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Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner

  1. Best selling Kegel8 with 20 clinically-proven pelvic floor exercise and relaxation programmes
  2. Includes the NEW innovative Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe; comfortable to use - even with a prolapse
  3. For pelvic floor exercise,sensation improvement, bladder & bowel incontinence, pain relief, and postpartum.
  4. Locates and exercises weak pelvic floor muscles making them strong again
  5. Noticeable results within weeks, this is a must for menopause, prolapse & hysterectomy too

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Order on the phone: Call 01482 496932, quote SKU: 9475

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kegel8 2 year warranty

It can be a devastating blow to realise that you are no longer in complete control of your body. Here at Kegel8 we understand all too well the effect that pelvic floor dysfunction has on every single aspect of a woman's life. Whether bladder weakness has you too embarrassed or anxious to leave the house, prolapse is making it difficult to go to the toilet or an uninspired sex life has led to relationship problems, in a matter of just 12 weeks, the Kegel8 Ultra 20 can help you to turn things around.

Who will benefit from using the Kegel8 Ultra 20?

All of us of course! Sadly we underestimate the importance of a strong pelvic floor. A weak pelvic floor isn't inevitable as we get older - do you recognise any of these signs?

Weak Pelvic Floor

Weak pelvic floor muscles - Kegel8 can help
  • Bladder Leaks
  • Uncontrollable Wind
  • Constipation & Straining to Poo
  • Tampons Fall Out
  • Love Life is Lack-Lustre
  • Lower Back Ache
  • Bulging "Pot Belly"

Strong Pelvic Floor

Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles - Kegel8
  • No More Accidents
  • Control Your Bladder & Bowel
  • Easy Toileting
  • Strong Vaginal Walls
  • Great Sex - For You and Your Partner
  • Strong Back, Ache-Free Hips
  • Flat Tummy

Bladder Weakness & Incontinence

It's no laughing matter! They may be called "laughter leaks", but there's certainly nothing funny about them. As we get older, it's not unusual to experience the odd leak here are there. But that's not to say it should be accepted as inevitable.

It is currently estimated that there are three-six million people in the UK suffering from some form of incontinence (urge, stress, overactive bladder), and 25-30% of women aged between 45 and 65 are thought to be within this bracket[1][2]. Merely going to the toilet more than 8 times a day could mean you are one of them; catch it early!

Incontinence Infographic - Kegel8 Incontinence Infographic - Kegel8
Doctor Chris Steel - Bladder Weakness

"The best way to treat Bladder Weakness is to exercise your pelvic floor muscles"

Dr Chris Steel

Pelvic Pain

Here at Kegel8 we understand just how debilitating pelvic pain can be. That's why we've taken time to find a solution that works - no more nasty drugs to make you drowsy. The Kegel8 Ultra 20 blocks the pain signals being sent to the brain and stimulates the release of endorphins for natural pain relief. It also helps to relax pelvic floor muscles that become "locked" in pain. Treatment is easy too, if you aren't able to use a vaginal probe you can stimulate points outside your body using electrode pads for fast effective natural pain relief.


Did you know that it is estimated 1 in 2 women over the age of 50 will suffer some form of prolapse[3] - that's when, one or more of the pelvic organs descends into the vagina. Medical evidence suggests that pelvic floor exercises will actually improve the symptoms and in many cases can stop a prolapse from worsening.

Michelle Kenway - Bladder Weakness

"After vaginal surgery (hysterectomy, prolapse...) pelvic floor exercises are important for pelvic floor recovery and long-term pelvic support."

Michelle Kenway - Physiotherapist & Author

Lack of Sexual Sensation

Is something lacking in your sex life? Well, if it's sensation, the chances are you're not the only one who doesn't feel it. You need to "feel" it to orgasm (and you won't with a weak pelvic floor), he needs to 'feel' you to keep his erection and orgasm too. Lacklustre sex and reduced sensations are a passion killer, however, in a matter of weeks the Kegel8 Ultra 20 could inspire the best sex of both of your lives!

"A weak pelvic floor means less sensation for both parties. Women get bored; men get restless. Relationships lose potency in direct proportions to pelvic-floor entropy."

John Warlock, Sunday Times

How does Kegel8 work?

So, just how does the Kegel8 Ultra 20 help you to regain control over your body and start living life to the full?

It's simple; with the use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and electrical nerve stimulation. Electrical impulses are introduced to the body by a probe, or electrode pad, which stimulate a contraction within the pelvic floor. These contractions exercise the muscles and, as with any kind of exercise performed regularly, build strength and tone.

This electrical stimulation from the Kegel8 works 90% of the pelvic floor muscles, unlike manual "Kegels" which target only 40%. [4] Shocking, we know!

40% of pelvic Floor Stimulated - Manual
90% of pelvic Floor Stimulated - Kegel8

What you get

  • Controller - with 20 pre-programmed sensation, exercise and pain-killing programmes
  • Probe - nickel-free Glide Gold Probe to help you achieve optimum results without nasty allergic reactions (10% women are nickel intolerant - have no fear - Kegel8 is here!)
  • Electrode Pads - If you don't want to or can't use a vaginal probe we have the solution. Kegel8 is the only home-use electronic toner in the world to use outside stimulation with clinically proven results.
Kegel8 Ultra 20

3 ways to use a Kegel8 Ultra 20

Insert a probe vaginally

Insert a probe vaginally to exercise the pelvic floor muscles

Electrode pads on your ankle

Electrode pads on your ankle - ideal if you don't want to or can't use a probe

Electrode Pads on the base of your back

Electrode Pads on the base of your back perfect if you can't use a probe


  • Sensation Test - designed to test your level of sensitivity so you can get the best from your Ultra 20.
  • Pelvic Floor Exercise - progressive programmes for overall strengthening and a great maintenance programme to keep you strong.
  • Improve Intimate Sensation - regain intimate sensation and confidence.
  • Incontinence - wide range of clinically proven programmes to tackle your specific type of incontinence.
  • Pain Relief – relaxation programmes to ease muscle cramps, pain and tightness.
Sensitivity Test Improved Sensitivity
Pelvic Exercises Intense Pelvic Exercises
Weekly Maintainance
Improve Intimate Sensation
Pelvic Floor Endurance Pelvic Floor Sensitivity
Overactive Bladder Mixed Incontinence
Stress Incontinence x2 Bowel Incontinence x2
Functional Continence Training (with skin electrodes)
Prolapse, Hysterectomy & Postnatal Incontinence x2
Chronic Pain Relief (with skin electrodes)
Pelvic Floor Circulation Pelvic Floor Relaxation
3 x Customisable Programmes

Using Kegel8 Electrode Pads

If you can't, or don't want to use a vaginal probe there are a number of programmes that you can do when you are using the Ultra 20 with electrode pads.

