Kegel8 KE GEL Conductivity Gel - 100ml

Kegel8 KE GEL Conductivity Gel - 100ml

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  • Conductivity gel to amplify and maximise e-stim this water based, body friendly gel enhances kegel exercising, adds comfort and improves results
  • Specially formulated conductivity boosting gel is odourless, colourless, non-staining and hormone free 
  • Enhances the effectiveness of e-stim by reducing resistance of muscles to impulses, ensures comfortable insertion of probe and removal.
  • Created exclusively for Kegel8 by a specialist pharmaceutical manufacturer in Europe
  • pH balanced so it is kind to your intimate areas, non-irritating and wont disrupt delicate vaginal flora by altering pH levels.

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Conductivity gel ensures comfortable e-stim and maximum performance. Silky smooth and luxurious Conductivity Gel enhances the effectiveness of your pelvic exercises. It is a natural water-based gel that supplements your body's natural moisture, making e-stim more effective resulting in quicker muscle response and faster strengthening. The gel is odourless, colourless, and non-staining, offering a silky-smooth feel because your comfort is essential.

pH balanced to ensure optimum vaginal health and created exclusively for Kegel8 under pharmacy conditions in Europe. We recommend this when using your Kegel8 because it reduces the resistance between the muscle and the impulses for better results. Please avoid using any silicone, hybrid or oil-based lubricant as they are not suitable to use with e-stim and many alter the vaginal pH causing discomfort.

Customer Reviews

Product Rating
A little goes a long ...
Review by Sarah R
A little goes a long way, and it does make conductivity of the electrical pulses more comfortable and more effective (said my Physio). Happy to recommend!
Product Rating
No matter how old you are it's always good to do your kegels and strengthen the pelvic floor.
Review by Adie
The lubricant is excellent. I'm 79 years old and just getting back into kegels after moving and isolation from the pandemic the past 2 years. My pelvic floor is getting stronger every week. Thanks.
Product Rating
Good Product
Review by Linda
See previous feedback sent today
Product Rating
The gel is very good.
Review by Trish
The gel is very good. I bought 3 of the canisters to use after the sachet is empty. It isn't sticky like some gels I've used.
Product Rating
Good product
Review by Julia
Find the bottles hard, so awkward to get gel out, but the lubricant is okay.
Product Rating
PINK TAX! Women's gel is HALF the size of the mens...twice as expensive!
Review by kat
The sachet sample was effective, but I am perplexed and annoyed at the pink tax on this product!
I looked at the mens lubricant which is the same price, but DOUBLE the size, and they have exactly the same ingredients!
Why should we pay more because we are women.
I'm not stupid and i don't like being overcharged, so I will be buying the MENS gel from now on!
Product Rating
Can’t get the pump to ...
Review by DrLizzy
Can’t get the pump to work at all. Have to take whole thing apart. Advice please on working the pump.
Product Rating
I like the lubricant but ...
Review by Jude
I like the lubricant but not the pump. You get so far down the tube and the pump gives up. I end up having to take the top off each time and use what is on the pipe that way when it really is nearly empty I can get the last out by wiggling the pipe around. I store it upside down so it falls to the top of tube
Product Rating
Have always used with the ...
Review by Lissy
Have always used with the probe. I normally buy in multiples, to make sure I don't run out, other lubricants are substandard in comparison
Product Rating
Economical to use
Review by Fone
Very good product,sensitive and economical,you only need a pea size amount of product to get the desired effect

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