructions to ensure the optimum treatment of your specific condition.

Amanda Savage

What’s New to the Ultra 20 V2?

Boasting state of the art-technology and innovative new features, the all-new and improved Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 is the most advanced electronic pelvic floor toner yet!

  • No Connection Feature – Alerts you when the probe is not positioned correctly, ensuring optimum results.
  • SMILE Feature – Enables you to see AND feel when your pelvic floor muscles are contracting. Follow the ‘smile’ on the screen to visualise the ‘work’ and ‘rest’ phases of your exercise.
Kegel8 Ultra 20 Smile Feature

Make Your Pelvic Floor ‘Smile’!

NEW! The World-beating Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 screen shows you when your pelvic floor muscles are exercised in real time, we call this ‘work’ and ‘rest’– and it looks like a smile. The ‘Kegel8 Smile’ not only provides visualisation of the stimulation triggering your pelvic floor muscles, but it is also integral in helping to re-educate your brain. Adding this visual aspect synchronises the brain with the pelvic floor and, as such, it not only strengthens the muscles, but it also ensures the pelvic floor begins to function correctly again.


The Kegel8 Ultra 20 Has 700+ Reviews

Review by Becky
At last - a product that works!!
Having had two repairs each for prolapsed bladder and bowel, the last two just over a year ago, I was devastated to find I had another small bladder prolapse. Surgeon has suggested further surgery. I had previously purchased a similar product to Kegel 8 some years ago and felt it didn't make any difference, although I did use regularly. Took the plunge and bought the ultra plus a couple of weeks ago. Within days of using I can feel the difference. No longer do I have vaginal noise and a feeling of fullness and dragging. Better still I no longer have to use pads "just in case". I have been referred to a continence nurse in preparation for surgery to ensure that I know how to do my pelvic floor exercises. I have deferred the appointment, because I have confidence that if used regularly the ultra plus will work. My husband has already commented that there is a marked difference - if it can do that in two weeks then I am looking forward to the three month results!! ...
Review by Vee
Extremely nervous beforehand but love it now
I was nervous about two things: spending a lot of money on something I'd only seen on the internet, not heard of from a 'real' person - and also nervous about using something internally as I freak out during smear tests as they are so painful - I get vaginismus (also during sexual intercourse). Nevertheless I went ahead because I saw my middle age incontinence just getting worse and worse. I'm so delighted with this product - I use it twice daily on programme 3 for urge incontinence and can relax and listen to my favourite radio programmes whilst using it. I get to my front door, get the key in the door and can just about hold it in now without leaking only after two weeks of use at 30 to 40 MA. I long for the day when I may be able to do without pads and if things keep improving at the same rate I believe this day will come. At first I found the sensation rather strange but I've come to associate such positive results that I now enjoy using the machine.
Review by WHKL
Should have done this much much sooner!
I wonder why I took so long for me to do something about the problem I had with leaking. It had got to the stage that even going downstairs I would leak and when the lift at work broke I was goind down 3 flights of stairs and I could feel the leaks onvirtually every one. My sex life was non existant - we'll the occasional fumble, but I hadnt had an orgasm through sex for ages. I did some background research and my sister in law sore by her kegel8 so much so that I decided to try it. I havent got a prolapse like she has thankfully, but I know that something was not right. She wouldnt let me borrow hers (I would have bought a new probe) but I can understand that, she said it was such a lifeline that she didn't want to be without it (she has a stage 2 cystercele I think its called). I am 4 weeks into using this and I haven't leaked at all today so I want to dispense with the fuc**ng horribly panty pads that I had come to rely on over the last few years. I am almost ashamed ...
Review by Ru
Slight Prolapse
It is early days but I am extremely positive that I will continue to see results as I feel a slight improvement already. I am 64, I don't suffer from a weak bladder, I have not been to the doctor but I do feel a bulge and can only think this would get worse as time goes on. The bulge makes me feel down and I can't function properly as it is constantly on my mind. I have been doing exercises for the past 6 months but wish I had bought the Kegel8 Ultra 20 sooner.
Review by Jodie B
I knew I needed something to tighten me up, but I hadn't realised that there was something like this available! Quite honestly it is amazing, Hubby thinks it is wonderful and when I had a 2 week break recently he noticed straight away, it is that effective! Yes you do have to use it regularly, but for someone like me who goes to the gym, walks the dog, it just becomes part of my routine. I now use it 2/3 times a week. I don't have any leaks or mishaps, and my love-life is better than it has been for a decade. I tell all my friends, some have bought, some are embarrassed that I am talking so candidly about my problem/solution. These should be available on the NHS, simple as that! My sister bought one, she has a prolapse and is facing surgery, but she hopes with regular use she can stop it getting worse and hopefully avoid the knife! Can I also say that for the first time in my life I can have multiple orgasms – now if that’s not a healthy “side effect” I don’t know what is!...