Programme 08 Pelvic Floor Sensitivity 4 Back Electrodes
Programme 09 Overactive Bladder Probe & Ankle Electrodes
Programme 12 Mixed Incontinence 4 Back Electrodes
Programme 13 Functional Continence Training 4 Back Electrodes
Programme 17 Bowel Incontinence 2 Front Electrodes
Programme 18 Chronic Pain Relief 4 Back Electrodes

Medically Certified

Think the Kegel8 Ultra 20 sounds too good to be true? Well, it most certainly is good, but it's also true. A number of clinical studies have been undertaken to substantiate the efficacy of our programmes, all of which verify its use as a treatment/prevention for pelvic floor dysfunction and the associated symptoms.

Kegel8 is Medically Certified

What you could save

Save money with Kegel8

Who shouldn't use the Kegel8 Ultra 20?

You are pregnant*

Once you've given birth to your little bundle of joy you'll need the help of the Kegel8 Ultra 20 more than ever. But remember to wait until after your 6 week check-up.

You have a pacemaker*

It may be possible to use the Kegel8 Ultra 20 with your specific pacemarker, but please check with your healthcare provider.

You have a form of pelvic cancer*

Why not try the Kegel8 Trainer instead? It will also build strength and tone, but without the use of NMES.

*Unless advised to do so and under medical supervision

Kegel8 Made in Britain

Invented, designed and proudly manufactured in Great Britain to ensure the highest quality and safety for all your medical needs.

Delivery & Returns

Fast delivery and FREE returns if you’re not delighted with your purchase from Kegel8

Royal Mail fast and discreet delivery or UPS for Next Day Express delivery

Expert Advice – our Kegel8 Customer Service Team is on hand to help you 8.00am - 6.00pm GMT, Monday to Friday and 10.00am - 3.00pm GMT, Saturday.

Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 9475
Programmes 20 Pre-set programmes | 3 Customisable
Brand Kegel8
Recommended For All Urinary Incontinence
Light Bladder Weakness
Weak Pelvic Floor
Tighten & improve intimate sensation
New mums
Can be used with Vaginal probe | Electrodes
Included Contents Ultra controller | 9v battery | Kegel8 Glide Gold Probe | Pack of Electrodes | Lead wires | Instructions
Certification CE | Grade IIa Medical Device | ISO9001-2000 | ISO13485-2003
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty For The Kegel8 Ultra 20 Unit. Extended Warranty Available
User Manual View and/or Download the Kegel8 Ultra 20 Instructions For Use

View and/or Download the Kegel8 Ultra 20 Quick Start Guide
Clinical References


[1] Nhs.uk, (2014). Urinary incontinence - NHS Choices. [online] Available at: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/incontinence-urinary/pages/introduction.aspx [Accessed 1 May. 2014]
[2] Spirehealthcare.com, (2014). Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) for overactive bladder. [online] Available at: http://www.spirehealthcare.com/hull/posterior-tibial-nerve-stimulation-ptns-for-overactive-bladder/ [Accessed 1 May. 2014]
[3] Conservative prevention and management of pelvic organ prolapse in women (review). Hagen S, Stark D
[4] Smith (1996) Intravaginal Stimulation Randomized Trial in treatment of stress urinary incontinence.

Form Waveform: Symmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC current.

Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner Reviews

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Quick results
Review by Jo posted on 9 September 2014

  • Vaginal looseness and lack of sexual sensation
  • Bladder Weakness including stress, urge and frequency incontinence
I bought the Kegel8 ultra 20 as I have stress incontince (cough, sneeze, star jumps are a no no!!!), if I put my hands or feet in water I have an accident & when I need to wee the urge is so strong I sometimes don't make it to the loo! Also during sex I have to work hard to try & tense my muscles.
I only bought it 4 days ago but already my husband says that he can tell a difference when we have sex.
Though I havn't noticed a difference with the other incontince problems yet.
It's v easy to use & not at all uncomfortable. The only reason I've deducted a star is because it isn't easy to work out which programme settings I would need for my particular needs.
The instruction manual is easy to follow but lacks information so after completeing programme 1 & 2 for sensitivity testing I've not been able to work out which programmes I should now follow. For that reason I've deducted a star.
Having done some research online I have discovered that other people too had the same problem & posted their questions in the Kegel Q&A section. Here I found the answers which are
stress incontince Programme 10
improve sensation during sex Programme 8
for general pelvic floor improvement Programme 3,
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(396 of 415 people found this review helpful)
It's awesome!
Review by mimi posted on 3 February 2015

  • Bladder Weakness including stress, urge and frequency incontinence
  • Prolapse
  • Recovering from birth and birth trauma
  • Vaginal looseness and lack of sexual sensation
  • Surgery
After I had my 4th baby, I knew that something had gone terribly wrong with my pelvic area. Not only could I not hold my urine, but going to the bathroom for #2 was also a real burden and very painful. But for me the worse part was the complete lack of sensation and the feeling of void during intercourse. This was the first time I had felt like this, and didn’t know what I was dealing with.
I went to several doctors who all confirmed to me that I had a mild cystocele and rectocele, and that I had to do kegels, and that maybe I would get better. I was really at a low point, I couldn’t walk for too long without feeling a balloon coming out from down there, couldn’t squat and give my kids a bath, couldn’t carry anything or I would leak, couldn’t be intimate with my husband… It had completely alienated me. I was doing kegels all day, and still there was very little improvement, I was really discouraged and started to look into surgeries.
My pelvic physical therapist told me that it seemed like I had nerve damage on one side, and that I had a very weak pelvic floor, and she mentioned something about e-stim, and that she had ordered hers from the UK (I live in the US). I decided that before I go ahead with surgery, I should give this a try, and lo and behold, after a few weeks I could sneeze and cough without a mess, I could walk and stand for hours, and I could squat! It’s incredible how you take those simple things for granted when they’re there.
I was using it every day, twice a day for about 5 weeks, then slowed down to a few times a week, but realized that I wasn’t really progressing anymore, so went back to exercising daily. About two months in, I ordered the pelvic trainer so I could track my progress and I was shocked to see I was only a 2 on the scale after all this work. I started taking vitamin D and collagen vitamins. My doc had tested my vitamin D on my 6 week post-partum app and told me I was deficient, but I didn’t take the vitamin since I was a new mom and not thinking it was a big deal. I never thought that it was related to my pelvic floor dysfunction until I saw they were selling it on this website.
Now, I have been exercising with kegel8 for almost 3 months and my life has changed dramatically… I am now a 5 on the trainer scale (so still room to grow) I am more active, I have NO accidents whatsoever, my rectocele is also so much better. Intercourse is getting back to normal!!!… It’s like night and day. I would strongly recommend this product, its easy to use, you just need patience and consistency.
Good luck ladies, hope it all works out.
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(252 of 269 people found this review helpful)
Anyone suffering do not hesitate to try this machine
Review by Maureen A posted on 30 June 2011

