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A common mistake new mums make is to try and get back to that 'pre-baby body' too quickly. It's important to recognise that you body has been through a lot during pregnancy and labour. Your pelvic floor will take time to recover. If you return to exercise too soon, you can cause lasting damage which often leads to pelvic floor disorders such as a pelvic organ prolapse developing.

The Mail on Sunday, and Mail Online, article follows mum of two, Jenny Jones. Jenny struggled to get support from the instructor of her fitness class after being open about her pelvic prolapse:

"I knew I had a pelvic prolapse and told the instructor before the class, but she didn’t tailor any of the exercises with that in mind. I was shocked the class involved such high-impact exercises. Some women had given birth only weeks before. I could feel the exercises making my prolapse bulge, so I stopped."

"I dread to think how many others don’t realise how these classes are damaging their bodies."

You can read the full article by following the link below:

New mothers should wait SIX MONTHS before running, performing star jumps or doing strenuous exercise after childbirth to avoid severe pelvic-organ problems - Published 4th August 2018

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