Its You Babe V2 Pelvic Compression Support for Maternity and Prolapse

Its You Babe V2 Pelvic Compression Support for Maternity and Prolapse

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  • Adjustable compression and pelvic support for prolapse and maternity made in the USA ensuring top quality craftmanship and materials
  • Fully adjustable pelvic support for use during pregnancy and for those managing prolapse, daily or as and when needed.. 
  • A discreet solution that can be worn under clothing and over underwear, clinically proven to speed up post partum recovery.
  • It works! Clinically proven compression therapy that helps blood circulation and reduces pressure and pain whilst supporting and preventing the feelings of heavyness and dragging.
  • Recommended by doctors, pelvic floor therapists, nurses, midwives and physical therapists.

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Designed for pregnancy and prolpase the V2 Pelvic Compression Support has been designed for women who want to live life to the full without pelvic pain or a pelvic organ prolapse holding them back. It is discreet and comfortable enough to wear under your clothing, so you can go about your day at work, socialising and even enjoying therapeutic exercise.

Made and inspected for quality in Michigan, USA, the garment is created using breathable and durable materials for long-lasting comfort and hygiene. The support is incredibly easy to adjust using simple yet sturdy Velcro straps, so you can get the perfect level or support and compression that is right for your needs.


Customer Reviews

Product Rating
the prolapse support is exceptional
Review by TaschenK
I wear this together with a pessary - the support is exceptional, I don't have the familiar dragging or pulling down on my pelvic floor after a long day of being on my feet. I also do my pelvic floor exercises and do all I can to keep what I have in place. I will not have prolapse surgery again (mesh failed after 9 months and I couldn't bear the thought of going through that again) and I am doing all I can to keep myself together and enjoy life to the full. My only observation is that I wish it were also available in black, as the white can get a bit grubby as I wear this prolapse supporter over my knickers and try to get 2 - 3 days wear each time to avoid over washing.
Product Rating
Great under clothing
Review by CoffeeQueen
Great idea, gives me support where I need it and targets the perineum (for me) my weak spot and the bit that needs support and help. I find when I don't wear this support I get tired easily and the prolapse dragging kicks in a lot sooner. When I wear it I can go all day, and invariably do - especially when walking. The only down side is the fact that they are white, I understand the rationale of that, but realistically I would like a black version that would sit under clothing. I wash it every couple of wears (I always wear it over my panties). unrivalled support that stops the dragging down feeling and keeps me comfortable.

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