  • Prolapse
  • Surgery
I am 72 years old and have a stage 2 prolapse. The prolapse had become so uncomfortable and in fact I was finding it miserable to even walk around the town or to do housework. A friend recommended the Kegel 8 to me and upon speaking to yourselves I purchased the Kegel 8 Ultra. I have used the Kegel 8 for nearly 8 weeks everyday starting with the M.A's at 28 and now at 37. I cannot believe the difference this has made to my life I have just been abroad for a long holiday and have been able to walk and dance everyday. I would fully recommend anyone who is suffering from this horrible feeling of bulging around the vagina to use the Kegel 8 Ultra. It takes just 20 minutes a day to improve life so considerably. I will continue for a further 4 weeks everyday and then every other day for a while eventually just for a couple of times a week thereon. Anyone suffering do not hesitate to try this machine it can make life so much more comfortable and, hopefully, save surgery.
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(213 of 230 people found this review helpful)
Kegel8 ultra20 for rectocele
Review by Billyjumps posted on 10 January 2016

  • Prolapse
  • Surgery
I bought this little gem only 2 weeks ago and what a difference it has made. I write this review with the hope that it will help someone like it has for me.I don't write reviews but this most definitely deserves a great one.
Since being diagnosed a few weeks ago with a rectocele I religiously started manuel kegels however the real improvement came when I began to use this machine. Within 2 weeks I can now sit down without pain and discomfort. I can get through the day without backache , tailbone pain and the horrible feeling of needing to empty my bowels all the time. I already eat a well balanced diet and dont really suffer with constipation . The feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation was being caused by the rectocele. Every morning after going for 2 poops I had to resist the "false" urge for the rest of the day to avoid making the prolapse worse. I also have a glass of prune juice every day and this has helped tremendously to keep the stools soft and regular. I no longer have to take pain killers which made me feel groggy all the time .Within 6 weeks I have gone from being virtually bedridden with pain and discomfort to feeling almost normal again. I hope this helps someone reading this who feels like I did, hopeless and like my life was over. I still have a way to go but I am optimistic for the future now and will probably be able to avoid surgery at least for now.
Best Wishes to all you ladies who are suffering like I was xxx
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(163 of 178 people found this review helpful)
best thing I have done for myself
Review by sixty girl posted on 5 December 2015

  • Bladder Weakness including stress, urge and frequency incontinence
  • Recovering from birth and birth trauma
I am sixty plus. Had bladder leaks since my forties. Did the manual kegal for year's on and off. These helped a little but as I was getting older I found myself needing the loo more and more frequently. Then I started to have awful urine urgency. I found this very distressing. I had a couple of very close calls where I nearly didn't make it to the toilet on time. Still embarrassing to Say once I didn't maje it at all. I bought my Kegal 8 ultra 20 in July 2015. I have purposely left this review until Dec as most reviews talk about the early days of using the machine. Within a week things were much better. I had lots of gaps using the machine sure to going away and so on. I eventually finished doing the sensitivity programs in November. I now find I go to the loo less than my younger daughters. Urgency has all but gone. I am planning to continue using the machine. My ultimate goal is to not have to get up for a wee in the night. Sounds Like a cliche but wish I had bought this year's ago.
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(135 of 145 people found this review helpful)
Wonderful product
Review by Ellie posted on 11 September 2012

  • Prolapse
  • Recovering from birth and birth trauma
  • Pelvic floor exercise
I am absolutely delighted with my kegel 8 ultra. I was diagnosed with a stage 2 anterior vaginal wall prolapse following the birth of my second child. I managed over the course of about 10 months to treat it successfully with pelvic floor exercises and avoiding inappropriate exercise and heavy lifting. Three years later and I had become complacent, not doing my pelvic floor exercises every day and doing unnecessary things like mowing the lawn that are very hard on the pelvic floor muscles. Last month I felt a sudden (and very upsetting) deterioration - a bulging sensation in the vagina that told me the prolapse was back. I did some research and discovered the kegel 8 site and read many reviews on different sites rating it highly. I couldn't face another 6 months before the pelvic floor exercises improved my symptoms so I decided to risk the expense and try the kegel 8 ultra, which has a prolapse setting. I'm really surprised - after 10 days of use my symptoms are greatly improved; I can hardly feel the prolapse. I assumed it would take much longer to improve. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It's a lot of money to spend but absolutely worth it - having a prolapse is so unpleasant. Thank you so much Kegel 8!
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(131 of 141 people found this review helpful)
A very worthwhile investment
Review by NadM posted on 28 December 2011

  • Bladder Weakness including stress, urge and frequency incontinence
  • Vaginal looseness and lack of sexual sensation
After 5 pregnancies and 5 badly photocopied leaflets each hastily handed out by the midwife upon leaving the hospital I knew I had a pelvic floor, I knew I had to exercise it and I even knew how to contract it but I also knew that I would never do those exercises.
There would be no time and there wasn't, there would be no guidance or help and there wasn't and mostly there would be no incentive and there wasn't.
Until the day when after purchasing an exercise video I realised that I would not be able to complete the 20min session without incontinence pads.
This was an indignity too many. I might never get rid of those stretch marks but I was damned if I would not get my pelvic floor back!
After a lot of research I bought the Kegel8 Ultra and I can say that not only has it been the most life changing purchase I have ever made but it has also been the easiest and most efficient exercise routine I have ever experienced.
In only 2 months after a little bit of fumbling (which was soon put right thanks to the lovely ladies of the helpline) I am home and dry!
I am still using the Kegel8 as part of my exercise routine and look forward to further improvements to my sexual life.
Final words: If you want to get control back over your pelvic floor effortlessly you have found the solution.
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(110 of 116 people found this review helpful)
Review by Satisfied posted on 18 February 2016

  • Bladder Weakness including stress, urge and frequency incontinence
  • Vaginal looseness and lack of sexual sensation
My ex-husband used to complain all the time how loose my vagina was. Needless to say it killed my self-esteem and sex drive completely. One year ago I did two things. I bought the Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner and divorced him.

