Top Tips to Remember When Using Your Menstrual Cup

Taking the leap from tampons and pads to a reusable menstrual cup can be difficult. It’s a whole new way of managing menstruation after all.

But, worry not, there are countless tips available for you to help you understand and use your new menstrual cup.

Kegel8’s top tips to remember when using your menstrual cup:

    1. Practice makes perfect – Have a go at inserting and wearing your cup before your period. This way you can get to know the best technique for you. Plus, it’ll be so much easier without any hormonal stress added into the mix.
    2. Shower time – Try inserting your menstrual cup whilst you are in the shower. The warm water will add a little extra lubrication for both your vagina and the cup. An extra bonus – clean-up is minimal!
    3. Remove with ease – The team here at Kegel8 find it helpful to wet your hands before removing your cup. Try it yourself!

Menstrual Cup Fold

    1. Become an origami master – Well, similar… Make sure you try a few different menstrual cup folding techniques to discover which works easiest for you. The C fold, Punchdown, E fold, S fold, the list goes on…
    2. Don’t panic – If you’re struggling to remove your menstrual cup do not panic. Take a step back and breathe, stressing will only make the process harder. Relax your vaginal muscles and try to reach the base of your cup. 
    3. Remember it’s not a tampon – Your menstrual cup will not sit as high as a tampon – this is important to remember when you’re getting to grips with it. The end of the stem should only just be inside of you. Don’t worry if your menstrual cup raises a little higher than this, it’s just adjusting to your body’s most comfortable position – all you’ll need to do is reach a little further to remove it.

Kegel8 Menstrual Cup Position

What is your best menstrual cup tip? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter!

There are so many menstrual cups – which one do I choose?!

You can remove the guesswork when you choose the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup. This handy little cup boasts a number of features:

  • Trimmable stem – because we know that every vagina is different, so our menstrual cup reflects this
  • Air release holes – no longer do you need to have the paranoia of the cup getting stuck, the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup’s air holes feature helps to prevent this
  • Measurement lines – with these handy indicators you can really get to know your flow (a vital component for those who may suffer with Endometriosis)

Kegel8 Menstrual Cup