Kegel8 Pelvic Toner Conductivity Gel & Care Pack

Kegel8 Pelvic Toner Conductivity Gel & Care Pack

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  • Kegel Conductivity Gel and Kegel8 Cleaning Spray essentials for comfortable & safe e-stim
  • Water-based, body-friendly conductivity gel to amplify e-stim & reduce resistance from muscles to impulses
  • Gel is pH balanced, paraben-free, water-based and hormone free, essential for effective e-stim.
  • Antibacterial Spray Cleaner is a body-friendly, cleaning spray for your internal probes, before and after use
  • The conductivity gel and spray cleaner is safe to use on you and on all e-stim Kegel8 Pelvic Toners & Kegel Exercisers

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Comfortable e-stim with maximum performance is guaranteed when using Kegel8’s Pelvic Toner Conductivity Gel paired with essential antibacterial cleansing spray in this all-purpose Kegel8 Care Pack. Silky smooth and luxurious Conductivity Gel enhances the effectiveness of your pelvic exercises. A natural water-based gel supplements your body’s natural moisture, making e-stim more effective resulting in quicker muscle response and faster strengthening. The gel is pH balanced to preserve healthy vaginal flora (and vaginal health) odourless, colourless, and non-staining, offering you a silky-smooth feel because your comfort is essential. Always use a water based get when using e-stim because it reduces the resistance between the muscle and the impulses. Please avoid using any silicone, hybrid or oil-based lubricants as they are not suitable to use with e-stim and can alter the vaginal pH.

The Care Pack also includes Kegel8 Clean an antibacterial cleansing spray to clean your probe before and after use. Boasting a 99.9% efficacy rate against surface bacteria this body-friendly formula will keep your internal probe clean and safe after every use. Alternatively you can rinse your probe under water to clean it, but please be aware that if your pelvic floor is very weak you could be more susceptible to infections, so care should be taken.


Customer Reviews

Product Rating
I use both items every ...
Review by Laney
I use both items every day and they are both very good. I like the fact that I can see exactly how much is left in each bottle. I would buy them again
Product Rating
It's good but I would ...
Review by Andrew & Wendy
It's good but I would like to have more detailed explanations of the data we can manipulate, especially "mA".

I would also like to know more about helping erectile disfunction with the pads??
Product Rating
Works really well
Review by jen
the lubricant works really well
Product Rating
Great value!
Review by K
This is really great value! The lubricant is far superior to the leading brand in my opinion.
Product Rating
Cleaner great
Review by Michellec8683
The cleaner is great but I’ve just found out today as only just opened the KE GEL that nothing comes out the pump appears to be broke so it’s bit messy getting it out
Product Rating
Cleaning spray good but won't buy gel again
Review by Stripeytop
Cleaning spray good. Unfortunately pump action of gel does not work. I am at fault for not following up with customer services but would not purchase the gel again. I did read about issues with the pump action but decided to try.
Product Rating
Very Good
Review by Joanne
Very good, lasts a long time.
Product Rating
better containers
Review by My
easier to use and spray button excellent
Product Rating
ok without being amazing
Review by Gisi
the lubricant seems ok and it's easy to get the right amount out. I don't quite see the point of the cleaning spray as it's perfectly easy to just rinse it under warm water.
Product Rating
Lubricant faulty
Review by Mdhobsomah
The lubricant pump has been on the point of giving up since the start. Cleaner ran out very quickly so using unscented soap.

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