I've had two sex partners since and both can't stop complimenting me on how tight I feel. My ex is really missing out. I use my 'kegel-8er' an average 12 times per month just after my period so I'm nice and tight for the next two weeks. P06 in the morning and P08 at night. I also take it all the way to 90 for both programmes or any other I choose to use in between. I never use it more than twice per day or run back-to-back programmes. The only regret I have is not keeping a spare probe because now mine is broken (after a full year I don't mind) and I'm panicking.

I'm 38 with no kids. My current partner and I are trying to conceive and I will definitely come back with a follow up review on how the Kegel8 perform post birth.

I did not have incontinence or sneeze pee problems but I noticed that I can now hold my pee in with a death grip. I can also start and stop my pee several times mid flow. When I insert my finger I can feel a strong grip I never felt before. One problem I noticed from day one though is that I feel no sensation on one side of my pelvic floor. Nevertheless, sex is extremely pleasurable now and I feel completely confident in my newfound 'tightness'.

Thank you Kegel8.
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Stick at it
Review by Sarah posted on 8 December 2015

  • Prolapse
  • Surgery
  • Recovering from birth and birth trauma
I'm 39 had two huge babies and did a lot of heavy power lifting during my 30's. I had a cystocele which I could feel close to the opening of my vagina. It was painful at times and really limited my confidence and quality of life. I've had my machine since July and during this time I've fell in and out of love with it. In the earlier months I felt my problems were one day feeling better and the next feeling worse-much worse. So I went through periods where I stopped using it then went back to it. The problem we have with our condition is that it's hard to pinpoint what can be making things feel worse or better, so sometimes I blamed the machine.
I eventually decided to ignore this as I didn't know what else to do and I solidly used it twice a day for a good few weeks prior to seeing my doctor. My problems have improved, my cystocele is almost out of reach from my fingers and when I avoid caffeine and ensure regular bowel movements I'm feeling almost normal again. My doctor had said to continue with what I'm doing as he can expect to see an even greater improvement within the year -without surgery! I think we just have to be patient. These exercises have clearly worked for me and I'm in no doubt my machine has helped and that there will be more improvements to follow.
My advice is therefore. Be patient and do not fall out with your machine. It will help you!!
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(89 of 99 people found this review helpful)
Excellent product with quick results
Review by Curlygirl posted on 29 July 2015

  • Bladder Weakness including stress, urge and frequency incontinence
  • Prolapse
  • Surgery
I purchased this machine 2 weeks ago as I suffer from stress incontinence due to a cystocele (bladder prolapse) I have a rectocele (bowel prolapse) and the inability to evacuate my bowel due to bagginess and damage following difficult deliveries 29 years ago.
I have used it 16 times in total so far and cannot believe the difference it has made to me in such a short time. I have not had the urge to urinate as frequently and the desperate urge to make it to the toilet has lessened significantly. Most impressively is the fact that today I have emptied my bowel without any aid for the first time in 5 years which is astounding.
I am due to have surgery to try and hold my bowel prolapse in place but have asked my consultant for 3 months grace to wait and see if this Kegel toner can improve things enough to be able to cancel the surgery.
I ordered a perisphera - H probe after 10 days as I have some awful scar tissue following a huge episiotomy that has no feeling - this new probe can be felt working its magic much more efficiently and seems to work the muscles on the back wall into my rectum very effectively.
I have already recommended this product to my mother in law who spends her life on the loo - she was keen to find out more so visited your web site.
Fingers crossed I can cancel my surgery and enjoy a much more trouble free life. Thank you for an amazing product - so glad I stumbled upon your site!!!
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(88 of 95 people found this review helpful)
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Product Questions

I'm very unsure of the intensity-level I should set when running a program.
For best results should intensity be as low as possible or as high as possible?-?
Actually I tend to keep it rather low, so I push the + button until I feel the probe working, then stop it at that level.
Don't know if I am doing it right...
Your advice would be very helpful as I'm still waiting for positive results after having used the ultra 20 for over 6 weeks!!
Thank you!!!
What is the difference between the kegal 8 and the ultra 20?
Ive bought the kegel ultra 20 after doing my research. I just wnted to know which programme is best for me becausr im a little unsure of which one to choose. Ive got very weak pelvic floor muscles which i cannot move at all myself & i mean theres nothing, no movement not even a twich please help
I bought the kegel8 Pel Fit a couples of months ago. I find it ok,
Now with the new machine that's out, the ULtra20. .i'm not sure if I should buy the new one.. I still suffer from stress incontinence, when I cough laugh and sneeze, also I have on over active bladder. Which machine would be best for me.. I'm 48 and suffering for a long time now.. I don't have a prolapse, we'll not yet anyway... Thanks
I have anal leakage will the kegel20 help with this ? Do you have to buy a different probe ?
I am using P15 and P03 recommended for prolapse. The probe does not stay in even when lying down using a cushion- my muscles seem to push it out. I am not sure if it is positioned right. If I push the probe higher up, I can't feel anything.
Where I position it (and currently holding it in place) I can feel a tapping sensation but you describe feeling the muscles working. I am not sure that I feel this- how do you know?
Hi im using my kegel 8 ultra 20 but im worried because my probe doesn't look like the picture in book. Mine has got 2 round bits spaced slightly apart from each other & the first one goes into my vagina but the second one doesn't go all the way in because the plastic bit at the end prevents this. Im not sure im using it right please help

I'm 24 and after having a Son 4 years ago and twin boys 9 months ago I have now found out that I have a second degree uterine prolapse or prolapse of the womb. Surgery and pessarys are just so unappealing to me especially as it can affect your sex life!

Can this product help a prolapse of this degree and if so which one should I be going for as under comparison the Ultra, Ultra Plus and Vitality seem to do the same thing?

I have a gynae appointment in 3 weeks and wanted to do this ASAP to see if it showed even a slight result. Would give me some hope!

Ive been using Kegel8 Ultra for over 2 weeks and have noticed a difference for prolapse and pain relief. Problem is ive been useing PO1 and PO2 on diffrent days as i am not sure which program i should be using. Also i have had a prolapse operation 3 years ago .please reply to this email . Any advise from anyone would be appricated Thankyou .
I have owned my Kegel ultra 20 for about 6 months and use it once a day.
When I used it this evening, it switched itself off. When I turned it back on it would not allow me to turn the mA past 9, it would just go back to 0.
I had a look through the troubleshooting section which advised that the probe may not have been inserted correctly, but it is exactly how I have always used it previously without problem.
I was using programme 8.
Please could you advise me as I would be very disappointed if the product was already broke after spending all that money on it.
Hi I have the kegel8 ultra 20 as I want to increase my tightness. Should I just use programme 6 twice a day or is it best to for example do programme 6 in the morning programme 7 in the evening programme 8 the next morning then start again with 6 that evening etc ? Thanks
Hi im using the gold circle probe which is great, but ive noticed it has discoloured. Is this normal? Because im worried it wont work properly. Thanks jo.
Hi there!