What the experts say

The Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner is recommended by a number of medical experts across the UK. Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Amanda Savage, recommends using the Kegel8 Ultra 20 as it " can help you get all your strength and endurance fibres working".

Amanda Savage


Whats in the box

What's in the box?

The Kegel8 Ultra 20 comes with everything you need to get started straight away. Plus it comes with FREE Royal Mail 24 delivery so you can order today and start tomorrow.

  1. Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner
  2. Carry Case
  3. Quick Start Guide
  4. Kegel8 Probe
  5. Electrode Pads
  6. 9V Battery
More Information
Programmes20 Pre-set programmes | 3 Customisable
Recommended ForAll Urinary Incontinence
Light Bladder Weakness
Weak Pelvic Floor
Tighten & improve intimate sensation
New mums
Can be used withVaginal probe | Skin Electrodes
Included ContentsUltra controller | 9v battery | Kegel8 Probe (replaceable part)| Pack of 4 40X40mm Skin Electrodes | Lead wires | Instructions
CertificationCE | Grade IIa Medical Device | ISO9001-2000 | ISO13485-2003
Warranty2 Year Manufacturers Warranty For The Kegel8 Ultra 20 Unit. Extended Warranty Available
User Manual

View and/or download the Ultra 20 Instructions For Use here.

Clinical References

[1], (2014). Urinary incontinence - NHS Choices. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 May. 2014]
[2], (2014). Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) for overactive bladder. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 May. 2014]
[3] Conservative prevention and management of pelvic organ prolapse in women (review). Hagen S, Stark D
[4] Smith (1996) Intravaginal Stimulation Randomized Trial in treatment of stress urinary incontinence.

Technical DataView and/or Download the Waveform Programmes (English)


Dual channel: individually isolated circuits.
Amplitude: 0-90 mA into 500 Ohm load; actual mA will tend to be less than indicated due to electrode impedance: at 1000 Ohms load (Electrodes in poor condition) the maximum will be limited to 86 mA, at 1500 Ohms load the maximum will be limited to 65 mA.
Type: Constant current, maximum output voltage 180 Volts +10 / -30 Volts
Waveform: Symmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC current.
Selectable pulse width: 50 μS – 330 μS [2% accuracy].
Pulse Rate selection: in the continuous mode 2 – 100 Hz [2% accuracy].
Time duration of the treatment selectable: 1 minute to 90 minutes.
Low Battery Indicator: If the battery goes below 6.9 volts +/- 0.2 volts the battery symbol will flash on/off once every second.
Open Electrode Detect: If an open circuit is detected at the output of channel A or B the output current will be reset at zero.
Ramp up time: 0.1 – 9.9 seconds.
If the battery voltage is below 6.6 (+/- 0.2) volts the unit will not turn on.
Physical dimensions: 134 x 69 x 29.7 mm.
Weight: 0.18 KG with battery.
Environmental Conditions for use: +5 to +40 degrees Centigrade. 0-90% Humidity.
Environmental conditions for storage & transport: -25 to +70 degrees Centigrade. 0-90% Humidity.


Royal Mail 48 - 3-5 working days £3.99
Royal Mail 24 - 95% arrive next day (Including Saturday) £5.99
DPD - Choose Your Day - Guaranteed nominated day delivery (Monday - Sunday) £7.99
Royal Mail Special Delivery By 1pm - Named day or next day guaranteed by 1pm (Including Saturday) £7.99
Royal Mail Special Delivery By 9am - Named day or next day guaranteed by 9am (Including Saturday) £17.99
International Delivery from £8.99

Same Day Dispatch

Are you ready to start your Kegel8 journey to a stronger pelvic floor right now?
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Discreet Packaging

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Free Returns

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Speak to our Customer Care team if you have any questions.

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