Pelvic Floor

  1. KEGEL8 SUCCESS Cecilia 'cannot thank Kegel8 enough for improving my prolapse symptoms'
  2. Patrick was struggling with erectile dysfunction, Kegel8 helped Patrick regain control.
  3. women with Fibromyalgia are more likely to face certain pelvic issues compared to women without this condition
  4. In summary, this study suggests that the Manchester procedure, despite being a century-old method, provides better results after surgery compared to the sacrospinous hysteropexy for treating uterine descent and pelvic organ prolapse.
  5. Synthetic mid-urethral slings for stress incontinence in neurogenic LUTD
  6. Learn how to Perineal massage by gently massaging and stretching the perineal tissue in order to increase its flexibility and elasticity, which theoretically reduces the likelihood of tearing during childbirth
  7. Pelvic floor exercises can help relieve lower back pain, clinically proven pelvic floor muscle-strengthening exercises significantly reduce the low back pain intensity.
  8. Could an Injectable Muscle Gel be a treatment for Pelvic Organ Prolapse?
  9. A sensitive bladder, also known as an overactive bladder (OAB), is a condition characterized by a sudden and frequent need to urinate. If you develop a sensitive bladder, you experience urinary urgency, meaning you feel a strong and compelling need to pee
  10. How do I Squeeze the Day with my pelvic floor muscle exercises?
  11. Starting the new year with a goal of attending more spinning classes? Think twice. While spinning is undoubtedly a popular and beneficial workout, it may have some unintended consequences for your pelvic health.
  12. Did You Know Your Favourite Celebs Suffered from These Pelvic Floor Disorders?