I'd really like to buy one of your machines, but I'm unsure of which.... is the Ultra 20 a more recent (read: better, more effective) model than the Ultra Vitality-model? I want the best, most effective and fastest machine, aimed at both stress incontinence and improved sensation during sex. Which one should I go for? :)
Hi, by what increments would you suggest to increase to strength of the pulses? Should you get to 100 before moving to another program or is it possible that some people cannot get past a certain pulse strength without feeling discomfort so that they should not increase the pulse strength or is it just a matter of time with small increments until everyone can reach 100? Should you use the same pulse strength for a while/number of times before increasing it or can you safely increase the pulse strength every time? Should you stick with the same programe for a while and, if so, for how long or can you alternate programmes i.e. one programme on Mondays, another on Tuesdays etc? Many thanks!
Hi, 2 questions please: 1) I suffer from stress incontinence and heavy painful periods. I am due to have a hysterectomy in about 2 months time. Will the kegel8 help with the pain or the heavy bleeding? Should I try and build up my pelvic floor before the hysterectomy and 2) can you use it walking around or do you have to lie down? ( sorry, that was 3 questions!) thanks :)
What programme should be used for sacral nerve stimulation.
Hi, I'm 43 and have had three children on the last 4 years. I've not been diagnosed with a prolapse but am concerned that my vagina seems 'baggy', a bit seems to hang out and my bum bulges when I have a bowel movement
iam 88 years old got all my mind but would this work on my prolapse bowel
I leek all the time
I have just come out of hospital on Saturday 12/10/13, I did not want a hysterectomy, but was under the impression that a net would repair and support my internal organs. When I came out I had had an anterior repair and I still have a slight prolapse will I need to have a hysterectomy, or will use of a kegal machine help my prolapsed womb, and save the prolapse getting any worse.
Hi, I have a kegel 8 ultra for a slight prolapse womb,I have misplaced the booklet, could you tell what programme I should use? Thanks
Hi, I have been using the kegal ultra for 3 days, twice a day morning and night. My question is that I'm using it at 40 and will that be strong enough to make a difference?? I'm alternating between programmes 2, 3 and 5. I have a prolpse of bladder and have appointment with physio in a months time. Too long to wait. :(

Please can you help?

I had been vaguely aware of problems, i.e. mild discomfort, but a severe bout of constipation post-surgery (for an unrelated problem) has made me aware of a very low vaginal prolapse. Which device would you recommend for a rectocele. which is very low down, right at the opening of the vagina.? I believe there are no signs of prolapse higher in the vagina. Could regular use reverse the condition, and avoid the need for surgery?
Hi there,
I have recently purchased myself a kegal8 ultra, I am just a little confused as to what programme's I should do. I have had two children one 6yrs & one 10months old. Since having my children I have not been able to regain the strength of my pelvic floor muscles. I bought this item to regain strength of my pelvic floors also for help with sensitivity. Since I had my children it is lacking in that department so I have been doing programmes p08 & p09 before bed. Are they the correct ones I should be doing? Or do I need to do anything different? Also how many times a day/week should I do these programmes? Look forward to hearing from you, Thanks :-)
Hi,have had my kegel8 for a week now but today, using P15, I can only go as high as 10 mA then it reverts back to 0.
Surely this would not need a new battery yet ? I use it twice daily on P15and once on PO3?
I'm a 45 year old with a 13yr old and a 3yr old. I have stress incontinence since my first child but it has got worse after my second. I generally need to tighten everything up. I really want to get a Kegal8 product but I am unsure which one to buy.
Please could you advise me.
I have a rectocele prolapse and have been reading a lot of the reviews which are very helpful. What other items will i need to purchase with the kegel8 ultra if this is the correct one for me.Please can you tell me if its suitable.I have seriously been thinking about having surgery but as i am Asthmatic i am reluctant to have surgery I am tired of having lowdown pain and back pain.Thank you sharon..
Hi there
After having a natural delivery 10lb baby 6 months on I m left with what my gp says lax walls and a slight bladder prolapse it's feels terrible heavy feeling down below I also occasionally leak for no reason just a drop or so when I m walking or sitting I have purchased kegel8 ultra being doing programme 15 twice daily and will go onto doing programme 3 then bk to 15 is this the best for my symptons I m also doing hab-it DVD excersises taking vitamin d3 and have lost weight and taking ortisan cubes to keep me regular
What programmes do you recommend I find the guide confusing at times as I have mix of symptons also does the kegel help eliminate that bulge type feeling down below ?
I am 50 years old with three children. I am lucky and don't have a problem with incontinence at all but I have found that I don't have much feeling during intercourse and things could do with tightening up a bit. I have bought the Kegal8 Ultra 20 and am wondering what programmes are best to use. Also is is ok to use two programmes one after the other? I have been using PO6 once in the morning and once in the evening for a couple of days now. Thank you
Please could you tell me if my kegal8 ultra 20 is broke as it won't go past 10 mA
Hi i am thinking about buying kegel8 ultra,I have two children and i now want to strengthen my pelvic floor for many different reasons. I am not sure if i am doing kegel exercises right when i do them by myself so i am wondering will the kegel 8 ultra assist me in doing these exercises? Thank You
I had ovarian embollization with platinum coils three weeks ago. I would like to know if I can safely use your product.
I ordered kegel8 ultra 20. Just started to use it. I noticed when I change position, the intensity changed as well. For instance, the pulling or tinkling sensation is much stronger in sitting position than in lying position. Is there a best position of using the machine? Can I use the machine while I am lying down? When I am in sitting position I barely can reach 40,but when I lying down I couldn't feel anything. Is that normal?
Hi, I had a vaginal repair following a prolapse of the bladder around 3 months ago. Because of having Chemotherapy 10 years ago my oestrogen levels suffered badly. My consultant has prescribed oestrogen cream for the rest of my life and had advised applying twice weekly . I purchased a Kegel 8 a few weeks ago but have read in the instruction manual that whilst using oestrogen cream its best not use the Kegel;. can you clarify the situation please as I'm concerned that I will not be able to use my kegel8.
Just wondering if it is ok to use if you have a coil fitted?
I have been using my Kegal since 1.1.15 this year and am already on my third battery. I use programme 14 and 03 alternating programmes using twice a day the MAs no higher than 60 . Should the batteries be dying this quickly ?
It may cost me near £10 per month to use.

