GYNTIMA Vaginal Menopause Suppositories - Menopausa

GYNTIMA Vaginal Menopause Suppositories - Menopausa

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  • Class II medical device relieves vaginal atrophy and dryness during menopause or after cancer treatment
  • Hormone-free vaginal dryness treatment with lactic acid to maintain a healthy and comfortable vaginal pH and healthy vaginal flora
  • Contains isoflavone-rich soy extract that naturally mimics oestrogen without hormone disrupting chemicals
  • With hyaluronic acid to boost healing of any tears or skin damage quickly and keeps you comfortably moisturised
  • Easy to use vaginal suppository with sage extract to soothe and provide antimicrobial protection against vaginal infections.

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Menopause causes many changes to a woman's body. As oestrogen and progesterone production slows you may notice your vagina becomes drier, loses elasticity, and its epidermal lining becomes thinner. This leads to discomfort and a higher risk of infection as the low levels of vaginal mucus and thinning of the vaginal wall causes irritation, itching, burning and painful intercourse. Infection is also more likely due to changes in your vagina’s pH levels as your hormones change – it shifts from an acidic pH to a neutral one which offers much less protection against bacteria.

GYNTIMA Menopausa pessaries for vaginal dryness are medically approved to help you tackle vaginal dryness and reduce your risk of infection, naturally.  These suppositories will add soothing moisture to your vagina and help to maintain its biological balance. Easy to use these vaginal suppositories offer you a hormone-free vaginal dryness treatment with lactic acid to maintain a healthy vaginal pH, add moisture, lock in existing moisture and make you comfortable. You really feel the difference with Gyntima. 



Customer Reviews

Product Rating
I like these
Review by Zuzu
Good to use. I used at night so they were absorbed overnight and they have certainly made me more comfortable. I was experiencing dryness and menopausal itching around my vulva which was very embarrassing to say the least. Calmed things down no end thank goodness. Easy to use, no problems. Cant take a vaginal oestrogen so this was the next best thing as recommended by my GP.
Product Rating
adds comfort takes away that rawness/soreness
Review by ML
Helps with dryness, but be prepared for the slight gush. I use at night just once or twice a week and the whole vulva area feels so much more comfortable.
Product Rating
Overall - great product.
Review by JayTulip
fantastic product, hopefully will be a replacement for topical estrogen pessaries. It is a little bit pricey, but it is hard to argue when comes to own health. The pessary definitely leaks out a lot when it melts inside. Definitely pants on with a good long pad.
Product Rating
I brought these and they ...were not good for me
Review by Sue
I brought these and I used them and in the night I literally felt like I had wet myself, I was mortified. At first it didn't register what had happened. I expected some discharge, but this was far worse. Definitely not a good product for me.

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