KEGEL8 SUCCESS Cecilia 'cannot thank Kegel8 enough for improving my prolapse symptoms'

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At the age of 28, following the birth of her two children, Cecilia suffered from incontinence and a prolapse. 

Feeling like there was no help for mums postpartum, Cecilia began to do her research and starting doing pelvic floor exercises which saw an improvement in her incontinence. But, then she felt the pop!

Discovering she was now suffering from a prolapse, Cecilia used the Kegel8 Ultra 20 to get the results she desired.

Kegel8 Cecilia

Where should I start? I cannot thank Kegel8 enough for improving my prolapse symptoms.

I am 28 and I have two toddlers of age 2 and 4. I heard about prolapse in the past but I always thought it can only affect elderly women. Never in million years I would have thought it will affect me. But it did.

I have been suffering from incontinence since after I gave birth to my first son but I was told it is something normal postpartum.

After doing my research I knew something was wrong but I left it like that. After giving birth to my second child things got worse. I was unaware of the importance of pelvic floor exercises. Somehow postpartum mum care is non existent in the UK so you are left to deal with your issues on your own.

I started training my bladder and doing kegel exercises which improved my incontinence. Fast forward 1 year postpartum I woke up one morning and I felt weird. I felt the POP. I checked myself and yes I could see I had a prolapse. I was so frustrated, so angry with myself that at such a young age I was suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction. I spent days researching and crying my eyes out about this. I was upset because no one seemed to chat about it; like it is something you are embarrassed about.

I was lucky enough to get the Kegel8 Ultra 20 and I can assure you I have seen an improvement within the first 8 weeks of using it.

I am quite forgetful so Kegel8 helps me incorporate it in my daily routine. I try to use it everyday, not during menstruation and I can notice a huge improvement. My pelvic floor physiotherapist even allowed me to start lifting weights again and doing more intense exercises! I am on a recovery journey and I am sure it can only get better!

So if you suffer from POP and do not know what to start with get a Kegel8! It is an investment for your health and confidence!

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Cecilia submitted this story to us and it was published 16/11/23