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  • Made In The UK
    Made In The UK

Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exercise Wedge Cushion


In Stock - Despatched From The United Kingdom

  1. The Kegel8 posture cushion improves the effectiveness of kegel exercises, aligning spine and SI
  2. This wedge cushion improves posture, circulation & coccyx pain for clinically proven better results from your pelvic floor exercises
  3. Use on any chair to position yourself for doing your kegel exercises manually or with an electronic pelvic toner
  4. Use daily to improve your posture at home and work and while pelvic floor exercising with Kegel8
  5. Supporting coccyx cushion helps relieve back pain and promote long-term positive posture for stronger pelvic floor muscles

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Sitting on the Kegel8 Wedge Cushion when doing your pelvic floor exercises is clinically proven to improve your pelvic floor exercising results!

We know it can be confusing; you’re told you can do your kegels standing at the bus stop or while you brush your teeth… and it’s true, you can! But for the absolute best results from your pelvic floor exercises it’s been clinically proven you should be sitting, with perfect posture.

Why seated pelvic floor exercises?

Being seated helps to isolate the pelvic floor muscles so that when you contract, only the pelvic floor muscles are engaged and not the surrounding muscle groups such as glutes, thighs and abdominals.


Did you know?

50% of women don't know how to produce an effective pelvic floor contraction. As well as pushing down instead of pulling up, and holding your breath whilst you kegel, engaging the incorrect muscle groups is one of the most common mistakes made. The Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exercise Wedge Cushion assists gravity in aligning SI and spine positioning internal organs and normalising circulation in the lower pelvis.

Improve the effectiveness of the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exercise Programme, and prevent back pain and coccyx pain.

The effects of posture on your pelvic floor and the rest of your body

A study by the Australian Journal of Physiotherapy found that the most effective sitting position for kegels is to sit upright with the correct alignment (good posture). As participants slouched, it became more difficult for them to activate their pelvic floor muscles and their exercises became less effective.

Good posture isn’t only important when doing your pelvic floor exercises; poor posture overall puts pressure on your core muscles, including your pelvic floor muscles, weakening them and increasing your chances of suffering from incontinence and even a prolapse. Adopting the correct posture throughout day-to-day activity promotes deep, abdominal muscle activity which then helps to support your pelvic organs and helps promote bladder control.

Did you know?

Posture is the number 1 reason for doctors visits and missed work-days after the common cold

A good or ‘positive’ posture can also benefit you in many other ways; according to a recent survey, up to 90% of us suffer from posture related aches and pains; positive posture can increase your energy levels and even reduce stress; standing and sitting with your shoulders back and chin up can make you look and feel more confident; and if your conscious of a pot-belly, the chances are this is down to poor posture too as slouching can even make you look a couple of pounds heavier than you actually are!


The Kegel8 solution

We have worked with Natural Health Supports to produce our wedge cushion. The Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exercise Wedge Cushion isn’t just your standard posture cushion, it’s been designed with your overall pelvic health in mind.

It has a coccyx cut-out which helps guide your buttocks into the best position for positive posture; with the base of your spine over the cut-out to avoid any pressure on the spine. But that’s not all, the added feature of the coccyx cut-out enables you to sit with a Kegel8 Probe inserted, giving the wires an exit route, keeping them comfortably out of the way.

The Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe

We have designed this probe specifically for use with the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exercise Cushion. The elimination of a protruding stem, as found on all other probes, means you can comfortably sit with the Glide Probe inserted.
Find out more about the Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe>

We omitted any Kegel8 branding from the wedge cushion, enabling you to take it anywhere to use as a general posture cushion without anyone learning too much about your pelvic floor exercise habits. Sitting on the wedge cushion as often as possible – in the car, at the office, on the train – means not only will you be able to practice your manual pelvic floor exercises throughout the day in the best position possible, but you’ll also be training your body to hold positive posture naturally the more you use your posture cushion.


The 8° wedge or the 11° wedge, which one is for you?

It’s very rare that one size fits all with most things in life and the Kegel8 posture cushion is no different in that sense. Height is important as the angle of your legs to the floor is just as important as the alignment of your back. That’s why we offer 2 sizes of varying depths; the 11° wedge is best for those weighing over 15stone/95kg. The 8° wedge is more suitable for those under this weight bracket.


