Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Posture Wedge Memory Foam Cushion 8° & 11°

Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Posture Wedge Memory Foam Cushion 8° & 11°

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  • The Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exercise Wedge cushion tilts the pelvis forward slightly, enhancing the inward curve of the lower back and encouraging you to sit more upright, it is excellent for those with prolapse
  • Improves posture, aligns the spine, improves circulation. relieves back pain & eases prolapse discomfort.
  • For home. office & car, use helps improve posture, supports pelvic floor exercise and those managing prolapse and prolapse symptoms. 
  • Washable removable cover, memory foam this ergonomically designed orthopaedic cushion or posture wedge also reduces hip and pelvic pain.
  • Choose 11° if bodyweight is over 15st / 95kg, 8° wedge if you weigh under 15st / 95kg 


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A study by the Australian Journal of Physiotherapy found that the most effective sitting position for kegel exercises is to sit upright with the correct spine alignment i.e. good posture. As participants slouched, it became more difficult for them to activate their pelvic floor muscles and their exercises became less effective. Good posture is not only important when doing your pelvic floor exercises; poor posture overall puts pressure on your core muscles, including your pelvic floor muscles, weakening them and increasing your chances of suffering from incontinence and even a prolapse. Adopting the correct posture throughout day-to-day activity promotes deep, abdominal muscle activity which then helps to support your pelvic organs and helps promote bladder control. Suitable for men and women, at home, office or in the car this quality memory foam posture wedge comes in two sizes. 8° posture wedge if you weigh under 15st / 95kg, or 11° posture wedge cushion if you weight over that figure.


Customer Reviews

Product Rating
Comfort, correction and relief
Review by Joobee
I've been using this for around a week now, and I'm delighted with how helpful it is when I'm siting at my desk, helping me to keep my feet on the floor and not slump onto my tailbone, This has helped relieve some pelvic and coccyx pain I was experiencing.
Product Rating
Improved my posture no end!
Review by Zoe Y
Wasn't sure I would get used to this, it felt as though I was sitting too far forward, but by golly it stopped me crossing my legs! After 1 week I was used to it and now I wouldn't be without it. It has helped me to understand my posture and correct it throughout the day - I feel the crucial part is not legs crossing because it completely ruined my posture.
Product Rating
Happy :)
Review by Jacqueline
I was finding it impossible to get comfortable on a chair to do my "kegels" even with the glide probe - so was lying on my bed to do them and not much else except reading a book! Now I can sit in a comfortable position at the table and can write, read, use the computer and if I think a head chop up veg for dinner :)
Product Rating
Review by Dee
Brilliant for using with the glide probe makes sitting more comfortable whilst using the machine
Product Rating
V Good
Review by Joanna R
Very good I would recommend this. Certainly stopped me crossing my legs and has made me focus more on my kegel exercises.
Product Rating
Bought 2, works for me!
Review by DMJ, Luton.
I bought the 11 degree wedge cushion and I use it at work on my office chair. I have asked my line manager for a new chair but nothing is forthcoming so I wanted to take the pressure off my tail bone and my Physic said that is I change my seated position I can improve my posture and tone of my pelvic floor. As I have a prolapse this is vital for me because I don't want it to get any worse (Grade 1-2)
I wasn't sure I would get on with it, but I have noticed a difference, For starters I can't sit on this wedge cushion and cross my legs, so it gives me more of better position because both feet are on the floor, it took a while to get used to it but I know I am not contorting my body with crossed legs. As I have a high risk of blood clots it was stressed that I should not cross my legs as this could exacerbate the potential for deep vein thrombosis. I also find that it has helped me to roll my hips forward as advised by my Physic and literally change my posture. I am using another one at home with my legal 8 exerciser and this helps me to get in the best position. I have noticed an improvement in my pelvic floor too so I am very happy with this wedge.
Works for me.

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