Osalis Super Strength Cranberry Supplement 4500mg

Osalis Super Strength Cranberry Supplement 4500mg

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  • Super-strength cranberry supplement – taking 1 tablet is equivalent to eating 4500mg of fresh cranberries
  • Use to treat and prevent UTIs as it prevents bacteria attaching to the bladder/urethra wall, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections
  • High potency formula comes in the form of 90 x easy-to-swallow tablets – take 1-2 daily
  • Cranberry extract has also been shown to improve heart health, reduce the risk of stomach ulcers, boost immunity & control blood sugar levels. 
  • Super concentrated at 4500mg, biggest dose possible, sugar free so wont irritate bladder like cranberry juice does.

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Urinary tract infections are painful and disruptive. In addition, frequent UTI’s, or those that are left untreated, can lead to potentially serious kidney infections and even pelvic floor dysfunction due to overstimulation of the muscles from constant clenching. Cranberry is widely recognised for the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections. Indeed, certain compounds found in cranberries prevent E-coli bacteria from attaching the bladder or urethra wall. D-Mannose a compound in cranberry flushes out bad bacteria, the bacteria attaches itself to the D-Mannose molecule rather than the bladder/urethra wall and is flushed out at urination. Packed full of powerful antioxidants this supplement helps to reduce and rebalance the urinary pH level calming a 'sensitive' bladder. This is the highest Cranberry extract concentration available at 4500mg and it is super effective and essential for a happy, calm bladder and is suitable for women and men.

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Better than cranberry juice for UTI treatment
Review by SALC
Started getting UTI when I hit menopause, it really got me down. This is a really good cranberry juice replacement. The cranberry juice treatment I used for my recurrent UTI was just not working, until I realised that the high sugar content or artificial sweeteners were also a bladder irritant. I take one daily just to keep on top of it, it doesn't give me indigestion (many supplements do) and I have a happy bladder and no more UTIs.
Product Rating
I think this has helped ...
Review by Charlie P
I think this has helped reduce my sensitive bladder. It feels acidy like when I used to have recurrent cystitis and this calms my bladder. If I go 3 days without taking it I feel the niggle in y bladder again and can have leaks - so I know it really works to calm things and give me bladder control against the leaks.

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