Kegel8 Antibacterial Cleaning Spray

Kegel8 Antibacterial Cleaning Spray

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  • Body safe Anti-bacterial cleaning spray for internal probes and Kegel8 pelvic floor exercise devices
  • Safe to use with all pelvic floor muscle exercisers, probes and kegel8 weight sets
  • Simple spray-on and wipe off or air dry application
  • Can be used before and after use.
  • Cleanliness of your probes, keeping them bacteria free helps prevent infection.

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Specially formulated for Kegel8 our spray-on antibacterial cleanser is the quick, easy and effective way to keep all your kegel exercisers clean and safe. Just a few simple sprays will do the trick - then simply leave to air-dry or wipe with tissue and store your kegel exercisers away again for next time. This spray formulation is safe to use on all kegel exercisers including those made from silicone, medical grade stainless steel and medical grade plastics.

Kegel8 Cleaning Spray kills 99.9% of all surface bacteria. If your pelvic floor is weak you might find that you are more prone to infections such as cystitis and thrush and by using this cleansing spray you are ensuring that your kegel exercisers are as clean as possible and doing your best to keep yourself healthy and infection free.

Customer Reviews

Product Rating
Expensive but needed.
Review by Bootzie
Expensive but needed. I Wish there was a larger home size cleaning spray at better value as well as, what I deem - 'travel size ' Its not economical or environmentally friendly during to packaging little bottles. I only recommend it as it is needed for a product that has saved my prolapse for which I'm grateful.
Product Rating
Cleaning Spray
Review by Robin
The cleaning spray is very efficient, easy to use. Prompt delivery, thank you
Product Rating
Good product use before using probe.
Review by Lucy16
Have been buying this spray for several years but usually in duo pack with gel ; preferred the previous dispenser design and would like the option of a larger size as well as this ‘travel friendly’ size.
Product Rating
kegel 8 cleaning spray
Review by michelle
Very good.
Product Rating
New style cleaning spray
Review by Kate
Not happy with new spray bottle or amount, thiis is very expensive. Product itself is very good.
Product Rating
New style Cleaning spray
Review by Toad
Very expensive compared to the old one. ( same price but 50ml instead of 100ml )
Feels slightly soapy when you spray
Product Rating
Convenient product for traveling
Review by Dawneydaydream
Easy to carry with you when traveling, better than having to wash probe
Product Rating
Quick and easy to use
Review by Zarafet
This spray is very quick and easy to use, but I've only given it 4 stars because, as a spray bottle lying on its side in my carry bag, it takes up too much room and I'm concerned it may leak.
Would you consider producing packets of wipes as well for travelling?
Product Rating
Quick , no messing about and effective
Review by Blackcat
I have used kegel for over 2 years and used water to clean in the early days. But at what temperature to be sure it's clean? And what soap or cleanser? The kegel cleaner is designed for the purpose and so I am happy to use this. It is quick and easy, just keep it with tissues and use immediately after exercising. I use my kegel about 5 times a week and have been using the cleanser for about 8 months. No irritation, no adverse effects. I have had skin reactions to products in the past so have a slightly sensitive skin but this is absolutely fine. Unless it gets too expensive I will stick with this over water anytime!
Product Rating
Expensive luxury
Review by Jo
I find that washing up liquid and water work very well. I am sure that this product is very good but I am happy to use the cheaper version of cleaner.

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