further to my question on 1/7/14, I have been using programme 9 and using both the probe and the ankle electrodes.
The booklet says that the programme is continuous and lasts for 60 minutes, it doesn't, it stops and starts and lasts only 20 mins. Is this correct?
Should I also be using another programme to strengthen my pelvic floor?
I've been using the kegel8 ultra 20 for 3 months now & have been diagnosed with a moderate cystocele. I don't think my condition has got worse but at times still feels very uncomfortable. I haven't missed one day exercising & have been using programmes 14 & 03 as stated in the booklet. I desperately want to avoid surgery so is it ok to carry on using every day & should I now try some different programmes ?. Many thanks.
Hi I have the older ultra model and struggle to get any results. I use the probe with the two inputs. I can barely feel any sensation on the left and can comfortably ramp it up to 90 on the left and 80 on the right. Would the new model be of benefit? I seem to have very limited sensation despite my youngest child being 6. What more can I do? I don't feel there has been any improvement in sensation or tone. Is the new one any stronger?
I am 62 years old and had a hysterectomy and vaginal repair 2 years ago for a prolapsed uterus, rectocele and cystocele. I have a small rectocele again and possibly cystocele. I purchased the ultra 20 with great hopes and was very impressed with the immediate feeling that it was working. Unfortunately from the very start I had a very hot, itchy reaction after use. I used the free sample of lubricant at first then the Ke gel that I had purchased with the same results. I have a known nickel allergy and some sensitivity to perfumes and maybe other chemicals. I assume that I am allergic to something in the gel as the probe is gold plated so should be OK. I think that the probe is more effective using the gel and wondered if there were something else you could recommend me to use, I would like to continue using the probe. (I do from time to time suffer from vaginal dryness but I use a hormonal cream to keep this under control, could it be something to do with this?) I would be grateful for any suggestions you can make. Also I bought 4 bottles of Ke gel and have only opened 1 and the other 3 are still in their plastic wrapping. Would it be possible to send the 3 back for a refund as I cannot use them?
Apologies if you have already received this question. I thought that I had sent it on 21st August but having had no response yet am doubting that I pressed the submit button.
Six years ago I had a hysterectomy and trans obtural tape inserted, the 1st surgical insertion of the tape went through my bladder and had to be removed and a new tape inserted. I now suffer from a bladder prolapse and severe nerve pain and bladder irritation. Would the kegel8 ultra be suitable for me to use?
Hi, I'm trying to use P08. The instructions in the manual are a bit confusing re: mA. It says first that it should feel like mild tingling sensation. Then it says not to exceed 25mA. I don't have any sensation at 25mA - I do get tingling around 40-50. What do you recommend? Can I use this program on 40-50? Thanks!~
i have just started pro 9 twice a day on a 30 then it drops down to a 22 after so many min is this normal ? also started taking Vitamin D3 1OOO IU (25) it says 1 aday but on your website you state 2 a day which is right and taking 2 a day will it be classed as over dose .
I had my baby 21 days ago ( first one ) and I'm 22 year old. I took me some courage yesterday to grab a mirror and check my intimate area ( I wanted to wait a bit because I had an epitosomy and stiches and didn't want to gross myself out.
To my surprise I can't even tell where I had any cut or any stiches, but the shock came from somewhere else. The entrance to the vagina is huge. I mean so huge that in a paradox universe probably I could even place myself in my vagina through that entrance. I grabbed some surgical gloves and I've inserted one finger into the vagina, just to realise that I could have easily put the whole fist into it! Yes, I'm just being poetically dramatic, but you know what I mean. So this is how I ended up on your site, after some research about Kegel exercises etc.
My questions is, will it help me to tighten back my vagina for it not to feel like a freakin' western opening scene with the wind blowing the tumbleweeds?
Hi, I have just started exercising after having my first child 18 months ago and noticed when jumping around in a class I feel like I need to urinate and occasionally leak a bit. I have tried doing kegel exercises but don't know if I am doing them properly. Which toner would you recommend for me? I'd really like to start running again but am worried about making it worse.
Thanks :-)
Hi: I find the manual received with the Kegel8 Ultra very poor and leaves lots of questions unanswered. For example
1. What is meant by comfortable position? No diagrams shown. Should the probe stay in place standing up/walking about? What to do if it cannot be retained? Will exercising lying down on back/ side work?
2. Agree with last post - probe not as shown and nothing contained to say it has changed
3. Positioning the probe with metal parts towards thighs I assume is obsolete now with new probe?
4. Does not contain a full list of what each programme does in terms of length of time and output so you have some idea about how much time you are committing to before you start programme. A complete simple table for every programme would be helpful.
5. Does not show suggested programme progression. Though some advice below.
6. What's the definition of intermediate and gentle incontinence?

I have been using the Kegal8 Ultra 20 since before Christmas for a Uterine prolapse and doing manual exercises as well. Unfortunately I am despairing of ever having this prolapse rectified because when I check it is as bad as ever. Yet there are days when it has disappeared or is well back but this doesn't last and after standing especially for any length of time the prolapse is well down again showing like a little ball at the opening of vagina.

I have done the PO2, the PO3 and4 and P14 all to no avail.
Which is the strongest programme for me to use to be able to hold this organ in place? I can visually see and pull it back manually (with a mirror) though it is a huge effort.
Even the new probe specially for prolapse still can slip out easily if I'm not careful.
Please can you help with this as I don't want to give up and am I dong something wrong?
I can only manage once a day and have the stimulation level between 35 - 40 otherwise it feels like being stung.
I lost my instruction manual for the ultra 20. I have a bladder prolapse and don't know which programs to use. Can you get me started?
I have the Kegel 8 Ultra and I suffer from Proctalgia - Levator ani syndrome ( Levator ani syndrome (spasm) is a chronic charley-horse up inside the pelvis
It is experienced as painful, chronic rectal pain and can make life very miserable
When someone presses on the levator muscle, it usually hurts a lot
Once levator ani syndrome occurs it usually has a life of its own because it is fed by tension, anxiety, pain and protective guarding
It may be aggravated by sitting, bowel movements, sexual activity and stress.
The levator ani muscle is a major muscle up inside the pelvis that raises and lowers the anal sphincter and tightens and relaxes for a number of bodily functions).
My pain appears immediately after defacation and is chronic.

I had been using the Pelvic floor workout program, but yesterday I spoke to a physio and she said I needed to use program 1 as my floor muscles are strong and it is relaxtion I need. I used this today in the vagina (anal is to painful at present), but the Mhz only go up to 10 and I feel nothing. She also suggested the squatting positioin.

