Kegel8 Anulax Anal Probe

Kegel8 Anulax Anal Probe

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  • Small, compact and comfortable anal probe
  • Designed for anal use to strengthen sphincter muscles with finger-loop for easy removal
  • With two side electrodes, medical grade stainless steel contains 8% nickel.
  • Can also be used vaginally for those needing a smaller probe
  • Ideal for treating faecal incontinence and flatulence and for use with Kegel8 Pelvic Toner devices.

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Designed primarily for use as an anal probe however the Anulax probe can also be used vaginally. The unique shape of the Anulax probe means that you can move around during exercise, and the probe will stay in place. The larger electrode surface areas allow for comfortable and effective exercise and targeting of the anal sphincter muscles. By targeting the sphincter muscles directly, this allows for effective treatment of bowel incontinence, excessive flatulence and prolapse.

Customer Reviews

Product Rating
Review by Elacol
I suspected for a while that I was suffering some form of prolapse so I went to visit my female GP and she had a look and said there was a slight decention and to carry on using my kegel 8. I left and later that day was feeling really uncomfortable so I lay on the bed with trusty old mirror and noticed a bulge that did not seem normal so I gave myself a mini examination and found that I could move it back up so then went on to the net and I then suspected a rectocele. I was disappointed my GP didn't pick up on it but discovered that sometimes rectocele can be more apparent if you need to have a bowel movement. I then decided to buy an analysis probe in the hopes that attacking it from both angles may help. I have now been back to GP and being referred to gynaecology for surgery as GP said only thing that will fix it is surgery. I however am determined to prove them wrong I have been using both probes twice a day now for 2 weeks and have noticed a slight improvement so hopefully by the time I see the gynecologist surgery will be prevented or at the very least my pelvic floor will be so strong I will bemail cracking walnuts lol. Great product but a bit pointy for insertion otherwise great
Product Rating
It works, but is not completely user friendly
Review by DW
As described, however I find the probe uncomfortable to insert (the end could have slightly more curve perhaps). Removing it is even more uncomfortable as it has a ledge to keep the probe inside (that could also have smoother edges which might make it easier to remove). However the probe does the job. Using the anal probe has also helped with keeping the vaginal probe in place when used at the same time, which is an added benefit.
Product Rating
Anulex anal probe
Review by Jan
I have been using this probe for some time and find it very affective.
It is easy to insert and comfortable.
I have used used it vaginally as well.
Product Rating
Excellent product
Review by Magscave
I wanted to replace my Anuform Probe but decided to try the Anulax. This is a good quality probe and I cannot tell the difference between the two products. I like these Probes they are small and comfortable and they appear stronger than other Probes I have tried. I use them vaginally and rectally with excellent results. My previous miserable life has been transformed . Thank you keegel. I am so pleased the NHS has seen the light.
Product Rating
Review by Julie J
I came on here to buy an Anuform, but this looked almost the same so I got that to replace my other one. It is excellent quality and I would highly recommend this - I can't see why the anuform probe is nearly £10 dearer when side by side they are nearly identical.
I would recommend this probe.

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