Pregnancy, Postpartum & New Mums

  1. Learn how to Perineal massage by gently massaging and stretching the perineal tissue in order to increase its flexibility and elasticity, which theoretically reduces the likelihood of tearing during childbirth
  2. More than 1 in 2 pregnant women and mothers feel they are discriminated against when it comes to climbing the career ladder and pay rises, according to a recent survey by The Mummy MOT.
  3. Beating constipation is not only vital for gut health but also for maintaining a robust pelvic floor. Dalia Maori suggests the following strategies
  4. ny active role puts pressure in the very areas that are still regaining strength and muscle balance. The core is involved with every breath and movement we take. If your daily life involves being a mum, carer, shop assistant, or basically anything that me
  5. Empowering Your Motherhood Journey with Kegel8
  6. Kegel8 Features in the Mail on Sunday and Mail Online