Menissimo Natural Menopause Relief & Libido Booster

Menissimo Natural Menopause Relief & Libido Booster

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  • This Phytoestrogen Trinity can be taken in conjunction with one another to tackle the uncomfortable & unpleasant symptoms of menopause
  • Naturally combats hot flushes, night sweats & prevents sleep disturbance
  • Improves anxiety, mood swings & reduces ‘Brain Fog’
  • Packed with phytoestrogens which lower cholesterol & can protect against osteoporosis
  • Enlightened Erotique Formula contains natural aphrodisiacs to boost & improve libido
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During menopause, oestrogen levels start to decline, which leads to a variety of unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects. The Menissimo range of supplements has been expertly formulated using phytoestrogens, a naturally occurring compound found in plants, to restore hormonal balance and combat menopausal symptoms naturally. 

Menissimo Formula #1 - Proven to reduce the prevalence and intensity of hot flushes and night sweats, Can lead to better sleep and improved concentration/energy. In addition, sage can reduce cholesterol, which may increase during the menopause, and improve the way in which the body uses insulin and sugar. 

Soya Isoflavones Formula #2 Reducing the intensity of hot flushes and decrease the intensity of hot flushes and night sweats. Can decrease incidences of vaginal atrophy, improve sleep and cognition, and positively affect bone health. It will improve sleep and reduce ‘brain fog’, thereby improving concentration. In addition, it is reported to reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol and protect against osteoporosis. 

Libido Booster Formula #3 natural formula to help restore libido. sensation and desire. 

Customer Reviews

Product Rating
Need a Bedroom Boost!
Review by Shirley P
Recommended to me by my friend who swears by the Libido Booster one! Fingers crossed it give me a boost - I need all the help I can get at the mo.
Shirley x
Product Rating
So far I am 2 months in and I have come back for more.
Review by Roz
So far I am 2 months in and I have come back for more. My observations so far is that I am having fewer hot sweats so the Sage seems to be working there. However, I have to take that with my evening meal, if I take it on an empty stomach it stays 'herby'. Not ideal. However to take these at night is good for me as I don't usually have breakfast and can't stomach anything before midday. The most noticeable so far is the libido booster. Its definitely got us back in the bedroom, we've had sex 3 times so far this week - that's almost more than we've done in the last 6 months put together. What a F*+^@ing relief - I was beginning to think I was dead from the waist downwards. As much as I love a natural solution to menopausal symptoms, I have to say that I am still considering HRT but as I can't get into my GP for another 4 weeks it is easier to continue with the natural menopause remedy for the time being.

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