The practical stuff

The outer cover of the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exercise Wedge Cushion is machine washable at 30 degrees. The inner foam is both supportive and comfortable as you would hope for from a support cushion. The cushion can be placed on any chair or seat and comes with a detachable strap which can be secured to a chair if the extra stability is needed. The cover also incorporates a small handy carry strap if you are taking your posture cushion around with you.

Delivery & Returns

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 11208
Brand Natural Health Supports
Recommended For Pelvic exercise wedge cushion and coccyx pain cushion for improved circulation, posture and more effective pelvic floor exercise, and prevent back pain.
Can be used with Kegel8 pelvic floor exercise machines to boost results. Use daily for improved pelvic circulation and posture to avoid back pain and coccyx pain.
Included Contents They are covered with an attractive velour zipped cover and come complete with carrying handle. Also included is an adjustable strap for fixing your wedge in place.
Colour Black
Size 8° Degree Wedge: 36CM X 36CM X 8CM (14" X 14" X 3") - 11° Degree Wedge: 36CM X 36CM X 9.5CM (14" X 14" X 3¾")

Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exercise Wedge Cushion Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
5 Reviews (5)
4 Reviews (3)
Total : 8 Reviews
Bought 2, works for me!
Review by DMJ, Luton. posted on 20 August 2016
I bought the 11 degree wedge cushion and I use it at work on my office chair. I have asked my line manager for a new chair but nothing is forthcoming so I wanted to take the pressure off my tail bone and my Physic said that is I change my seated position I can improve my posture and tone of my pelvic floor. As I have a prolapse this is vital for me because I don't want it to get any worse (Grade 1-2)
I wasn't sure I would get on with it, but I have noticed a difference, For starters I can't sit on this wedge cushion and cross my legs, so it gives me more of better position because both feet are on the floor, it took a while to get used to it but I know I am not contorting my body with crossed legs. As I have a high risk of blood clots it was stressed that I should not cross my legs as this could exacerbate the potential for deep vein thrombosis. I also find that it has helped me to roll my hips forward as advised by my Physic and literally change my posture. I am using another one at home with my legal 8 exerciser and this helps me to get in the best position. I have noticed an improvement in my pelvic floor too so I am very happy with this wedge.
Works for me.
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
V Good
Review by Joanna R posted on 7 September 2016
Very good I would recommend this. Certainly stopped me crossing my legs and has made me focus more on my kegel exercises.
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Review by Dee posted on 16 October 2016
Brilliant for using with the glide probe makes sitting more comfortable whilst using the machine
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(5 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Happy :)
Review by Jacqueline posted on 1 June 2017
I was finding it impossible to get comfortable on a chair to do my "kegels" even with the glide probe - so was lying on my bed to do them and not much else except reading a book! Now I can sit in a comfortable position at the table and can write, read, use the computer and if I think a head chop up veg for dinner :)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(5 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Improved my posture no end!
Review by Zoe Y posted on 26 January 2018
Wasn't sure I would get used to this, it felt as though I was sitting too far forward, but by golly it stopped me crossing my legs! After 1 week I was used to it and now I wouldn't be without it. It has helped me to understand my posture and correct it throughout the day - I feel the crucial part is not legs crossing because it completely ruined my posture.
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Comfort, correction and relief
Review by Joobee posted on 8 February 2018
I've been using this for around a week now, and I'm delighted with how helpful it is when I'm siting at my desk, helping me to keep my feet on the floor and not slump onto my tailbone, This has helped relieve some pelvic and coccyx pain I was experiencing.
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
It works!
Review by Smileex posted on 15 May 2018
Brilliant. Stops me crossing my legs which I am sure has caused me varicose veins! ;(
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
Review by id posted on 10 June 2018
Only just received, so only used a few times. Like the design and cover but unsure about the foam. It puts me in the right position when sitting, however I can get a numb bum after a while. Looking at other reviews maybe it's just me. I'll persevere and see if I get used to it.
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Product Questions

I was thinking about buying a cushion very much like this one, for my car seat. (because driving has started to make my backache) But seeing your new wedge cushion, I was wondering if I should buy your one instead? ( I have been told by my GP to start doing pelvic floor exercises)

Thank You