Can you please provide any more helpful info as I have suffered from this for years but it has got to the stage in the last 4 years where I just want to lay down and relax all day so I have no life to live. I want my life back..
All help will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Hi I am 38 and for a couple of years now i have had trouble with leaking but am to embarassed to go to my GP. It first started when i sneezed or had a cough but the last few months it has got a lot worse as i now find if i need the loo i have to go staight away (not always possible) otherwise i find myself not able to control it and leak quite a bit. Would any of your products help please?

I am 15 months postpartum and suffer from prolapsed uterus and rectocele. Both are mild but bothersome (heavy feeling). I have purchased the Kegel 8 Ultra along with an anal probe. Do I use both probes at the same time? Or the anal probe only for the bowel exercises? Etc.

Thank you.
hi my name is eithna, im over 70 and i have server
incontinench i am on medecation for 3 months
can i get this on the nhs the kegel 8 ultra 20.
thanks mrs manley
I'm in my late 30's and have 3 children. I'm having trouble controlling my bladder. I play sports but have to wear a pad as I leek. Also when I'm on the side lines and cheer on other players, I wet myself. I also want to tighten my vagina muscles as I can feel that they are not what they used to be. What Kegal would you suggest? Thank you. X
You say 15 minutes twice a day. Does that mean for life or will the kegel let you have a break, say when you go on holiday.
I am a widow and in my 70's and contemplating an operation. Is this the way to go or would you suggest struggling on. Obviously I don't want an operation but I am fed up with the problem of a prolapsed bladder and leaking. You help would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

Chris Taylor.
how long do i need to use a program for before i can move on to the next one? would it be a week doing each program that i need and then maintenance?
Hi please could you tell me if the kegel ultra is suitable for me,
as i have prolapse and dryness of the vagina.

Many thanks Ann
I have epilepsy would I be able to use the ultra 20 or any of the other toners. Thanks
I recently purchased the kegel8 ultra for prolapse and have a few questions.

How many times a day should I be ideally using it to get results? Should I only use the prolapse program or others as well? (I have no incontinence issues, just all 3 prolapses).

What Ma should I have it on as well, I find I can only just feel a pull at 55 Ma is that bad?

Many thanks
I have the kegel 8 ultra but it won't go above 8MA, I love the product and was working well for what I wanted. I have changed the battery over as we'll just to see if that might have been the problem, what do you suggest
Ive got the ultra 20 & im using a vaginal probe which requires me to use both plug in bits on the machine, sorry dnt know what there called. I must have nerve damadge to the left side of my vagina/pelvic floor muscle because i can only feel something in my right side. So i turn it up alot higher than the right side, but still dnt feel any except the more of a feeling on the right side! Is this normal or odd because i thought i shud be able to turn the left side up alot higher to be able to feel something eventually, but it just makes the right side if my vagina hurt. Please help me, i dnt know what im doing??
Hi, I've been using programme 6 and getting up to about 50mA, however I can barely feel anything when using programme 8. I set the mA to no higher than 25 as suggested. Should I be able to feel anything using this programme or do I need to set it higher? Many thanks. Cate.
I have just received my Kegel8 Ultra 20, and I am wondering if it is possible to use it while doing light activities e.g. walking round the house, preparing dinner etc? I find sitting for 30 or 40 minutes on my own is difficult - I have too much to do! However, my first problem is the probe keeps coming out of place. What is reasonable to expect?

Thanks, Annie

I gave Birth at the end of september and have just started using my machine as my pelivc floor muscles are really week. I have started on program 20 to relax the muscles as my phsio said they were tight. I am currently running on 47ma is this OK? Also how long should I do this program before moving onto po19 then working my way on to the pelvic floor programmes?
Im suffering from stress incontinence & lack of sexual satisfaction. Ive bought the kegel ultra 20. Ive not used it yet & just wnted to know which settings wud be the best one's for me to use?
I have been using the kegel8 ultra 20 for a few days now. 3 days on P14 and now onto P03 for 2 days. Should I tense my muscles when using this program or just relax and let the machine do the work. I seem to have more sensation when tensing my muscles. Just want to get maximum benefit. Already noticing a difference as I cannot feel prolapse anymore and that's after 4 days!! Thank you
Hi i have been using thi ultra 20 electonic pelvic toner which i can see an improvement i suffer from a prolapse and been using program=2+9 every day its coming up to 12 weeks i will be doing it 3 -4 times a week after that question is will i have to do it 2wice a day like i have been doing or 1 a day = program 2 one day then prog 9 another day i am confused about this ?
Could you Get back to me soon

Thank you
Hi, I've purchased the kegel8 ultra 20, and am specifically wanting to tighten up my vagina after childbirth, so that it feels better for my husband and myself during intercourse. Currently I feel a lot bigger/looser inside. Could you please recommend what programme(s) I should use? Many thanks.
Hiya i already have the kegel ultra but i was just wondering if its worth it to upgrade to the new Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner or just stick to the one i have?
Hi have been using the kegal 20 for 3 weeks now on programmes 2 + 6 alternating each day on 30/40 ma.
Had prolapse operation 6 months ago and since then have had no feeling. Still not having any sexual feeling and feeling very wet inside, that wet that we are finding sexual intercourse impossible and give up.. My partner discribes it as a 'rainy day in winter ' I am not having any incontinence at all, but releasing my bladder seems very slow and not very much each time. Could you please advise me
I have had injjections into the bladder and take tablets to help with the
Incontinence. Will the lkegal 8 help me.
I brought and started using two weeks ago today, I have already seen improvements.. However am confused as to what programes are best for me and which programes to use when (Day or night) and how many weeks.
I suffer from a weak bladder - running , jumping etc etc causes leaking. Lack of simulation during sex and also need to pee. As I said and can def see improvements already I just want to make sure am getting 110% out of this fabulous product that I wish I had of started using years ago. Help me please
Thanks :)
Hi I have the Kegel 8 ultra but due to recurring UTI's I have not used it for a few months. Having watched the DVD on the ultra 20 which includes the tibial sensors I think that method will be of more use to me. Is it possible to use the sensors with my version? I am on a tight budget so don't want the expense of buying a whole new machine.
Kind Regards
I am using p06 once a day then p04 but am not sure why on p04 the mAs has 4 levels where the Mas will drop down after 10.min. I dont feel much when it goes below certain level. My question: can I keep the mAs at a high level?
Hi. I am thinking of buying this product but I wanted to ask you what is the difference between them as I have kegal 8 and I don't think it is particually great. Is this one any better for the money? I have had 2 children naturally and my pelvic floors are in a poor state - I feel nothing during intercourse both my husband and I - it is ruining my marriage as I just don't want to anymore because I know he doesn't get any pleasure anymore. I am desperate. Please help : (

