Osalis D Mannose UTI Bladder Support 1000mg

Osalis D Mannose UTI Bladder Support 1000mg

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  • Treat bladder problems and UTI's FAST with this natural bladder calming remedy for urinary tract infections, cystitis, & sensitive bladder that flushes out bacteria responsible for 90% of UTI's
  • D-mannose prevents recurring UTIs and reduces cystitis symptoms, overactive bladder pain and bladder sensitivity quickly and painlessly..
  • Clinically proven to treat and prevent recurring  UTI's, frequency, urge and nocturia incontinence
  • One month’s supply, in an easy to swallow tablet 1000mg
  • Specially formulated D-mannose 1000mg made in England by Osalis for Kegel8

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D-mannose (1000mg) is by far the most effective supplement for both the treatment and prevention of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). D-mannose is the active ingredient within cranberry juice however this special formula is more effective than cranberry juice alone and it doesn't contain added sugar – a known bladder irritant. D-mannose is a powerful home cure for UTIs because it attaches to E. coli bacteria, causing them to stick to each other and preventing them from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract which causes the bladder infection and pain. A sensitive bladder will also be calmed by supplementing with D-Mannose, and clinical evidence shows that frequency (urinating often), urgency (got to go NOW) and nocturia (loo visits more than once a night) are vastly improved. When you get the symptoms of a UTI it is essential you act quickly to stop it getting hold and causing damage to the kidneys. D'Mannose means you can act quickly and treat your bladder pain symptoms with the natural power of D'Mannose, instead of strong antibiotic medications from the GP. Suitable for both women and men 

Customer Reviews

Product Rating
D mannose or Double strength Cranberry for Bladder infections...
Review by RetroFit
Telephoned and asked for help with the difference between the double strength cranberry and the D'mannose. Been on antibiotics which have wiped out my immunity to recurring bladder infections - even to the point of catheterisation which was a nightmare. Have steadied this now and not been on any prescription for 6 weeks, so slowly rebuilding my own natural resistance. Don't want to go back to using a catheter again (soz for those who have to - nightmare). Staff helpful and express delivery arrived the next day, they seem to understand what works and what doesn't.
Product Rating
Taking dmannose to prevent bladder infections
Review by 88Sal
After major surgery and lots of antibiotic treatment for repeated bladder infections (dating back to Augist last year) and after being fitted with a catheter I am taking Dmannose to prevent further bladder infections. So far so good, I have taken for 2 weeks and feel better than I have for the last 6 months. Dmannose was recommended by a Naturopath after my GP said he didn't want to keep prescribing antibiotics because I might become antibiotic resistant.. I'm all for that as I am happy to leave antibiotics as the very VERY last resort.
Product Rating
Can't believe how good I feel
Review by WOOHello
Taken for one month in October 2017, I'm back to buy more as a precautionary top-up but I have not had ONE bladder problem since taking them. I was on antibiotics at least once a month, with regular IC outbreaks as well.
Can't believe how good I feel and that I have now been 4 months without a flare-up of bladder infection.
Product Rating
Review by Elizabeth
Hard to think I've had recurring problems for months, on and off, but since taking this I have not had one UTI.
Product Rating
Excellent product that really works
Review by Rocknrolllady
I had months of severe bladder infections and tried every antibiotic the dr gave me to no cure I was at my wits end and so poorly! I read about D-Mannose and decided to give it a try within days I noticed the difference and after a month all symptoms cleared up!! If I feel the slightest twinge I take them and nothing has developed for nearly a year! They have been life changing!

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