Osalis Magnesium 300mg Supplement

Osalis Magnesium 300mg Supplement

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  • Essential for muscle & nerve function 80% of us are deficient in Magnesium, vital to relieve pelvic pain & ease pelvic floor pressure
  • Magnesium is more effective than laxatives in treating constipation, less straining means less pressure on pelvic floor
  • Better bladder control for a sensitive bladder, relaxes muscle spasms which create urge and overflow incontinence
  • Magnesium relieves stress and anxiety associated with pelvic floor pain disorders
  • Magnesium eases premenstrual syndrome symptoms and helps with restful sleep, take 1 tablet daily

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Research shows that magnesium may have benefits regarding muscle strength, especially as we age. It is also an important nutrient in that it supports muscle relaxation, helps to keep cramps and spasms away, and aids muscle co-ordination. Low magnesium levels are also thought to contribute to inflammation and aches and pains.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body and amazingly 80% of us are thought to be magnesium deficient. Research has highlighted a positive link between muscle strength and the amount of magnesium present in muscle tissue. Moreover, women are more at risk of muscle weakness and mobility issues as they get older because they are more likely to experience magnesium deficiency. It is thought that hormonal changes are most likely to have an influence. Osalis produce this Magnesium supplement here in the UK exclusively for Kegel8

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Magnesium for constipation - it works!
Review by Margaret
Absolutely works, didn't realise magnesium was so beneficial to the body. Also purchased a toilet stool to help prevent straining.
Product Rating
Good for keeping constipation at bay...
Review by Mag Fan
I just hadn't realised how important magnesium was to my pelvic floor problems. I've suffered with constipation on and off for nearly 20 years now and simply supplementing with magnesium (this last month) has really helped to get me more regular. So far, I haven't had to strain or resort to taking a laxative, which I have been warned against because it ultimately makes my bowel lazy. I have also used the epsom salts bath as well, highly recommend magnesium!

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