Hello I just had my second baby 3 weeks ago I am only 24 and part of my vagina wall is on the outside it's just a spongy lump I know I need to do lots of kegals but am useless at doing them so wanting to get the kegel 8 ultra 20 just wondering if you recommend this one for me to use and if I got this what settings should I use also what else would I need to buy with it - like more probes and gel ect?
Hi - I am due to have a vaginal hysterectomy in about 10wks due to posterior and interior prolapse.
would it still be advisable to use kegal8 ultra before surgery?
I am 41 and over the past year have started to attend an exercise class , I have noticed that during certain exercises where jumping is involved I am leaking urine , and have resorted to wearing pads, however I feel the leakage is becoming worse , and I am contemplating giving up on the exercise class . After looking at your web site I am hoping that one of your devices will be able to help me with my problem so that I am able to continue with my class, however I am confused on which device would be more effective for me , which do you think ?
I need a new probe for my kegel8 ultra20 machine. I had an accident & caught my foot on the wires. There is nothing on your website for a new probe so where can i get one? I cannot afford another whole machine & dnt want to buy one really, just the probe. Please help its ergent jo
Hello, I recently underwent a hysterectomy (to remove large fibroid) and was advised I should do pelvic floor exercises every day for the rest of my life! Not sure I'm doing them correctly so your products sound ideal but I wonder which one would suit me best. I used to have quite bad leakage (due to the fibroid pressing on my bladder), now much better but still cross my legs when sneezing. Also could do with some more sensation at certain times ;-) with my husband. Pretty sure I have a weak pelvic floor, even though I've never had children.
Is it safe to use the Kegel8 Electronic toner with a coil fitted ?
Hi my name is Joanne i am due to have a baby in 3 months i was wondering if i purchase the kegal 8 can i use it whilst i am still pregnant & if not is it safe to use afterwards while breast feeding??
Could you please help me, I use the lack of sensitivity programme and wondered why it shows 2 different times for left and right side of the probe? Is this because I'm lacking sensitivity on one side more than the other and the probe knows this? I am using the perisize nickle free probe with kegel 8 ultra 20 device. Thanks
Hi, I have the kegel8 ultra 20. I heard that the kegel ultra is better program for better sex,
I have the old style Kegel 8 Ultra......I am using the programme PC2 and haven't tried any other programme. I have leakage when I exercise/run and I want to improve the sensation whilst love making. Am I using the correct programme?

I bought my machine last year and used it for several weeks (saw improvement) but foolishly got out of the habit of using it. Any suggestions would be great x
Do the cones work for a prolapse?
I purchased the kegel 8 ultra and have been using for about 3 weeks now with program PO9 for 45 mnt twice daily to rebelt my muscle I want to now using PO9 twice daily is safe
Hi is the kegal 8 capable of repairing the pelvic muscle after a bladder prolapse, I use a vaginal ring pessary to support my bladder?

Most revues say it helps.
I have problems when I jump run laugh Anything exciting I pee also I had two wonderful children but when It comes to sex with my husband I refrain from it because I know I am not the same down there do this help with this problem has anyone had a very happy husband after using kegel I am only 29 years old and I would never forgive myself if we never made it together because my insecurities
hi I suffer from bladder incontinence which also includes dribbling its affecting my life im not sure I want the op and thought kegal 8 may be an option however im totally confused after reading your site as to which model I should go for as they all seem to do the same but the price varies please could you tell me which ones best for my problem thanks
I'm doing program p14 po3 po
I usually have my MA at 50 plus
For p14 I have it nearly 60 sometimes. So my question is it better to have you MA higher ?? Does that mean it improving ?? Do you want to slowly increase your MA??
Or is it better to lower and decrease your MA? Does that mean your improving your pelvic floor?
Thank you
i am waiting for outpatients appointment for a prolapse womb, bladder and i believe rectal this happened about a month ago. i have been fitted with a vaginal pessary which helps as far as holding the womb up and enables me to pee. do you think the kegel8 would be beneficial to me. please help im desperate..
My gynecologist said i have a high cervix and need a long speculum for examinations. will the probe that comes with the ultra 20 be ok to use or will i need a longer one?
I used your kegel 8 after a hysterectomy nearly five years ago, and when it stopped working, I think but can't now remember, did not order a new one. Now nearly five years since surgery,, diagnosed with prolapse bladder, and more recent internal prolapse. I bought the neen pericalm about two months ago as physiotherapist recommended, but not found this helps after using daily for a month. It seemed to make things worse! The box said it was not suitable for a prolapse and I haven't been able to feel any tickling or sensation using it. Physio said the muscles would be working even if I cannot feel any sensation and to continue.Now I cant open my bowels and using suppositories and eating less.
Will the kegel8 ultra help do you think, or is it too late, given my diagnosis, or do you think I haven't persevered enough. I am happy to buy the kegel8 now I see it can improve or cure a prolapse if you believe it will with what I say, I will spend the money to buy it? If I do what programme should I use; how often and what MAs please. Any help gratefully appreciated.
Hi there

I suffer from stress in continence and have been diagnosed with minor uterus prolapse.
I leak on sneezing or coughing but otherwise I am fine. I have a 12 years old child.
I have been always advised to do pelvic floor excercises but very difficult to do them on regular basis and also to make sure that I am doing them right.
I do suffer from recurrent vaginal thrush and often use the required pesseries or creams.

Kindly advice the best Kegal toner for me.Does the toner comes with everything or do I have to buy some more accessories .

Hi. I have been using ultra 20 for a few months now on PO3and15.less often now than at first, but at least twice a week.I have noticed that my prolapse is a bit worse just recently. Should I be using a different programme? Or maybe more often again? Would it hurt to go back to using it daily? I am 56 and working on my weight, need to lose about 15kilos.thank you.
Hi, I've had 2 big babies including 2 episiotomies & 1 3rd degree tear. I had full-on bowel incontinence shortly after the 2nd birth. This stopped after 2 weeks, however 8 months on I continue to have feeling of heaviness, very poor wind control & ocassionally pass mucous through my rectum, sometimes containing traces of stool. I've been advised by my physio to get an electronic toner with a rectal probe as my anal sphincter is very weak. I've been looking around on your site. Would you recommend the Kegel8 Ultra 20 toner plus either the anulax anal probe or the anuform probe? Are the rectal probes difficult to use/insert? Do I need to do separate exercises for bladder. Many thanks