Go Better Bamboo Toilet Stool 7 or 9 Inches

Go Better Bamboo Toilet Stool 7 or 9 Inches

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  • Eco-friendly bamboo toilet stool step prevents constipation, 90% less straining and less wiping too.
  • Squatting for constipation will reduce stomach ache, cramps and bloating.
  • Squat stool for healthy bowels is adjustable between 7 and 9 inches for customising to your needs, raise your feet to improve defecation. Instant constipation relief.
  • Takes the strain off your pelvic floor muscles. manages prolapse by reducing straining, eliminates anal and perineum soreness from over wiping
  • Prevent back pain, haemorrhoids, piles, prolapse and other symptoms associated with constipation.

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The Go Better toilet stool puts your bowel at exactly the right angle for quick and thorough defecation every time. This stylish bamboo toilet stool helps you raise your feet to the optimum position to empty your bowels fully - without straining ever again.  Place the toilet stool in front of your toilet and rest your feet on it. You’re ready to ‘go’ research shows by lifting your feet off the ground on the Go Better Toilet Step changes the angle of your bowel making it quicker, on average only 50 seconds, compared to 130 seconds while sitting. Straining is reduced by 90% and it’s cleaner too with no smearing or residue.  No straining, less wiping it’s a must-have for prolapse and menopause. With regular laxative use being linked to dementia and other debilitating conditions, we all know that managing constipation can be difficult. Health gurus recommend exercise, probiotics, fibre, and coffee and we want to add our simple bamboo toilet stool too! This is not just for those suffering constipation, it’s for all of us who want a full elimination every time without straining.

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No brainer.
Review by Barbie Cardy
No brainer. Flip this one between the height sizes as I am 5ft 2 and Hubby 6 ft 1. This toilet stool or step is amazing, I which I knew about it before my Physio told me to get one as I have a Grade 2 uterine prolapse and she wanted me to tackle my constipation problems and straining which she says may make my prolapse worse. This squatting stool really does help take the strain off and making having a poo much easier.

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